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September 15, 2012
Isobel Wren Hypnotized

Isobel Wren Hypnotized

I've always wanted to shoot Isobel Wren for many years, and finally this year she agreed to work with me at Fetishcon.  In this series of clips, we easily get her under, and start performing various skits and scenarios with her.  She's completely accepting of all my suggestions without realizing why, as you can see when looking through these clips.

Isobel Wren - Sofa Stuck Freeze [WMV 720p]
Isobel Wren - Brain Cleaning [WMV 720p]
Isobel Wren - Mind Connection [WMV 720p]
Isobel Wren - Getting Horny [WMV 720p]

More coming soon, keep watching my clips store!

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