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October 30, 2012
JC Simpson Hypnotized

JC Simpson Hypnotized

Welcome JC Simpson, we've been a fan of her work for a while now and finally we have a chance to work with her.  She's a tall amazon thin muscular beauty, that has been hypnotized before.. but never by me.  Here we proceed and work with her, and much to my surprise she works out great.  She goes under with little resistance, and once under she's completely in my control.  I make her do things that she is shocked about, and at certain points in the shoot I was genuinely afraid that I was pushing her too far..  as her reactions were both violent and desperate.  But in the end, it was all great and she had so much fun - we hope to see her back on my sofa soon!  More after the break...

JC Simpson - Training Session
Introducing JC Simpson... she has worked with other Trainers in the past; and I thought I would see how she would react to my training. In this clip, we have her introductory training session, where she's put into an intense training state and given a few programmed words to react to when done. Enjoy this first of many clips of a wonderful subject.
Price: $19.99 USD
Length: 19 minutes
JC Simpson - Training Session [WMV 720p]

Freeze undress Stuck

JC Simpson Frozen and Undressed

JC Simpson Frozen and Undressed

JC Simpson is trained. She is trained very well, and took to my session better than expected. Here we begin by giving her a deepening technique to ensure that she's compliant; and then I freeze her in place. As she's frozen solid, the camera pans around her stuck solid body... finally unfreezing her; then training her to believe her ass is crazy glued to the sofa.. and no matter how hard she tries she can't get up. Once she is awake, I ask her to stand up; and she can't. She starts to get really agitated as she doesn't know why she can't get up. She starts getting nervous, and tries really hard to get up as she starts yelling at me saying I did something to her. Finally I freeze her, and as she's stuck I remove her shirt ; exposing her bare stomach and bra... and when unfrozen she gets even more agitated as she realizes her shirt is gone! Then at the end of the clip, I freeze her in mid-angry-trying to pry herself off the sofa pose; and remove her bra. Once she realizes her bra is gone, she is so pissed, you can hear it in her voice and see it in her eyes!

Price: $7.99 USD
Length: 7 minutes
JC Simpson - Freeze undress Stuck [WMV 720p]

Brain Cleaning

JC Simpson Brain Cleaned

JC Simpson Brain Cleaned

JC Simpson is frustrated. She is so frustrated, she's starting to get angry, and concerned that I'm doing fishy things with her and is fed up with my training. She doesn't quite understand why she's stuck to the sofa, and why when she attempts to get up her butt hurts as if her skin is being pulled when she tries to stand... and she doesn't quite know where her clothes keep disappearing to. We all know what's happening, but I'm playing into her thoughts and telling her I have no clue; she came naked. She doesn't quite buy that; but I try to calm her down.. and explain to her that this whole process is the result of some simple brain clutter. Where her brain gets so cluttered, she is delusional and weird things start happening. I think I finally get through to her, and she is listening and I explain I need to clean her brain to fix this.. She instantly has an expression of total shock on her face! I quickly tell her that I won't have to cut open her head.. and she seems only slightly relieved; but then I tell her there is a 1.5% chance she will end up a vegetable. She doesn't like those odds; but wants to proceed... she then asks if she can write a note to her family in case that does happen... we all know that won't happen; but she doesn't.. Anyhow, I didn't want to waste time having her write such a note; so I say no.. She looks disappointed but says ok. So I proceed to remove her brain (figuratively of course) and move over and grab her head. When I pull upwards, her eyes instantly roll backwards as she's completely gone.
Price: $11.99 USD
Length: 11 minutes
JC Simpson - Brain Cleaning [WMV 720p]

Backward Brains
In this clip, we continue after placing JC Simpsons brain back in her body; but we have placed it backwards. So everything she does or says is backwards and she is so confused by it all. After some basic questions, she realizes what is wrong.. but can't stop it... cause her brain is backwards. So I ask her if she wants me to help her, and fix it and she says no.. but then she realizes that's not right, but she can't not say no to helping her out.. but she's able to give me signals with her hands, like a thumbs up; even though her head and mouths says otherwise. So I decide to go ahead and remove her brain again and put it in the right way. As I do so, her eyes roll back in her head and she's back to normal.. and not as angry as before, and actually very calm.
Price: $12.99 USD
Length: 12 minutes
JC Simpson - Backward Brains [WMV 720p]

RED Orgasm
JC Simpson is fully trained. There are no questions about it. So, I train her to unknowingly react to the command word RED by having an intense all encompassing orgasm. So, I start asking her how she feels when I mention various different colors. I start off with a few colors other than red, and then hit her with the RED word; as she instantly starts having a huge orgasm.. loud, and pleasurable.
Price: $5.99 USD
Length: 5 minutes
JC Simpson - RED Orgasm [WMV 720p]

More RED
I decide that I need to make my RED trigger word effect her faster and harder than before; so I tweak the program in JC Simpsons head.. and then say RED a few times, to watch her squirm and scream in pleasure.
Price: $3.99 USD
Length: 3 minutes
JC Simpson - More Red [WMV 720p]

