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Zeek... amazing footage just released from 2009...

Zeek Live

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Price: $18.99 USD
Time: 104 min

In celebration of welcoming Zeek back to our studios in August of 2018, I have remastered this LIVE show with Zeek where we took live suggestions, and made it happen on a streaming site.

Devine, controlled and manipulated

Devine in Controlled Discounted

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Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 117 min

We are releasing a full movie of Devine, discounted heavily for your pleasure. We are re-mastering some of our old footage, and releasing them in its entirety at a lower rate. This video was previously released in 720p format, but we are now releasing it in full 1080p HD format, remastered to attempt to improve the quality and sharpness as much as possible. (more…)

Mistress Narcissa.. controlled

Mistress Narcissa in Controlled

I hope you enjoy this full length video of dominatrix Mistress Narcissa being PROGRAM to obey and become a slave.

Mistress Narcissa - Controlled [Mp4 1080p]
Mistress Narcissa - Controlled [UHD 4k]

Price: $17.99 USD
Time: 93 min
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Mari in Controlled

Mari, is a model I shot while I was visiting Las Vegas back in 2009. She was genuinely surprised at how well my PROGRAM worked, that at the very end I turned her into a believer. This version has been remastered, and rendered in full 1080p HD format.. and includes never before seen scenes with another popular programmer from Vegas.. who's identity will remain secret... I hope you enjoy this new version of an old shoot... with new content.

Mari - Controlled [Mp4 1080p]
Price: $18.99 USD
Time: 113 min

Guess who's coming back...

The last time we worked with our surprise guest was back in 2009...  She was one of my favorite subjects, and slipped into a trance easily and quite deeply...


Sammie Spades, re-released complete movie with new footage

Sammie Spades - Controlled Discounted

Sammie Spades - Controlled [MP4 1080p]

Price: $21.99 USD
Time: 106 min

Erin (Autumn) Returns back to our Studios

Erin in Programming

Erin - Programming [Mp4 1080p]
Erin - Programming [UHD 4k]

Price: $13.99 USD
Time: 32 min (more…)

Ashley Alexis Grace First Time...

This is Ashley Grace's first time working with me, its an oldie but goodie.

Smoke Break Pt 1

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Alexis Grace has been trained well... so after I've gotten her half naked,we decided on taking a short smoke break. I thought why not keep the camera rolling, and mess with her while she's on break. We go outside, and light up a few cigarettes and start smoking. Then, I freeze her and mess with her lit cigarette by moving it from hand to hand, and more (more…)

Amber Discounted Controlled

Amber Controlled

This full-length video is is re-mastered, and rendered in a higher-quality than before with higher bitrates giving you an exceptional video quality. Secondly, this also includes my post-interview with her, as well as my initial PROGRAM testing. Amber is one of my all time favorite models, beautiful and smart, and takes to this process very quickly.

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Price: $29.99 USD
Time: 102 min
Size: 6129 Mb

Roxy V Never Released Before

Roxy V Hypnotized!

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Price: $24.99 USD
Time: 130 min
Size: 3853 Mb

Roxy was a local girl, that wanted to make a bit of money - so I offered to PROGRAM her and pay her for her time... little did she know what she was getting into! I don't recall ever publishing this set before, for one reason or another.. perhaps because she wasn't the hottest of girls.. but the PROGRAM worked flawlessly.. so I figure I'll release it now in its entirety for a discounted cost! (more…)

Jayden Lost Footage Found

Jayden in Controlled, Lost Footage

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Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 47 min
Size: 1543 Mb

I can't remember ever publishing this copy, shot quite a few years ago of spinner Jayden... (more…)

Tilly McReese, First Time on Sale

Tilly McReese in First Time Controlled

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Price: $29.99 USD
Time: 107 min
Size: 3459 Mb

Tilly McReese is a beautiful brunette Irish gal, that one day decided to go through my rigorous training PROGRAM and as such was subjected to my abuse. Enjoy watching this full length clip in a discounted format, for your viewing pleasure!

Amanda Car Hypnotized

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Price: $24.99 USD
Length: 31 minutes
Size: 1668 MB

As most of you are aware by now, Amanda started off as one of my personal guinea pigs for PROGRAM shoots. I would test things out on her first, and see how it worked... as she is an excellent subject and accepts my PROGRAMING without any hesitation. I've also planted various triggers that have persisted with her since I've worked with her numerous times. I've always wanted to try this in the car... and I did once or twice before, but this time I was prepared by getting a new GoPro and shooting most of it with that, and some additional footage with my iPhone... all shot in beautiful 4K video... (more…)

Nikki Brooks 2009 Full discounted Compilation

Nikki Brooks 2009 Full Movie Compilation

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Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 83 min
Size: 1679 Mb

Nikki Brooks is by far one of my favorite models that I've worked with, and this shoot done back in 2009 has been re-encoded and re-released in a discounted format for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy watching her submit to my voice, and become my puppet in the various scenerios that include the following scenes:


Never before released version of Nikki Brooks full programming sessions, where you watching me submit Nikki into her state of being controlled. Enjoy watching her slowly fall under my control.


Chi Chi Discounted Compilation

Chi Chi in Controlled Discounted

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Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 99 min
Size: 1657 Mb

Chi Chi is a hot brunette petite model that has come to our couch to experience my programming, and as such turned out to be an excellent subject. Enjoy watching her in this extreme discounted version! This version includes the following scenes:

Chi Chi Medina in Controlled

Chi Chi Medina is a brand new model to my couch, and we start off with a short introduction on who she is. I ask her a series of questions, such as her favorite food, movie, etc... once we get to know her a little bit better, I start my PROGRAM and start relaxing her, and talking to her; convincing her to let go... and to become under my spell...

