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November 15, 2012

Jasmine Discounted Full Movie

Jasmine Hypnotized

Jasmine Trained to Comply

We dig into our deep archives, and pull out one of our all time favorite shoots with Jasmine; a super hot coed brunette with a tight body... We start off in this part with a full training session. In this video, we focus on a few things...
Jasmine is made to freeze on command, and as such is posed and played with..
Then her mind is sucked out of her body with my magical mind sucking lens; and while she is gone her limp lifeless body is posed and picked up and walked around the room - all without her knowledge of what is happening.
Then she's placed on the bed, her jean skirt lifted up so we can see her panties, and then we focus on her feet - removing her heels and showing how pretty her feet are...
While she's still in this limp state, I start undressing her removing all of her clothing..

Jasmine Hypnotized

Jasmine made to do bad things

In this second part, of the full discounted movie of Jasmine... we start off after coming back from a break; and we ask her if she recalls how she got naked and she doesn't and blames me for it... The shock of it! What we don't know, is I've already pre-programmed her with the command trigger word RED that starts giving her erotic sexual feelings all over her body, as I saw RED over and over again, her body starts getting more and more aroused and eventually she comes to a complete and violent orgasm... spreading her legs, and enjoying it completely. Then she's frozen in place, and posed.. finally, I program her to be frozen but still aware as I put her in awkward poses and position...
Then as she's in her training state, completely naked; I put on a pair of pantyhose on her feet and awkwardly pull them up; and stand her up as I complete putting them on her fully.. Then she's thrown around the bed, limp and lose like a few times; wearing nothing but pantyhose.. then we play with it, toying with her and more.. finally ending the whole set..
Jasmine - Full Movie Pt 1 of 2 [MP4 1080p]
Jasmine - Full Movie Pt 2 of 2 [MP4 1080p]

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