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August 30, 2012
Zeek Hypnotized

Zeek, hypnotized

Another edition of the discounted full length compilations of another one of my favorite models, Zeek. This first part of a two-part series starts off with Zeek being trained. The first 21 minutes or so in dedicated towards her training... then once she is released from the training session I perform a few deepening exercises to determine how trained Zeek is... She has no clue what is happening, which is a good sign. Then I freeze her in place and pan the camera around her frozen body sitting on the bed as I pose her slightly. You can see in her eyes when she's frozen that there is nothing there... she's gone completely. I then perform a Mind Sucking Lens scene; where she get fixated into my camera lens and her mind gets slowly sucked out of her body... Then I remove her clothes while she's unaware of what happens. Her reaction to seeing her clothing on the bed next to her instead of on her makes her confused and kind of shocked. Then I freeze her again and again, finally posing her and walking her stuck body around the room like a statue or mannequin.

Zeek Discounted Compilation

Zeek, hypnotized

The audio in this starts off with a squeaky noise; that was from the video tape I was using back then apparently it was squeaky lol - it goes away after a few minutes...

Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 62 minutes

Zeek - Compilation One [MP4 1080p]
Zeek - Compilation One [MP4 720p]

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