Mya Tranced...

Mya in Programming

Welcome Mya, a new hot blonde bombshell. She comes to my couch ready to be programmed. She's been through this before for personal reasons, so I knew she would be an excellent subject for my type of PROGRAM. We start off with an introductory interview, so we get to know her a bit better, and then segue into a few tests. During the test, I can see she's already swaying and ready to drop, so I do an instant PROGRAM and before I know it she falls limp into my arms. I quickly bring her back, and guide her to the sofa, and have her sit upright. (more…)

Cosima Dunkin is Tranced

Cosima Dunkin in Programming

In this clip, we introduce new model Cosima... The first few minutes are an introductory interview where we find out a bit more about her, and her likes... Enjoy getting a snapshot of her life! Then we (more…)

Dillion Carter Mesmerized

Dillion Carter in Surprise Visit

While I was visiting my friend Cory Chase's home, I heard a knock on the door... while Cory was gone momentarily I went to answer it. And to both our surprises, it was Dillion Carter! After the momentary shock, she came in and sat down to wait for Cory to return; and we started talking. (more…)

Dava Foxx is Under my Spell


Dava Foxx in Programming

Welcome Dava Foxx to our couch, where we start off with a brief introduction interview with her before we start the programming session. Dava is a beautiful brunette that happened to be interested in working with me... After the interview, enjoy watching as she slowly submits to my PROGRAM. Some limp hand play, and eye checks included. (more…)

Candice Marie

Candice Marie in Programming

Welcome back Candice Marie, we shot her eons ago; and she was a great subject for our site... and it took me this long to shoot her again! This clip depicts Candice going into a deep PROGRAM, where I PROGRAM her to react to various magical words without realizing it. When Candice goes into my deep PROGRAM, you can see her eyes tearing up; as she drops deep. Then when I bring her out of it, I FREEZE her in place to test things... and it works wonderfully, as I knew it would. (more…)

Renna Ryann in Controlled Discounted Compilation

Renna Ryann in Controlled Pt 1 of 3

Back in 2009 I shot the beautiful Renna Ryann, and had her in my PROGRAM.. Its hard to believe its been five years, but it has been a good five years... Renna is one of my favorite subjects to work with, and I'm proud to release this discounted compilation series of her first shoot. This part includes the following:

Price: $19.99 USD
 Time: 63 min
 Size: 1494 Mb 
 Buy Now


Nikki Lavay Compilation Discounted now Live

Nikki Lavay in Controlled Pt 1 of 2 Discounted

Another release of a full discounted compilation of one of my favorite models, Nikki Lavay. Please enjoy watching her submit to my PROGRAM and more. This clip includes the following:


Nikki Lavay is a new face to grace my studios, and here is her initial programming. Nikki was excited about giving this a shot, and you can see she is an excellent subject. You can see a few eye checks, and rapid eye movement, as well as limp body.


Wenona Series Discounted!

Wenona in Controlled Anal Full pt 1 of 2

Wenona - Series 6 Full Movie pt 1 of 2 [MP4 1080p]
Welcome back Wenona, one of our all times favorite models to my couch. Wenona is a crowd favorite, and one of mine also. She takes to my PROGRAM extremely well, and always goes quites deep. This set includes two parts, the first part (this clip) includes the following scenes:


Kelly in Controlled, Full Discounted Movie

Kelly in Controlled Full

I initially shot Kelly a few years ago, and thought I would go ahead and re-release the movie in its full form, for a discount. This video includes the following:

Kelly Hypnotized

Kelly Controlled

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Price: $22.99 USD
Time: 101 min
Size: 1829 Mb (more…)

Christy Mack Discounted Compilation

Christy Mack in Full Compilation pt 1 of 2

Christy Mack Sex Doll

Christy Mack hypnotized into a frozen mannequin doll sex play thing

Introducing another discounted full compilation of another favorite model of mine, Christy Mack. Famous for the Lego contest that was stopped by Lego themselves... before this ever happened, she came to me and was PROGRAMMED by me successfully! Enjoy watching these two discounted clips. This clip includes the following:

Christy Mack - Full Compilation Pt 1 of 2 [MP4 1080p]
Price: $29.99 USD
Time: 83 min
Size: 1392 Mb
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Christy Mack - Full Compilation Pt 2 of 2 [MP4 1080p]
Price: $29.99 USD
Time: 85 min
Size: 1475 Mb
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Alora Discounted Full Movie

Alora in Full Compilation pt 1 of 2

Another full movie two part compilation heavily discounted for your pleasure. We first worked with Alora a few years ago after finding her on a modeling website... never thinking we would be able to get her on our training couch... but still persuing her, she surpsied us all by saying yes. Enjoy the very first time we shot her here at an affordable rate.

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Price: $21.99 USD
Time: 49 min
Size: 1000 Mb        


Cadence Luxxx Discounted Full Movie

This beautiful blonde girl-next-door happened to be in the right place, at the right time.  Her bubbly charismatic personality really hits the nail on the head as she falls into my spell easily and effortlessly.

