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May 21, 2012

Taylia Hypnotized


Taylia Hypnotized

Hot Brunette hypnotized

Back in Feb of 2007 I was introduced to a beautiful brunette girl named Taylia by a mutual friend, that met her at a bar the night before and ended up going home with her...  The very next day, we met at the same bar; and had an interesting evening.  She was a budding model, and wanted to do some photography.  Me, being a hobby photographer took advantage of the situation and did a few photo shoots with her.

After talking a bit over dinner one evening, she mentioned that she wanted to make money doing the modeling gig.  I wracked my brain, thinking of ways she could do that... and my old hypnofun days popped in and I looked her straight in the eyes and said: "I think I have an idea!"

She looked at me with strong intent in her eyes, and I prefaced my next sentence with "This maybe weird"... but I believe I could make money selling videos of you being hypnotized.  She looked at me, without hesitation and said "Hell yes"!  She goes to explain how she always had an interest in hypnosis, and wanted to give it a try.

So, there it is.  The beginning of hypnoPimp!  She resurrected my erotic hypnosis fetish and is the very first hypnoPimp model.

Clip Count: 29 clips
The Induction: Tayia being hypnotized.

Taylia - Awakening: Taylia being woken up from the induction. Some freeze footage, and her going back under.

Taylia - Freeze:

Frozen Brunette Hottie

Taylia Frozen

A clip devoted to her being frozen in place.

Taylia - Number Four: She is made to forget the number four.

and many more...

My favorite of all her clips, is the Taylia - Soul Fucking..clip

Hypnotized Sex

Taylia hypnotized to have sex with a stranger

Where Taylia is hypnotized to believe her boyfriend is a complete stranger, and then has the strongest desire to have sex with him. Taylia then starts to fuck her boyfriend silly, but right as Taylia starts to orgasm she snaps out of the hypnotic trance and looks at me and yells out "JOE" asking me what I have done.. but then I quickly put her back under, and she continues. Her boyfriend told me later, it was the best sex he's ever had with her.

Eye Fluttering

Taylia Eye Fluttering

Another favorite clip of her, is the Taylia - Eye Flutteringclip where we can see how deeply Taylia is hypnotized.

Simply click on the images, or links to go to the clips where you can purchase them.  Once you click on one of the links, you will also see other clips of Taylia.

What do you like to see?

  • Models having sex (19%, 3,656 Votes)
  • Models turned into mindless slaves (14%, 2,709 Votes)
  • Models Orgasming (14%, 2,584 Votes)
  • Models Masturbating (10%, 1,832 Votes)
  • Eye Rolling (9%, 1,706 Votes)
  • Sleepy Limp Models (8%, 1,526 Votes)
  • Frozen Models (8%, 1,456 Votes)
  • Models being Fondled (6%, 1,215 Votes)
  • The induction (6%, 1,187 Votes)
  • Models repeating mantras over and over (5%, 921 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,933

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