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August 17, 2012

Fetishcon 2012, a wild success!

I'm back home, from a wild non-stop hectic state of what we call Fetishcon. This year was no different than the other years; I always go saying I will stick to only a few shoots... but once I get there, I can't help myself and end up with a few extra shoots...

How do I begin? Well, I guess at the very start is a good place... I plan and pack all my gear, and clothing and then hit the road Thursday August 2nd early in the AM to pick up Aimee Cambridge for the ride out there; and we make good timing and get there right at around noon.. with a shoot coming up soon, I have to check in and get ready asap.

My first subject was Anzhelika Yakimenko, a super hot Ukrainian model... I had some initial fear that our language barrier may prove to be an issue in hypnotizing her - but it was not and the session went very well.


Anzhelika Yakimenko hypnotized

I believe Anzhelika was also surprised at how well it went, as she has never experienced something like this before.


Anzhelika Yakimenko Hypnotized

Then, Friday early AM I am shooting Isobel Wren, who I've been wanting to work with for many years now.. and finally we have had the chance to hook up.

Isobel Wren hypnotized

Isobel Wren Hypnotized

I'm not sure how many times Isobel has worked with other hypnotists, but she was quite the amazing subject. She went under very easily, and very deeply.. We were able to acomplish alot of fun shooting in this set; which y'all will have to wait to see 🙂

Isobel Wren hypnotized

Isobel Wren going into a deep trance

Then later in the afternoon, my next shoot was with Casey Calvert; a super smart and attractive brunette.

Casey Calvert Hypnotized

Casey Calvert going into a deep trance

Casey and I have been talking for quite a few months prior about working together, and both of our schedules were so hectic we could not make it work; at least not until now. And I have to say, she did not disappoint; as she went under quite well and quite deeply. I plan on working with her on a regular basis going forward; as I can see this an awesome opportunity to explore more avenues of our fetish as well as produce some quite stunning content with her.
Hypnotized Casey Calvert

Casey Calvert out cold in a deep trance

Then later that evening, I had a shoot with RachelDD. Rachel is a beautiful model, fun and exciting; but for some reason I just could not hypnotize her well enough to proceed with a full shoot. So unfortunately, this one just did not work out.

Nikki Lee Young hypnotized

Nikki Lee Young being hypnotized

So, after a night of rest; I wake up to shoot with the beautiful playboy model Nikki Lee Young. My first impression with her was that she was strikingly beautiful; and I was a bit intimidated with her beauty.. but she turned out to be the nicest person ever. We proceeded to get started, and again much to my surprise; Nikki was hypnotized in a few minutes; and down into a very deep and satisfying trance.
Nikki Lee Young

Nikki Lee Young in a trance

More to come later...

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