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October 19, 2012

Asia Perez Trained

Asia Perez Hypnotized

Asia Perez Hypnotized

Asia Perez, a smoking hot model was recommended to me by a friend while at Fetishcon; and I could not refuse. She wanted to experience my training session, and she was wonderful. In this clip, she is coming out of her initial training as I perform a deepener and have her go under again... and then I make sure she is convinced that she is stuck to the sofa.. as she attempts to stand up and can't. Then I freeze her in place, and pan across her face, and body.

Price: $7.99 USD
Length: 7 minutes

Asia Perez - Deep Stuck [WMV 720p]

In this clip, Asia Perez is convinced that she's stuck to the sofa... and nothing she can do can get her to get off of it. So I explain to her that her brain is cluttered, and making her think she's stuck - and to help her, I need to clean her brain... by removing it, and putting it back. She reluctantly agrees, as I remove her brain. She instantly goes limp and lifeless as her body falls downwards, as I catch it before she hurts herself. Then when I put her brain back in, she convulses and shakes a bit as her eyes roll back... but I put it in backwards! Causing major confusion on her part, allowing me to finally remove it again and put it back normally. Then she is able to stand up from the sofa.. where I freeze her in place, and remove her dress.

Price: $13.99 USD
Length: 13 minutes

Asia Perez - Deep Stuck [WMV 720p]

Asia Perez - Brain Cleaning [WMV 720p]

Asia Perez - Freeze Undressed [WMV 720p]

Asia Perez - Red Freeze [WMV 720p]

Asia Perez - Frozen [WMV 720p]

Asia Perez - Pussy Swap [WMV 720p]

Asia Perez - Masturbate to Stupid [WMV 720p]

Asia Perez - Flirting [WMV 720p]

Asia Perez - Yes No Finale [WMV 720p]

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