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May 22, 2012

Melinda Extreme Hypnotized

Hypnotized Beach Blondie


I've known Melinda for a few years, and we have always had an interesting relationship.  She was a natural submissive, and wanted to please.  In these few clips of her, we initially filmed for private use only; but she insisted that I sell them, and show off how much of a slut she was.

Melinda - Extreme Masterbation gives me fond memories of her. She is made to orgasm on command, and the reaction is quite violent. You can see her entire body go into full convulsions and shake and shiver. I also freeze her in place, and a bunch of sleep sections where I do some close-ups of her face.

While she wasn't really my second hypnoPimp girl, I added these clips second to Taylia's.

Sexy Blonde Beach Girl being Hypnotized

Melinda being hypnotized

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