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October 21, 2012

Stormy Rose Discounted Compilation

Stormy Rose Hypnotized

Stormy Rose Hypnotized

Keep in part with offering some of my older favorite shoots in discounted full movie formats, I'm happy to present Stormy Rose.  Stormy is an accomplished model that has worked for many top internet sites and happened to visit my area back then.  We agreed to perform a hypnosis shoot, and I was super happy to find out that she was hyper hypnotizable.  She went under very easily, and had no clue of what was happening.  Her clips demonstrates excellent control, and lots of eye rolling.

Stormy Rose Hypnotized

Stormy Rose Hypnotized

The first hour compilation of Stormy Rose, one of my favorite models that I've worked with. Her clips contains alot of eye rolling, and awesome segments. Her reaction to my training was classic, and wonderful - a must see video.. and a great opportunity to own the full set of her videos for a discounted price. In this video are the following segments: Stormy Rose is a beautiful hot headed spicy red-head from out of town that was visiting for a week; and I got her in front of my camera to shoot... little did she know she was going to be tranced in one of my intense training sessions. She complied wonderfully, and watch and enjoy in this clip as she comes out of the training; and I demonstrate a sleep, and some freeze. Stormy's compliance to my training is astounding, as you can see in the sample images and preview; how she is completely gone when I freeze her in place. Quite wonderful, she is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Stormy Rose is quite amazing.. and you can tell she is quite under my spell when ever I say the word SLEEP or FREEZE... just look in her eyes, as all life goes away instantly. In one of the freeze segments, you can almost see her fighting my training, and trying to snap out of it - and eventually she does... watch close, as you can see her frozen gaze slightly come out of it, till she starts to stir.. but before she's fully snapped out, I unfreeze her and help deepen my training hold on her. There's some good eye action in this clip also! After we have solidified my hold on Stormy Rose I decide to push it a bit and make her forget a number. After I've done this, I have her count her fingers out loud - and you can see her mind thinking, and trying to fight my training as she quickly recalls the number... but then I put her back to sleep; and enforce the lost number... and then its gone quickly, and she can't understand what is happening. Then I explain to her that its due to the fact that the training can cause some brain clutter, and her brain needs cleaning. After the shock value dissipates she agrees to let me remove her brain and clean it.... watch as I start to remove it. Here we start with Stormy Rose already brain . Her brain has been removed, and I'm about to put it back in her body - but backwards. Enjoy as you watch what happens when she gets so damn confused when her brain is in backwards, and insists I replace it right side up. Stormy Rose is by far one of my top 5 subjects. She is such a strong willed, vivacious, fun, and beautiful person - and even though she's of a dominant nature, she became completely submissive to my training. Here in this clip, you see her frozen solid - unable to move, think, hear, or even see. As she's frozen, I start slowly peeling off her clothing revealing her hard body... and then you can see, at a certain point; she fights my training and snaps out of it and becomes shocked, but I quickly put her into a deep sleep and enforce my training even more; so she has no chance what so ever of resisting my ways. Stormy Rose is a strong willed woman. She knows what she wants, and what she likes; but here she is all mine. No matter how hard she tries, and you know she is trying to fight my training; she can't. Watch and enjoy as I train her to accept the J* Mind Trick! When I wave my hand in front of her face, she submits instantly and goes blank. At this point, she's receptive to what ever I say; and has to do it. There are some hitches here, when I first try this on her - she doesn't snap out of the mind trick state automatically; but I think I work with her over this and get it just right eventually. In this one, you can see her removing her jeans revealing a pretty pair of pink hose, and her nice pink panties... Now, we freeze Stormy Rose - to the point where she's stopped doing anything and can't see hear or think. Then we pose her a bit, and unfreeze her. She starts to put her hair up in a hair tie; but I don't want that to happen so I freeze her right after she does that - and remove the tie. She's rather confused and dazed as to why this is happening without her knowing what is up. I keep messing with her in this interesting yet short clip. Stormy Rose is standing by the mirror, wondering what the heck is happening with all her hair ties. While we are casually talking about this, I move over to her and wave my hand across her face - invoking the mind trick. She goes blank, instantly. I then instruct her to remove her panties, and she complies instantly - but I find that she's now stuck in the mind trick. I ask her about her panties, and she replies with exactly what I just asked her; until I waved my hand in front of her face again - she snaps out of it. She's not too surprised her panties are gone, as she's getting drift of what I'm doing to her! 🙂 Then I have her remove her leggings... Enjoy this short yet sweet clip of her getting completely naked. We start off with Stormy Rose, on the bed. I pan across her naked body, and end up with a close-up of her face as I perform an eye check. You can see her eyes rolled up in the back of her head; and as I open her lids - they stick open slightly as you can see her eyes doing into a REM like state. Then I train her to believe everytime I snap my fingers - she takes a shot of something strong and potent... getting really wasted. Enjoy as I bring her out of her training state and she starts taking shot, after shot, after shot!