Cadence Luxxx hypnotized

Cadence Luxxx Hypnotized

Price: $20.99 USD
Time: 45 min
Size: 1012 Mb
Buy Now


Hannah Perez Tranced Again

I first shot Hannah Perez at Fetishcon a few years back, and just recently she contacted me saying she was going to be in my area and really wanted to work with me again.  So I jumped at the opportunity, and decided to bring her into my studios to do another shoot!

Hannah Perez Hypnotized Hypnosis

Hannah Perez being Hypnotized

Price: $14.99 USD
Time: 18 min
Size: 737 Mb
Buy Now (more…)

JC Simpson & Vanessa Vixen Discounted

JC Simpson and Vanessa Vixen in Full Movie Part 1 of 2

hypnotized girls

JC Simpson and Vanessa Vixen hypnotized

Both JC Simpson and Vanessa Vixen, two awesome models that are also exceptional subjects for my work. Here is a discounted compilation of our shoot, a must have. This part contains the following clips:
JC Simpson and Vanessa Vixen Full Movie Pt 1 of 2 [MP4 1080p]
Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 41 min
Size: 838 Mb

JC Simpson and Vanessa Vixen Full Movie Pt 2 of 2 [MP4 1080p]
Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 41 min
Size: 830 Mb

Kerri Taylor Discounted

Kerri Taylor Hypnotized and Stuck

Kerri Taylor Hypnotized and Stuck

Kerri Taylor in Full Movie Part One of Two

I recall eons ago, I had contacted Kerri to participate in my website, and a subject of my PROGRAM but she had refused.. but over time, I think she realized the mistake and we finally set something up. She doesn't fail to please, as in most of these videos she is completely clueless as to what is happening, until the very end. This full movie contains the following clips

Price: $24.99 USD
Time: 87 min
Size: 1443 Mb
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Bubbly Ashton Monroe for your Pleasure

This is Ashton Monroe's first time being hypnotized.  But before we start our session, I ask her a series of simple questions so we can get to know her a bit better before we start the shoot.  You can watch her introduction below:

[jwplayer mediaid="365"]


Wenona Discounted Set for Sale

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Price: $27.99 USD
Time: 64 min
Size: 1068 Mb

I want to introduce another one of my all time favorite models, Wenona. This is the first time I'm offering one of her full-sets at a discount and in its entirety. I hope everyone enjoys! When I first started working with Wenona the programming didn't take fully, but over the years - she's been trained to grasp the full depths of my program. Enjoy this video, which inludes the following scenes: (more…)

What its like being hypnotized

What its like Being Hypnotized

candid discussion of being hypnotized by hypnopimp

This clip starts off with an impromptu conversation over the kitchen table about what its like being programmed by me... We have Aimee Cambridge, Orias, and Rose talking about their experiences with me. When I realize where this conversation was going, I quickly grabbed my iPhone and started recording. Its fun, and quite interesting to hear their perspective of how its like working with me. And then towards the end Aimee suggests a Five Girl Challenge and we decide to do it! See who can stay awake the longest!!! (more…)

Ashley Sinclair - Door 2 Door Exposed!

sexy coed door 2 door college student exposed naked hypno hypnotized

Door 2 Door Sales Exposed

Ashley Sinclair, smoking hot brunette co-ed comes knocking on my door while I'm working at Fetishcon 2013; and wants to sell me magazine subscriptions!  (Little do we know, that she has been hypnotized to believe she is a door-2-door sales person)... and I invite her in.  Once in, she is doomed!  As she's talking, I start responding to her and interjecting messages that she's getting very tired and sleepy... and eventually put her under completely...


Rene Phoenix, Full Discounted Compilation

We introduce another discounted full movie compilation for your enjoyment and fits within anyone's budget! Rene Phoenix is by far one of my all time favorite models I've worked with, because she takes to my programming so well. This is mastered in full 1080p HD.  This clip includes the following:

Rene Phoenix - Full Compilation Pt 1 [MP4 1080p]
Price: $24.99 USD
Time: 60 min
Size: 1211 Mb

Rene Phoenix - Full Compilation Pt 2 [WMV 1080p]
Price: $24.99 USD
Time: 54 min
Size: 1098 Mb (more…)

Vanessa Cage, Full Compilation Now Live

Vanessa Cage being Programmed...

Vanessa Cage being Programmed

Another release of stunningly hot Vanessa Cage as she is being programmed to do our bidding.  This is now available in an affordable discounted version remastered in full 1080p HD quality video.  Enjoy this series which includes the following:

Vanessa Cage - Full Movie Pt 1 [MP4 1080p]
Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 50 min
Size: 1383 Mb

Vanessa Cage - Full Movie Pt 2 [MP4 1080p]

Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 48 min
Size: 981 Mb

Asia Perez Discounted Compilation now Available

Enjoy another model that was an excellent subject in my training videos.

Price: $22.99 USD
Time: 71 min
Size: 1427 Mb
Asia Perez - Full Discounted Movie Pt 1 of 2 [MP4 1080p]

Price: $12.99 USD
Time: 21 min
Size: 425 Mb
Asia Perez - Full Discounted Movie Pt 2 of 2 [MP4 1080p]

Both videos include the following scenes:

This clip depict the programming session of Asia Perez, watching her slowly go under into a deep state of trance, mesmerized by my voice.

