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November 8, 2012
Mia Trained

Mia Trained

Welcome another discounted full movie, in two parts.. This first part is another favorite model of mine, Mia. Mia worked very well, and also is a great addition to your collection.. This part includes the following:
I'd love to introduce my new model, Mia. She's a gorgeous blonde bombshell MILF that happened to drop by my place on a slow Saturday afternoon. The weather was super hot, almost as hot as Mia is. She knocked on my door, and introduced herself to me saying that she understood that I know how to "train" people, and she always wanted to be trained. One glance at her, and I immediately invited her inside to the nice air conditioned house... I give her my song and dance, and then before she has time to react I ask her to stand up and I want to give her a relaxation technique.... she stands up instantly (good sign), and as I'm relaxing her doing my standard tests for training; she practically falls at that point. I know I have a good subject on my hands; and we start our session... This video starts as we completed our initial training, and I test the waters by having her stuck to the sofa; and each and everytime I snap my fingers she feels something poking her in the ass
Mia is stuck. She's stuck in many ways, first off her ass is stuck to the sofa... secondly, she gets stuck when ever I say the word FREEZE... Check it out, as she is both stuck and frozen on the sofa; as I pan across her stuck body looking down her cleavage exposing what looks like an awesome set of boobs... Then I unfreeze her, and she still can't get up from the sofa. Wonder why! ha...
OK, Mia is simply stuck to the sofa. Of course, this is by design. In the prior clips I have programmed Mia to be stuck to the sofa... She I believe is getting quite tired of not being able to get up, so I decide to give her an out. So, I decide to tell her that sometimes my victims, er; patients.. uh, um friends... have weird things happen to them when they come see me. And often its because their brains are super cluttered with mess from all the day-to-day junk that happens and it really messes with their ability to function. So, I think I have convinced her of this case. So I tell her I must clean her brain in order for her to become unstuck. She reluctantly agrees, and allows me to remove her brain and clean it, and then place it back inside of her head. Watch and enjoy as I lean into her, and suck her mind out of her head with my hand leaving her body mindless empty sack of beautiful body.
Now that we have a good clear understanding on how deep Mia is trained; I decide to take it to the next step and start to get her naked; but without her consciously aware about how it is happening by freezing her in place, and then removing an article of clothing each time.
I introduce the J3di mind trick to Mia, and she takes to it like a champ. For those that do not know, the J3di mind trick is a training scenario that involves me waving my hand in front of Mia's face... that wave, initiates a mental block which causes Mia to temporarily lose herself into a void of nothingness. You can see, after my wave her face goes empty instantly. Then in this state where she's lost in this void, her hearing is tuned into my voice... and only my voice. Where if I tell her something she will hear it, and repeat it in a very slow monotonous voice. Once she has repeated my phrase or command she will snap out of this empty void and become herself again.... BUT, what ever I told her she will have to believe, perform, or understand as the utmost truth. Quite powerful isn't it? Here, I use it to have her undress herself. Enjoy watching.
Now, we have Mia undressed.. at least down to her panties. And what else should I do to a half naked blonde beauty? Turn her into a statue or mannequin where I can pose her, stare at her as long as I want without her knowing or it being freaky; and basically do what ever I wish to her. Watch and enjoy as I freeze her in place, and play with her.
In this very dynamic clip, Mia is completely trained to have an orgasm when I say the word RED. Enjoy watching her body shock into a complete pleasure erotic zone of orgasmic proportions. She gyrates, and screams as she cums over and over again... and then I freeze her in place, and expose her neck and close up of her face.

Now we are making Mia forget the number 5. Then we have her count her fingers, and she gets rather confused... after counting the fingers a number of times, we have her counting her toes.. Some nice palm shots, and feet shots in this one.

Welcome Mia to my world. Where my camera is magical, and it can suck peoples minds out of their body into it. Mia doesn't believe in magic, nor does she believe that my camera can suck her mind away... She really doesn't know it even can happen; but I've trained her to respond to my magical camera lens. So when I ask her to look into the lens, she has no hesitation and looks in there right away. You can see the camera lens doing its work as she looks there, and then almost instantly you can see her mind starting to be sucked away... until it leaves us with a empty Mia, a shell a body that we can use as we wish.

In this second part, we have restored Mia's mind back into her body. Then we ask her how she feels, and if she realizes if anything fishy has happened recently.. She says, no.. she feels fine. I then reveal to her that my camera can suck minds, and I just finished sucking her mind and returning it. She's very doubtful that's true, because logic and reason says a camera can not do this... BUT I ask her if I can show her again.. She kinda laughs, and says why not... Then I point to my lens, asking her to look into it; and it slowly sucks her mind away yet again...

Now, we are trying something slightly different. I have trained Mia to subconsciously react to the word DOLL. When I say the word DOLL she transforms slowly into an inanimate doll that can do only basic functions. Then as I have a casual conversation with her, I say the word DOLL and you see her instantly transforming into a doll, a perpetual smile on her face; and unable to think see or hear. I figured that was fun, but I want to see some sort of struggle, of her realizing somewhat of what is happening, but can't stop it. So I put her back to sleep, and instruct her that the times I say DOLL she will slowly transform, but realize what is happening but can not stop it. Then I say DOLL again, and we see her trying to fight it, not knowing really what is happening; until finally she's a doll.

Mia is now made to freeze in place. Yes, we have had her do that all this time now, but the difference is she can hear, see, and talk! Watch as when I snap my fingers her body freezes in place; and she comments on what is happening.

Now we have attempted to try something slightly different with Mia, to make her curse uncontrollably; but for some reason it doesn't take. So I quickly twist to something different, and make Mia freeze but she can still see hear and talk.. But then while she freezes I make her cum to a complete orgasm! See and hear her gyrating slightly cause she's stuck; as she starts to cum.. then I unfreeze her as she lets go...

In this final clip of Mia, we have her trained to believe that every time I snap my fingers she takes a shot of something very powerful... its a virtual shot, that she believes she took even though nothing really happens.. and each time I snap my fingers, it happens again and again as she gets really really wasted. Then finally, I snap her out of it - no pun intended... and instruct her that when I shake her hand she will remember everything that occurred during our session. Enjoy watching the expression on her face when I shake her hand, and her reactions.

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