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May 23, 2012
Kobe Lee Hypnotized

Kobe Lee being put in a deep hypnotic trance

Kobe Lee

Now that I got the taste of what its like shooting erotic hypnosis fetish work again, I was addicted.  I had to have more.  I'm not entirely sure how I found out about this event, but I did - it was a yearly event for fetish deviants like me held in Tampa, Florida called Fetishcon and I decided to go.  The year was 2007, and it was like a candy store for me.  There were tons of beautiful girls attending, that were all fetish friendly - so I contacted a number of them that I thought were the best looking; and Kobe Lee was one of them.

Robot Transformation

Kobe Lee Hypnotically Transformed into a Robot

When I first saw Kobe's portfolio, I thought no way she'd go for a shoot with me.  But to my surprise, she did.  And she was awesome.  I initially only did a few clips of her, such as having her transforming into a robot and doing instant orgasms!

Since that first shoot in 2007, I have shot Kobe Lee over and over again many times; and it just gets better and better with each shoot...

Hypnotized to freeze

Kobe Lee is Hypnotized to Freeze

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