Deep Stuck

asia perez, a smoking hot model was recommended to me by a friend while at Fetishcon; and I could not refuse. She wanted to experience my training session, and she was wonderful. In this clip, she is coming out of her initial training as I perform a deepener and have her go under again... and then I make sure she is convinced that she is stuck to the sofa.. as she attempts to stand up and can't. Then I freeze her in place, and pan across her face, and body. (more…)

Orias and Sarah Gregory Programmed

[jwplayer mediaid="312"]

In all my years of producing clips, this has only happened once before.  And that time, I did not have my camera running to capture it.  So I am happy to say I did this time!  This shoot I was going to train Sarah Gregory and have Orias as my evil assistant abusing Sarah while hypnotized.  So I am performing my initial test, and a quick induction to determine how well Sarah is receptive to my programming.  And as I say the word "SLEEP" out loud to illicit a deep state of training, I hear a thump as I see Orias collapsing to the floor in a deep training state.  Shocked, I quickly bring Sarah out of it as well as Orias - and ensure that she did not hurt herself, which she did not.  Then I proceed to go with this shoot, knowing that Orias the evil assistant is going be abused as well, simply because she is deeply under my spell as well!  Click more to see the clips.... (more…)

Casey Calvert Discounted and a Must See!

casey calvert hypnotized

Casey Calvert Stuck to the Sofa

I'm proud to release my shoot with Casey Calvert in a full movie compilation at a discounted price so more of you may enjoy watching this awesome girl get hypnotized, and made to do very very bad things.  The one thing that stood out to me about Casey was her attitude.  She is full of life, and has a real submissive streak in her which lent well to my programming of her.  Click more to read and see more photo's of this beautiful girl becoming compliant to everything I ask of her. (more…)

Niki Lee Young on Sale!


Niki Lee Young being Programmed to Comply


Enjoy another one of my favorite models in a full compilation at a discounted rate. Included is also the full programming of Niki Lee Young.

Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 54 min
Size: 1333 Mb
Niki Lee Young - Full Movie Pt One [MP4 1080p]

Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 54 min
Size: 904 Mb
Niki Lee Young - Full Movie Pt One [MP4 720p]

Price: $17.99 USD
Time: 38 min
Size: 1139 Mb
Niki Lee Young - Full Movie Pt Two [MP4 1080p]

Price: $17.99 USD
Time: 38 min
Size: 862 Mb
Niki Lee Young - Full Movie Pt Two [MP4 720p]


Anzhelika Yakimenko Programmed


Anzhelika Programmed for our Pleasure and Entertainment

Welcome foreign model Anzhelika Yakimenko as she experiencing being programmed by me.  During Fetishcon, we decided to give this a shot; and it worked super well.  She's the third foreign English-not-first-language girl I've worked with, and the third success!  Enjoy watching her go under, and be limp and freeze and be stuck as well as more....

Price: $26.99 USD
Time: 26 min
Size: 967 Mb
Anzhelika Yakimenko - Programming [WMV 1080p]
Anzhelika Yakimenko - Programming [WMV 720p]


Miss Crash Discounted for your Enjoyment

We've just added another one of our past favorite models in a full discounted movie format for your enjoyment.  These discounted compilations are great for a newcomer to this fetish to see and figure out if this is their cup of tea!  Miss Crash is a steamy hot red-head that takes to my programming fully.  You'll enjoy alot of classic sets with her segments!!

Buy Now (more…)

Cory Chase - Cheerleader Revenge

hypnotized cheerleader challenge

Cheerleader Challenge

This shoot was quite interesting... Cory Chase plays a cheerleader.. one that bullied me in high school.  Many years later, I am able to reek my revenge on her by hypnotizing her and making her do bad bodily movements on herself, much to her horror and shock...  Cory Chase - Bully Cheerleader Challenge [WMV 1080p] (more…)

Samantha Grace, Discounted Movie Now Available

[jwplayer config="hypnoPlayer420" mediaid="282"]
Samantha Grace, one of the models we shot at Fetishcon a few years ago; is re-introduced here in one of our re-sampled full HD 1080p videos at a super discount. Not to miss!!! Click more for more pics, and links...

Ashley Jehlik, Training and Programmed

Ashley Jehlik Trained and Programmed

Ashley Jehlik Trained and Programmed

This unique beautiful lady was very interested in participating in my study of how wonderfully programmable people are and agreed to allow me to attempt this with her.  Much to her surprise, it worked very well... to the point, she doesn't even realize it is working until way too many weird things started happening to her.    I'm just now releasing her clips, and keep watching here for more preview images and samples..

Price: $18.99 USD
Length: 18 minutes
Ashley Jehlik - Initial Programming [WMV 1080p]

Cherry Poppins Discounted for your Pleasure

Cherry Poppins Programmed

Cherry Poppins Programmed

Continuing with my release of full discounted sets of some of my favorite models, I an proud to introduce Cherry Poppins.  She came to me wanting to experience my programming and I was surprising shocked at how easy to was to program her.  See the list of clips she's in with some more photographs by clicking more.... (more…)

Catherine Fox Discounted Just for You

Catherine Fox Programmed

Catherine Fox Programmed

Catherine Fox is another great shoot from the past, that is now being offered at a heavily discounted price for the entire movie.  Presented in two parts, you'll enjoy seeing her in full 1080p resolution.

Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 47 minutes
Catherine Fox - Full Discounted Movie Pt 1 of 2 [MP4 1080p]

Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 44 min
Catherine Fox - Full Discounted Movie Pt 2 of 2 [MP4 1080p]


Starii Programmed for You

Starii Programmed Hypnotized

Starii Programmed

Starii, a super smoking hot brunette from Vegas is programmed for our pleasure in this series of full discounted movies.  Following suite with my other discounted full movies, Starii is one of my favorite models.. with whom I plan on working with again when visiting Vegas again.  It took some time to get Starii into the program state of mind; but when it did happen it happened well.  She had no clue what was happening, as you can see in the second part of this two part series.

Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 40 minutes
Starii - Full Discounted Movie Pt 1 of 2 [MP4 1080p]


Niki Lee Young Mega Freeze Stuck

Niki Lee Young Mega Freeze Stuck

Niki Lee Young Mega Freeze Stuck

This was shot back in August at Fetishcon, Niki Lee Young came to shoot with my room-mate; but he ended up not being able to... so I took over, and we only had about half-hour to work with.. so I performed a quick yet effective programming, and then turned Niki into a living mannequin or doll for the duration while I posed her, and messed with her. This is the results. For any fans of freeze, doll, mannequin stuff - this video is a must have.

Price: $24.99 USD
Length: 28 minutes
Niki Lee Young - Mega Freeze Stuck [MP4 1080p]
Niki Lee Young - Mega Freeze Stuck [MP4 720p]

Alora Programmed for our Pleasure

Alora Programmed

Alora Programmed for our Pleasure

I want to welcome new coming model Alora to my couch. She is a bright eyed, beautiful brunette that decided to allow me to train her and make her do naughty things for me.. of course, we start off with one of my stables, having her stuck to the sofa. And each time I snap my finger, she feels something poking her in the ass. I find this a great test to determine how trained the girl is, and the reactions vary greatly from each person to the next. She's instantly stuck, and you can see it in her eyes. And her mind starts churning, coming up with excuses, reasons why she can not stand up... and various times throughout this I Freeze her in place... and without her knowledge, pose her and do things to her - that she realizes when she's unfrozen. A great start to what I hope to be a recurring visit to my couch.

Alora - Stuck Freeze [WMV 1080p]

Jasmine Discounted Full Movie

Jasmine Hypnotized

Jasmine Trained to Comply

We dig into our deep archives, and pull out one of our all time favorite shoots with Jasmine; a super hot coed brunette with a tight body... We start off in this part with a full training session. In this video, we focus on a few things...
Jasmine is made to freeze on command, and as such is posed and played with..
Then her mind is sucked out of her body with my magical mind sucking lens; and while she is gone her limp lifeless body is posed and picked up and walked around the room - all without her knowledge of what is happening.
Then she's placed on the bed, her jean skirt lifted up so we can see her panties, and then we focus on her feet - removing her heels and showing how pretty her feet are...
While she's still in this limp state, I start undressing her removing all of her clothing.. (more…)

Mia Trained Discount Set

Mia Trained

Mia Trained

Welcome another discounted full movie, in two parts.. This first part is another favorite model of mine, Mia. Mia worked very well, and also is a great addition to your collection.. This part includes the following:
I'd love to introduce my new model, Mia. She's a gorgeous blonde bombshell MILF that happened to drop by my place on a slow Saturday afternoon. The weather was super hot, almost as hot as Mia is. She knocked on my door, and introduced herself to me saying that she understood that I know how to "train" people, and she always wanted to be trained. One glance at her, and I immediately invited her inside to the nice air conditioned house... I give her my song and dance, and then before she has time to react I ask her to stand up and I want to give her a relaxation technique.... she stands up instantly (good sign), and as I'm relaxing her doing my standard tests for training; she practically falls at that point. I know I have a good subject on my hands; and we start our session... This video starts as we completed our initial training, and I test the waters by having her stuck to the sofa; and each and everytime I snap my fingers she feels something poking her in the ass (more…)

JC Simpson Trained

JC Simpson Hypnotized

JC Simpson Hypnotized

Welcome JC Simpson, we've been a fan of her work for a while now and finally we have a chance to work with her.  She's a tall amazon thin muscular beauty, that has been hypnotized before.. but never by me.  Here we proceed and work with her, and much to my surprise she works out great.  She goes under with little resistance, and once under she's completely in my control.  I make her do things that she is shocked about, and at certain points in the shoot I was genuinely afraid that I was pushing her too far..  as her reactions were both violent and desperate.  But in the end, it was all great and she had so much fun - we hope to see her back on my sofa soon!  More after the break...


Mandy Taylor Trained

Mandy Taylor Hypnotized

Mandy Taylor Hypnotized

Adding to my growing collection of full heavily discounted movies of some of my favorite models, here is a shoot I did with Mandy Taylor many years ago; in this two part version the first hour includes the following scenes:
Welcome back Mandy Taylor to our lair. Mandy decides to come back and see me, and I put her quickly into a training state. Then I wake her up,and she believes she is stuck to the bed and can not get up! While she is stuck there, I start to freeze her in place, pose her body, and then make her fall fast asleep in an instant... over, and over again. (more…)

Sabrina's First Time being Trained

Sabrina Hypnotized

Sabrina Hypnotized

Here's a full compilation of the first Sabrina video that I shot. Sabrina, is not a model... she's a friend that I met, and convinced to let me train her and video tape it. This was also the first time she was trained... This video includes the full training of Sabrina, as well as the following: (more…)

Aimee Cambridge Trained

Aimee Cambridge Hypnotized

Aimee Cambridge Hypnotized

Aimee Cambridge is one of my favorite models to hypnotized.. why?  Because she goes so deep, and has no clue what is happening as its happening... and she is so fun to work with.. .as well as pretty darn hot.  In these clips, there are alot of eye rolling, she seems to do it naturally each time she goes under and as she has orgasms.   And her reactions are precious!!!  See one of my favorite clips of her past the break... (more…)

Stormy Rose Discounted Compilation

Stormy Rose Hypnotized

Stormy Rose Hypnotized

Keep in part with offering some of my older favorite shoots in discounted full movie formats, I'm happy to present Stormy Rose.  Stormy is an accomplished model that has worked for many top internet sites and happened to visit my area back then.  We agreed to perform a hypnosis shoot, and I was super happy to find out that she was hyper hypnotizable.  She went under very easily, and had no clue of what was happening.  Her clips demonstrates excellent control, and lots of eye rolling.


