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May 27, 2012

Tiffany Archived Hypnosis Clips

Tiffany Hypnotized

Tiffany hypnotized to believe I'm invisible

Tiffany, hypnotized...

These OLD clips were of one of my all time favorite shoots ever.  I shot this back in the days of my hypno-fun stuff, and I just had to re-capture these clips and put them on my store because they are so entertaining.  Tiffany, a brand new model; agreed to let me hypnotize her for my site.

And boy, did she get hypnotized.  Since these shoots eons ago, I found out that she was still modeling and I tried to get in touch with her to shoot her yet again; but unfortunately she has retired from this type of modeling.  So these clips are precious, and amazing.  All I can say, is you have to check them out.  The quality is a bit poor, as it was shot in HI8 format, which back them was the best consumer type stuff I could get.

Tiffany Frozen

Tiffany Frozen

and then, Tiffany is made to believe she's on a talk show and was abducted by aliens... this clip was hilarious!

Tiffany Abducted by Aliens

Tiffany was Abducted by Aliens

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