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October 23, 2012
Aimee Cambridge Hypnotized

Aimee Cambridge Hypnotized

Aimee Cambridge is one of my favorite models to hypnotized.. why?  Because she goes so deep, and has no clue what is happening as its happening... and she is so fun to work with.. .as well as pretty darn hot.  In these clips, there are alot of eye rolling, she seems to do it naturally each time she goes under and as she has orgasms.   And her reactions are precious!!!  See one of my favorite clips of her past the break...

In this sample video clip, from Aimee Cambridge - Regression Finale [WMV 720p] she is hypnotized to start regressing her voice to a little kid form each time I snap my fingers.. going younger and younger.  Her voice gets higher and higher each time, and this is the first time she realizes what is happening.. and quickly covers her mouth with a slap; and then is thinking hard as you can see her eyes darting back and forth; then she lifts her hand from her mouth and tries to speak again... back goes her hand to her mouth with a slap!  Previous!!  Then I say sleep, and she goes under quickly...  A must have!

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These videos are a must have for anyone that is a fan of my work and Aimee Cambridge (or is it Amiee I can never remember!)..  Click the links below to go to each clip to purchase:

Aimee Cambridge - Training Freeze [WMV 720p]
Aimee Cambridge - Freeze [WMV 720p]
Aimee Cambridge - Please [WMV 720p]
Aimee Cambridge - Getting Angry [WMV 720p]
Aimee Cambridge - Gullible [WMV 720p]
Aimee Cambridge - Red Flirtings [WMV 720p]
Aimee Cambridge - Masturbation [WMV 720p]
Aimee Cambridge - Quiet Orgasms [WMV 720p]
Aimee Cambridge - Regression Finale [WMV 720p]

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