Asia Perez Trained

Asia Perez Hypnotized

Asia Perez Hypnotized

Asia Perez, a smoking hot model was recommended to me by a friend while at Fetishcon; and I could not refuse. She wanted to experience my training session, and she was wonderful. In this clip, she is coming out of her initial training as I perform a deepener and have her go under again... and then I make sure she is convinced that she is stuck to the sofa.. as she attempts to stand up and can't. Then I freeze her in place, and pan across her face, and body.

Price: $7.99 USD
Length: 7 minutes

Asia Perez - Deep Stuck [WMV 720p]


Hannah Perez, Trained

Hannah Perez Hypnotized

Hannah Perez Hypnotized

Welcome Hannah Perez, smoking hot brunette to my couch. Here she is coming out of her training session with me, and a quite unique thing happened while she was being trained; which is slightly captured in this clip. Watching me train Hannah, Amiee Cambridge was sitting on the sofa on the other side of the room; and she happened to get inadvertently trained too! You can hear her cursing me off camera, as she wakes up when I wake Hannah up.. and then rushes out of the room.. quite hilarious! Anyhow, then we focus our attention back to Hannah where I perform a deepener, and then freeze her in place while I pan across her beautiful form with my camera, showing her hands, posing them, and then panning back out.

Price: $6.99 USD
Length: 6 minutes

Hannah Perez - Freeze [WMV 720p]


Rose Hypnotized, full discounted Compilation

Rose Hypnotized

Rose Hypnotized

This is a FULL DISCOUNTED MOVIE of Rose being trained. This video includes the following segments:


Vanessa Cage Trained

Vanessa Cage Hypnotized

Vanessa Cage Taken Advantage Of

Vanessa Cage is confused... she's confused, and doesn't quite understand what's happening here. She believed that we were done with our shoot, but then she finds herself back by the sofa in front of the camera with us telling her that she wants to have sex with Luke on camera. In this clip, she's frozen because she tried to walk away again.. so Luke carries her back to the front of the sofa and starts playing with her body while she's frozen. Then I unfreeze her, and she jumps away shocked at what the heck is happening to her!! She is convinced that something fishy is going on... but the funny part is, she's right! We freeze her again, so we can sit her down on the sofa; and Luke can continue having his way with her... but I decide to also program her to say "Suck my boobs" everytime I snap my fingers. So she's telling us she doesn't wanna be here, and she doesn't know why Luke keeps sucking her boobs... until I snap my fingers, and she utters the words "Suck my boobs" with a total look of horror on her face as Luke reaches over and starts sucking on them. I keep making her say that word, over and over again to the point she is so frustrated!

Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 9 minutes
Vanessa Cage - Suck my Boobs [WMV 720p]


Galas Discounted Full Compliation Movie

Galas Full Discounted Compilation Hypnotized

Galas Hypnotized

Galas, an older shoot of mine; was a sleeper. This clip is part one of two where we train Galas; a hot big breasted blonde beauty. We start off with her training, as she goes into the deep training state wearing a cute button down shirt, and a black skirt with some high heels her eyes begin to tear.. showing that she's letting herself go completely... When she comes up out of the training, I perform a few deepeners as well as program her with some of my magic words. She's then told that she's stuck on the bed, and everytime I snap my fingers she feels something poking her ass. All during the process, I freeze her randomly and pose her in various ways... opening her mouth, and putting her in awkward positions. You can see the emptiness in her eyes when she's frozen also. Then I do the standard lost number 5 bit.. following with the brain cleaning.. Then she is frozen again, as I start removing her clothing.. then I do a mind-sucking lens bit.


Isobel Wren Hypnotized

Isobel Wren Hypnotized

Isobel Wren Hypnotized

I've always wanted to shoot Isobel Wren for many years, and finally this year she agreed to work with me at Fetishcon.  In this series of clips, we easily get her under, and start performing various skits and scenarios with her.  She's completely accepting of all my suggestions without realizing why, as you can see when looking through these clips.

Angie Noir Test Shoot Full Video

Angie Noir Hypnotized

Angie Noir Hypnotized

Angie Noir, a super hot MILF with jet black hair and huge breasts wanted to try my training session... and while I was attending Fetishcon fully booked with shoots, I wanted to do a quick test training to insure that she can be trained in preparation for a full on video coming up soon. In this video, I perform a somewhat instant training including the full training part in this video (short as it is). Angie was a superb subject, able to reach a deep training state quickly.. I then proceeded to do a series of FREEZE sets with her, testing her ability to become frozen rock solid. At one point, I rock her frozen body back and forth and she stays completely stuck! Of course, I have to expose her big beautiful breasts while frozen, so she becomes shocked at what happens. Then with a handshake, she remembers all of what she does as she laughs and then says goodbye.

