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September 26, 2012

Vanessa Cage Trained

Vanessa Cage Hypnotized

Vanessa Cage Taken Advantage Of

Vanessa Cage is confused... she's confused, and doesn't quite understand what's happening here. She believed that we were done with our shoot, but then she finds herself back by the sofa in front of the camera with us telling her that she wants to have sex with Luke on camera. In this clip, she's frozen because she tried to walk away again.. so Luke carries her back to the front of the sofa and starts playing with her body while she's frozen. Then I unfreeze her, and she jumps away shocked at what the heck is happening to her!! She is convinced that something fishy is going on... but the funny part is, she's right! We freeze her again, so we can sit her down on the sofa; and Luke can continue having his way with her... but I decide to also program her to say "Suck my boobs" everytime I snap my fingers. So she's telling us she doesn't wanna be here, and she doesn't know why Luke keeps sucking her boobs... until I snap my fingers, and she utters the words "Suck my boobs" with a total look of horror on her face as Luke reaches over and starts sucking on them. I keep making her say that word, over and over again to the point she is so frustrated!

Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 9 minutes
Vanessa Cage - Suck my Boobs [WMV 720p]

Vanessa Cage Frozen

Vanessa Cage Frozen

Vanessa Cage - Freeze [WMV 720p]
Vanessa Cage - Please Undress [WMV 720p]
Vanessa Cage - RED Freeze [WMV 720p]
Vanessa Cage - Blank [WMV 720p]
Vanessa Cage - Wrap Up? [WMV 720p]
Vanessa Cage - Suck my Boobs [WMV 720p]

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