Price: $24.99 USD
Length: 60 minutes
Stormy Rose - Full Compilation Pt 1 [MP4 1080p]

The next part of the discounted Stormy Rose compilation, including the following scenes:

Freshly back from our break, Stormy is clothed again... so we have to get her naked, and we do so very stealth like - tto the point she wonders why and how she got naked, let alone her hands keep fondling her boobs. lol Then we start to lay the framework for Stormy Rose and RED words. If you follow my clips, you'll know RED is my trigger word for orgasms, or to force the models into feeling really really sexual. Here we start slowly, by letting her know that RED word will trigger her to feel erotic, and sexually charged.. then we say it a few times in sentences, it almost looks like its not working - because with Stormy its a rather subtle reaction. But eventually you'll notice her squirming a bit, and starting to play with herself... Keep watching this series, as Stormy has some violent reactions!! In a very good way..

Now that we have Stormy Rose primed, and horny - ready for action. Well, at first she says she wants some dick, but then quickly says she would rather have a few strippers... I'm not sure if she knows what way she goes! LOL BUT, we have introduced a new word to the mix, PINK. This word gives her an orgasm, while RED simply maintains her level of hornyness. In this clip you'll see her starting to masturbate, and you can tell once she cums it will be glorious - her expressions are precious, and you notice her eyes rolling back in her head and she gets more and more aroused. And there is a short yet sweet section where I freeze her as she's masturbating, and lift her hand up.. exposing a view of her precious area, wet with excitement.

Stormy Rose is happy masturbating with herself, and then I decide to up-the-game a bit, and I freeze her in place. Then while she's frozen, laying on her back on the bed; I pick up her arm and carefully place a black dildo in her fingers. Then I bring her out of the freeze, and she is a bit shocked as to where this dildo came from. It doesn't matter, because she starts playing with it anyhow; you can see how wet she is getting just from the thought of this.

Stormy Rose is quite orgasmic, and loves her fun. I decide to let her have some of her fun with the new dildo, but not all the way. I have trained her so that she can't cum. No matter how hard she tries, she can not cum at all. Watch her stick the vibrating dildo up her pussy, she her lips wet with excitement; but she can not let it go... until I say the word PINK. Once I say that, she explods with excitement, and cums hard.

We start off this clip with Stormy Rose in a training state, on the bed spread wide open. Then we train her to believe that my video camera has a magic lens attached to it, and every time I ask her to look into it - it will slowly start to suck her mind into itself. Then I bring her out of her training state, and instruct her to look into the lens. You can instantly see her mind being sucked away, as her expression goes blank and dark.

In this second part, we start off with Stormy Rose with her mind already sucked away. I then pick her up from the bed, and stand her up - pose her, and mess with her a little bit; then place her back on the bed. Once she's on the bed, I position her head and eyes to return her mind to her body.. watch as its slowly returned, and she looks so confused, and didn't know what to think about what just happened.

We start off this clip with Stormy Rose not really knowing if she enjoys having her mind sucked into my camera or not; cause she can't remember. So, I ask her to look back into the lens of my camera, with her knowing what will happen... She tries to resist, but can't and complains as much as she can before her mind starts to suck slowly away. Then I return her mind back, and repeat... she tries not to look into the lens, but I trick her and there she goes again - mindless... you can see her expression transition as her mind is slowly sucked away.

Here Stormy Rose is made to believe that when ever I snap my fingers, my clothes disappear... and if I snap my fingers again, my clothes reappear. Watch how violent her reactions are when my clothes go away, and she believes I'm completely stark naked! Then she starts getting more and more confused, and you can see it in her face and eyes as we continue with this - having my clothing magically disappear and reappear over and over again.

Now we know Stormy Rose is a lesbian. She likes guys for one reason only, their dick. But I decide to make her completely be into me with a simple snap of the fingers... but then on the flip side, be totally revolted by me with another snap of the finger. Watch how she attempts to attack me, throw me on the bed, and have her way with me; until I snap my fingers again - putting her completely in a state of confusion not knowing what the heck she is doing. Then finally towards the end, I do a few freeze commands, and mess with her a bit that way too.

Stormy Rose is now made to uncontrollably laugh every time I snap my fingers.. and then when I snap my fingers again she doesn't laugh any more... watch and enjoy as she rolls around laughing so hard it hurts!

Stormy Rose is quite an insatiable girl, she can take it over and over; and then screams for more. But earlier I had her orgasmic all over, to the point that now she has a hard time having pleasure anymore. But, I make her have to masturbate, over and over again... you can almost see the pain and pleasure in her face as she does; but then she complains that the dildo she is playing with isn't powerful enough... so I give her another suggestion that makes her believe its the most powerful dildo in the world... and watch her cum.

In this final clip of Stormy Rose, we are wrapping up our shoot and before that I have her fall asleep a few times, and you can see her eyes rolling up in her head as she goes under. Then I bring her out, and perform an exit interview asking her about the session, and how she felt.

Price: $24.99 USD
Time: 61 min
Stormy Rose - Full Compilation Pt 2 [MP4 1080p]

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