Price: $24.99 USD
Length: 24 minutes
Angie Noir - Full Set Test Shoot [MP4 1080p]
Angie Noir - Full Set Test Shoot [MP4 720p]

Harmony Trained

Harmony Hypnotized

Harmony Hypnotized

In going through my video archives, I found Harmony's video set that I never used before!  Harmony is a beautiful blonde bombshell that has been published many times in various publications; and she came to me wanting to be trained.   I figured since this was an older, lost set; that I would publish it in a full discounted compilation.  Click more to see some photographs and links! (more…)

Hailey Young - Discounted Compilation

Hailey Young Hypnotized

Hailey Young Hypnotized

Continuing my quest to start offering some of my favorite, older shoots at a heavy discount; I'm introducing a sleeper here. Hailey Young has to be one of my favorite models ever; but for some reason she's never sold very well. This is one of her first shoots with me.. Granted, the lighting was horrible during this shoot; but the content was awesome. Hailey goes into my training session very easily, and very deeply. Once she's out of it, I ask her a few questions and it become apparent that she has no recollection of being trained. Then I do a few tests to deepen her, and secure my hold on her by putting her back into a training state. Then I make her forget the number five, and have her count her fingers. Then I do some freezing on her, making her stuck unable to move or do anything. I then do a brain cleaning, but for some reason it doesn't work.. so I switch to a mind-sucking lens scenario; which works very well. Then I freeze her, and start removing her clothing.


Casey Calvert Goes Under

Casey Calvert Hypnotized

Casey Calvert Hypnotized

This is another shoot from Fetishcon 2012; Casey Calvert a hot brunette coed came to me wanting to be trained. She's a super hot young girl that is exploring her sexuality and who am I to say no to that! In this clip, she is just coming out of her training session, and I perform a few deepeners and then convince her that she's stuck to the sofa. (more…)

Zeek, another discounted Compilation

Zeek Hypnotized

Zeek, hypnotized

Another edition of the discounted full length compilations of another one of my favorite models, Zeek. This first part of a two-part series starts off with Zeek being trained. The first 21 minutes or so in dedicated towards her training... then once she is released from the training session I perform a few deepening exercises to determine how trained Zeek is... She has no clue what is happening, which is a good sign. Then I freeze her in place and pan the camera around her frozen body sitting on the bed as I pose her slightly. You can see in her eyes when she's frozen that there is nothing there... she's gone completely. I then perform a Mind Sucking Lens scene; where she get fixated into my camera lens and her mind gets slowly sucked out of her body... Then I remove her clothes while she's unaware of what happens. Her reaction to seeing her clothing on the bed next to her instead of on her makes her confused and kind of shocked. Then I freeze her again and again, finally posing her and walking her stuck body around the room like a statue or mannequin. (more…)

Ashley Grace, Discounted Compilation

Ashley Grace Hypnotized Discounted

Ashley Grace Hypnotized

I'm proud to offer yet another discounted compilation of one of my all time favorite models, Ashley Grace. Ashley Grace has worked with many of my competitors; but I always love shooting her because of the depth of trance she achieves. (more…)

Niki Lee Young, Playboy Model Hypnotized

Niki Lee Young Hypnotized

Niki Lee Young Hypnotized

One of my favorite shoots at Fetishcon 2012 this year; Niki Lee Young a beautiful Playboy model, comes to me to get hypnotized. The first clip of this awesome woman will go live at 8:15pm EST 8/24/2012! Don't miss out on this series...

Price: $8.99 USD
Time: 8 min

Niki Lee Young - Freeze Stuck [WMV 720p]

Nikki Brooks, Full Compilation Movie Discounted!

Nikki Brooks Full Compilation Movie

Nikki Brooks, frozen

Nikki Brooks

Going live on 8/22/2012 at 9:15pm EST, the part one of two parter full compilation of the last Nikki Brooks shoot I performed. Nikki Brooks is quite amazing, and goes under very deeply. Don't miss out on this one if you have never seen her before. A chance to see a whole shoot, at a great price.

Price: $20.99 USD
Time: 44 min

Nikki Brooks - Full Compilation Part One [MP4 1080p]
Nikki Brooks - Full Compilation Part One [MP4 720p]

Second Part is now LIVE (more…)

Leena Sky Hypnotized

Leena Sky - Hypnotized to comply

Leena Sky Frozen Blow JOb

Leena Sky Frozen

Enjoy watching Leena Sky get hypnotized, and made to do naughty naughty things...

Renna Ryann Hypno Sex Compilation

Renna Ryann

Renna Ryann Hypnotized to have sex

Renna Ryann Hypno sex

It starts off with us stalking Renna in public, where she's shopping and getting some coffee... Then we introduce ourselves and offer her a coupon for a free training session in our offices... to which she takes and brings to us and allows us to train her for her own help; but little does she know we have an ulterior motive here. This allows us to train Renna, and realizing she trains super well - we turn her into a mindless sex toy; that our client can have his way with. Enjoy watching him exploit her body, and openness to do anything he desires.... all throughout which we freeze her randomly, and make her have orgasms with the RED keywords. Once he is done, he cums all over her chest and she's frozen while cleaned up.. and then made to forget, and she leaves the offices feeling like she's had a successful experience.

Renna Ryann - Hunted Full Edition [1080p]
Renna Ryann - Hunted Full Edition [720p]
Renna Ryann - Hunted Full Edition [1080p MOV]
Renna Ryann - Hunted Full Edition [720p MOV]

Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 72 minutes

Full Compilation Videos Available Today!

