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May 22, 2012

Jesmi Gets Hypnotized

Redhead getting hypnotized

Jesmi, hot red head being hypnotized


These clips were back in my hypnofun days, and I don't believe I ever released them back then.  I'm not quite sure why.. so back when I started hypnoPimp in 2007 I decided to use some of my old footage.  The only real model I had shot when I resurrected my hobby of hypnotizing girls for fun and profit, was Taylia...  and I was rusty in the art of recruiting and finding other girls willing to partake in such hobby.

Frozen hypnotized red head

Jesmi Frozen solid via Hypnosis

Jesmi was great though.  I recall her being a wonderful subject, and I believe she was the very first "brain clean" subject.  You can see this clip by clicking on Jesmi, Finale link.

I'm not quite sure what happened to her.  But these clips were filmed originally sometime in the 1990's.

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