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May 22, 2012
Brunette girl gets hypnotized

Lanka, goes under

Lanka, get hypnotized

Lanka was the first model I recruited for hypnoPimp.  I believe I found her on one of the modeling sites, and I was kinda nervous to actually shoot someone with full intent on using the content online.  When we shot, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Lanka fell under hypnosis rather easily, and very deeply.  We ended up shooting many many more times.  And then she disappeared, but has recently resurfaced - so you may see more of her again!

Hypnotized Lanka turns into a Robot

Hypnotized Lanka, turns into a Robot

I made Lanka turn into a robot, and as such made her do various interesting and fun and weird things. Check these clips out.. they are awesome.

Lanka - Freeze and Blank Mind
Lanka - Sleeping Uncontrolably & Face Play
Lanka - Forced Orgasm

and more...

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