Please Touch Myself

JC Simpson, Please Touch Myself

JC Simpson, Please Touch Myself

JC Simpson is trained to respond to a new trigger word, the word PLEASE. When I say the word PLEASE she goes blank and empty, listening to each word I utter; and then has to believe/feel/perform anything I tell her once she snaps out of PLEASE mode. I then say PLEASE and her eyes go , mouth partly open; as I tell her that her hands are going to have to touch herself all over... Then I say the word RED to give her an intense orgasm.. finally freezing her in place, as I pose her body in various ways. Leaving her giving us a birdie with her fingers as I unfreeze her, and then she's shocked, and is wondering what the heck is going on.
Price: $9.99 USD
Length: 9 minutes
JC Simpson - Please Touch Myself [WMV 720p]

Must Flirt
In this clip, JC Simpson is trained to flirt on command. She doesn't realize she's trained to do this, but when ever I snap my fingers she has to flirt with me; but when I snap my fingers again she snaps out of it... Enjoy watching her transformation when I snap my fingers into a flirtatious girl wanting my attention; to someone that is rather shocked that she's coming on to me.. eventually I transform this into letting her know we had a football team come and have sex with her - much to her horror.. until I snap my fingers again.. All throughout this, when she starts flirting with me, her legs spread and she starts touching herself
Price: $10.99 USD
Length: 10 minutes
JC Simpson - Must Flirt [WMV 720p]

Limp Play
In this clip, JC Simpson is trained to masturbate. But the more she masturbates and the more turned on she becomes the more tired she gets... to the point she gets so sleepy she just has to pass out. Once she's , I play with her limp body a bit before waking her up.
Price: $6.99 USD
Length: 6 minutes
JC Simpson - Limp Play [WMV 720p]

Wrap Up
In this clip, we tell JC Simpson that our shoot is done... and we are wrapping things up. But, little does she know; we are not anywhere close to being done... but we want to keep that little bit of information a secret.. so she gets up, and starts heading to the other room to find her clothes and get dressed.. but before she gets too far, I freeze her in place; and then walk over and carry her stiff rock hard body back to the sofa area; posed in a standing position with arms outwards.. and I keep her frozen; waiting till the next segment. 😛
Price: $5.99 USD
Length: 5 minutes
JC Simpson - Wrap Up [WMV 720p]

Taking Advantage

JC Simpson, Being Taken Advantage Of

JC Simpson, Being Taken Advantage Of

JC Simpson thinks we are done shooting... but when she attempts to leave, I freeze her in mid-stride out the door. And then she's moved back to the stage area where she's placed with one hand on a breast, and the other hand down... stuck, frozen, unaware of a single thing. She is in suspended animation, unable to stop us from doing anything to her. At this point, I bring out a fan of JC Simpson; one that really wants to be with her... He starts pacing her frozen stuck body, in awe of what's in front of him... plays with her breasts, and then starts fingering her pussy. Her body stuck in pose, no clue what's being done to her as I inform him that I'm going to unfreeze her and see her reaction... so while he's fingering her, I say the trigger word UNFREEZE.. and she curses out loud, and shoves him away and starts yelling out how she's going to sue me, and wants to know where her clothes are and starts to run away.. but I freeze her again, as he carries her to the sofa. Then he places her rock solid stuck body down on the sofa, back side up; and sticks his cock in her mouth and starts giving himself a blowjob.. Mid-blowjob I unfreeze her, and she starts gagging, and starts screaming and pushing him away again... and tries to get up to escape but I freeze her in place again. And he continues to shove his dick in her mouth as we hear sucking noises even though JC is still a statue... He shoves it in deep, and then she's unfrozen and she starts asking why we are doing this, in a teary voice.. as I put her to sleep.. and now he decides he's going to spread her limp legs apart and start fucking her hard.. she's already wet, and he sticks it in her pussy and starts fucking him... and then I tell her that she's going to enjoy what he's doing each time I snap my fingers; but when I snap again she will realize what she's doing... her voice starts sounding like she enjoys this as I bring her back and she yells out how this is illegal.. but then I snap my fingers and she gets back into it big time! I freeze her again, and he starts slapping her mouth with his dick as she's frozen... unfrozen again, she starts slurping it and is really into it.. till I snap my fingers, and she yells out "Why! why" as she is disgusted by what is happening. So I freeze her again, as he fucks her frozen body.. and then I say RED while he's fucking her, as her whole body starts convulsing in pleasure....... mid stream, I snap my fingers and she complains wants him off; but I say RED again in this state and she can't help but start to enjoy what's happening. He changes positions, and finally cums on her face as she's in a turned on mode, enjoying everything that has happened.. then I snap my fingers, and she realizes what happens and the cum all over her face and gets so mad she screams out loud and runs out of the room fast yelling "you stupid mother fucker!" And then the video cuts to black, and we transition to a post-interview. And we find out that even though she was shocked at what the heck happened, it was all consensual and she enjoyed it.
Price: $16.99 USD
Length: 16 minutes
JC Simpson - Taking Advantage [WMV 720p]

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