I decided to start offering some of my favorite shoots from the past in form of heavily discounted compilations. And to make things easier, I thought I'd summarize all the compilations available today here in this blog post. If there are any models I've shot in the past, that you'd like to see turned into a compilation please let me know and I'll work on it.

Raven Alexis - Full Compilation Video

Raven Alexis hypnotized

Raven Alexis Hypnotized

Part One 1080p version
Part One 720p version
Price: $14.99 USD
Length: 33 minutes

Fetishcon 2012, a wild success!

I'm back home, from a wild non-stop hectic state of what we call Fetishcon. This year was no different than the other years; I always go saying I will stick to only a few shoots... but once I get there, I can't help myself and end up with a few extra shoots...

How do I begin? Well, I guess at the very start is a good place... I plan and pack all my gear, and clothing and then hit the road Thursday August 2nd early in the AM to pick up Aimee Cambridge for the ride out there; and we make good timing and get there right at around noon.. with a shoot coming up soon, I have to check in and get ready asap.

My first subject was Anzhelika Yakimenko, a super hot Ukrainian model... I had some initial fear that our language barrier may prove to be an issue in hypnotizing her - but it was not and the session went very well.


Anzhelika Yakimenko hypnotized

I believe Anzhelika was also surprised at how well it went, as she has never experienced something like this before.


Anzhelika Yakimenko Hypnotized


Fetishcon 2012 Shoots!

In about a week from now will be Fetishcon, an annual fetish convention for producers models and fans. I have a bunch of hypnosis shoots planned while out there, and you are welcome to submit your comments with suggestions of what you would like to see me accomplish with these shoots!

Buy Clips Today!

Tiffany Archived Hypnosis Clips

Tiffany Hypnotized

Tiffany hypnotized to believe I'm invisible

Tiffany, hypnotized...

These OLD clips were of one of my all time favorite shoots ever.  I shot this back in the days of my hypno-fun stuff, and I just had to re-capture these clips and put them on my store because they are so entertaining.  Tiffany, a brand new model; agreed to let me hypnotize her for my site.


Ember Sky gets Mesmerized

Ember Sky hypnotized

Ember Sky gets Mesmerized

Ember Sky gets Mesmerized

Ember was the second model I shot at my first trip to Fetishcon and she did great.  (more…)

Kobe Lee gets Hypnotized

Kobe Lee Hypnotized

Kobe Lee being put in a deep hypnotic trance

Kobe Lee

Now that I got the taste of what its like shooting erotic hypnosis fetish work again, I was addicted.  I had to have more.  I'm not entirely sure how I found out about this event, but I did - it was a yearly event for fetish deviants like me held in Tampa, Florida called Fetishcon and I decided to go.  The year was 2007, and it was like a candy store for me.  There were tons of beautiful girls attending, that were all fetish friendly - so I contacted a number of them that I thought were the best looking; and Kobe Lee was one of them. (more…)

Nicole Frozen and Sleep

Nicole Frozen and Sleep

Nicole Frozen and Sleep

Nicole, Hypnotized

I've known Nicole casually for a few years, when she came to me needing money.   I normally don't give away money, and if I lent it to her; it would be giving it away.  So I figured, why not; I'll ask if she would want to be hypnotized and I would film it; and then pay her for her time.  She agreed. (more…)

Lanka Goes Under Hypnosis

Brunette girl gets hypnotized

Lanka, goes under

Lanka, get hypnotized

Lanka was the first model I recruited for hypnoPimp.  I believe I found her on one of the modeling sites, and I was kinda nervous to actually shoot someone with full intent on using the content online.  (more…)

Trinity gets Hynotized

blonde busty buxom girl is hypnotized

Trinity, busty blonde buxom beauty is hypnotized


I've known Trinity for over 15 years now I believe, she first found me to get some photographs done of her for her own use.  We became friends, and as such I mentioned my transgressions with hypnosis; and she became very interested.  Before I ever shot her for my site, we performed personal hypnosis sessions together on a one-on-one basis.

Then, she was looking to make some money; and I decided to shoot her for hypnoPimp!  It was quite good if you ask me.  Trinity isn't a professional model, she's a regular girl next door..  and she went under fast and easily and even to this day is very foggy over what occurs in our sessions. (more…)

Jesmi Gets Hypnotized

Redhead getting hypnotized

Jesmi, hot red head being hypnotized


These clips were back in my hypnofun days, and I don't believe I ever released them back then.  I'm not quite sure why.. so back when I started hypnoPimp in 2007 I decided to use some of my old footage.  The only real model I had shot when I resurrected my hobby of hypnotizing girls for fun and profit, was Taylia...  and I was rusty in the art of recruiting and finding other girls willing to partake in such hobby. (more…)

Melinda Extreme Hypnotized

Hypnotized Beach Blondie


I've known Melinda for a few years, and we have always had an interesting relationship.  She was a natural submissive, and wanted to please.  In these few clips of her, we initially filmed for private use only; but she insisted that I sell them, and show off how much of a slut she was. (more…)

Taylia Hypnotized


Taylia Hypnotized

Hot Brunette hypnotized

Back in Feb of 2007 I was introduced to a beautiful brunette girl named Taylia by a mutual friend, that met her at a bar the night before and ended up going home with her...  The very next day, we met at the same bar; and had an interesting evening.  She was a budding model, and wanted to do some photography.  Me, being a hobby photographer took advantage of the situation and did a few photo shoots with her.


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