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End of Sept Giveaway

In the spirit of last weeks BOGO, I've decided to do another one for all sales from 9/24/2023 (today) to 9/30/2023!! If you purchase 2 or more clips from my store (link below) and fill out the form on this page - I will email you 2 or more free full length videos from my […]

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Kilo Balance - Orgasmic Finale

Enjoy this final video where you witness the complete surrender of Kilo Balance's mind and body. As I utter the word BLANK Kilo's consciousness dissipates, leaving behind an empty vessel ready to be molded to my every whim. She becomes a mindless slave, devoid of any autonomy or sense of self. A chilling display of […]

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Kilo Balance Blanked and Instant Fainting

We have Kilo Balance now being PROGRAMMED to go BLANK every time I say that word. Instantly her consciousness is sucked away leaving her a shell of a being, that is compelled to obey without any thoughts. Enjoy as I switch Kilo back and forth between being BLANK and not. She gets so confused. I […]

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