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Month: November 2012

Alora Programmed for our Pleasure

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Alora Programmed
Alora Programmed for our Pleasure

I want to welcome new coming model Alora to my couch. She is a bright eyed, beautiful brunette that decided to allow me to train her and make her do naughty things for me.. of course, we start off with one of my stables, having her stuck to the sofa. And each time I snap my finger, she feels something poking her in the ass. I find this a great test to determine how trained the girl is, and the reactions vary greatly from each person to the next. She’s instantly stuck, and you can see it in her eyes. And her mind starts churning, coming up with excuses, reasons why she can not stand up… and various times throughout this I Freeze her in place… and without her knowledge, pose her and do things to her – that she realizes when she’s unfrozen. A great start to what I hope to be a recurring visit to my couch.

Alora – Stuck Freeze [WMV 1080p]

Jasmine Discounted Full Movie

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Jasmine Hypnotized
Jasmine Trained to Comply

We dig into our deep archives, and pull out one of our all time favorite shoots with Jasmine; a super hot coed brunette with a tight body… We start off in this part with a full training session. In this video, we focus on a few things…
Jasmine is made to freeze on command, and as such is posed and played with..
Then her mind is sucked out of her body with my magical mind sucking lens; and while she is gone her limp lifeless body is posed and picked up and walked around the room – all without her knowledge of what is happening.
Then she’s placed on the bed, her jean skirt lifted up so we can see her panties, and then we focus on her feet – removing her heels and showing how pretty her feet are…
While she’s still in this limp state, I start undressing her removing all of her clothing..

Mia Trained Discount Set

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Mia Trained
Mia Trained

Welcome another discounted full movie, in two parts.. This first part is another favorite model of mine, Mia. Mia worked very well, and also is a great addition to your collection.. This part includes the following:
I’d love to introduce my new model, Mia. She’s a gorgeous blonde bombshell MILF that happened to drop by my place on a slow Saturday afternoon. The weather was super hot, almost as hot as Mia is. She knocked on my door, and introduced herself to me saying that she understood that I know how to “train” people, and she always wanted to be trained. One glance at her, and I immediately invited her inside to the nice air conditioned house… I give her my song and dance, and then before she has time to react I ask her to stand up and I want to give her a relaxation technique…. she stands up instantly (good sign), and as I’m relaxing her doing my standard tests for training; she practically falls at that point. I know I have a good subject on my hands; and we start our session… This video starts as we completed our initial training, and I test the waters by having her stuck to the sofa; and each and everytime I snap my fingers she feels something poking her in the ass