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May 22, 2012
blonde busty buxom girl is hypnotized

Trinity, busty blonde buxom beauty is hypnotized


I've known Trinity for over 15 years now I believe, she first found me to get some photographs done of her for her own use.  We became friends, and as such I mentioned my transgressions with hypnosis; and she became very interested.  Before I ever shot her for my site, we performed personal hypnosis sessions together on a one-on-one basis.

Then, she was looking to make some money; and I decided to shoot her for hypnoPimp!  It was quite good if you ask me.  Trinity isn't a professional model, she's a regular girl next door..  and she went under fast and easily and even to this day is very foggy over what occurs in our sessions.

Trinity - Induction is the first clip of hers that was published on hypnoPimp, and it demonstrates her going under.  These old induction videos are still available on the site (I'm not sure for how long) because back then there were no issues with them.  But now-a-days, all my inductions are rarely posted for sale due to the credit card regulations becoming stiff.  Anyhow, as you can see by the preview image to the right, she is gone... and that's the ultimate goal here, isn't it?

Trinity Hypnotized to have an enlarged tongue

Trinity is hypnotized to have an Enlarged Tongue

The degree Trinity goes under is quite intoxicating. Unfortunately, she has moved on and I am no longer able to work with her either in a private or commercial setting. But, she reaches a state of hypnosis that allows me to do many interesting things with her, and she will have no clue. Like the clip to the right, where I make her tongue feel larger and larger; as you can see it starting to come out of her mouth. Then in the Trinity - Invisible Lover clip, she is made to believe she has someone in front of her, that is her lover; and she has to kiss and play with the made-up person. She actually believed that there was someone there!

Then her clothes were made itchy, in Trinity - Itchy Clothes [WMV HD] which was rather fun.

I hope you enjoy some of these older clips.

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