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October 11, 2012
Rose Hypnotized

Rose Hypnotized

This is a FULL DISCOUNTED MOVIE of Rose being trained. This video includes the following segments:

  • The full training session of Rose, including the part where she goes so deep that she inadvertently falls off the sofa, but still remains completely in a deep training state
  • Welcome back Rose... its been a few years since we last worked with her; and she has just gotten better. We reconnected recently, and she wanted to be trained again. Here she goes under deeper than the last time, Here you can see her coming out of her training session, where I perform an eye check; and then she comes out of the training - no clue that it worked... and I confirm things did, by freezing her in place; and panning over her stuck immobile body; finally putting her back into a training state at the end.
  • Rose, in this clip; is limp... she's so limp, she appears as if she's . And as she is in such a state, I decide I need to start taking off some of her clothing, such as her shirt.. and eventually her bra. Enjoy watching me struggle with her loose body parts, and limp body to get her shirt off.. then in the midst of all this, Rose decides to shift herself to get comfy; so now I have a bigger challenge getting her bra off. But I succeed; though first taking a close-up of Rose drooling on the sofa as she shifted face down... Finally bringing her out of this state, she realizes in a bit of a shock that she's topless!! And has been drooling..
  • In this clip, Rose is now trained to respond to PLEASE with going empty and blank; waiting for her instruction.. to which she will respond with a YES Master and comply. Enjoy watching her remove her jeans, and panties getting completely naked.
  • Rose, is limp... she's , ready to be played with. Watch and enjoy as I play with her limp arms, and hands; making them play with her beautiful breasts. And I pick her up, and hold her head up - open her eyes to check them, open her mouth, and more.
  • Rose is now made to faint on touch. Each and everytime I touch her, she for a few moments and then comes to. She eventually clues in, and realizes that for some strange reason my touch is making her pass out; and tries to hide from it; but I persist and keep touching her over and over... Enjoy watching her nod off constantly over and over again.
  • Rose is now made to be very thirsty; but when she drinks some water - there are nanobots in it that will travel through her body and turn her into a slut that wants to have pleasure. Watch as the changes subtly affect her reactions, as you can see her legs propping up, and her hands slowly going towards it, grabbing some boobs here and there.... This clip is the introduction of the nanobots, and the transference is slow; but in the next few clips you'll see more reactions happening...

Price: $29.99 USD
Length: 63 minutes

Rose - Full Compilation Part 1 [MP4 1080p]
Rose - Full Compilation Part 1 [MP4 720p]

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