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Cory Chase – Cheerleader Revenge

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hypnotized cheerleader challenge
Cheerleader Challenge

This shoot was quite interesting… Cory Chase plays a cheerleader.. one that bullied me in high school.  Many years later, I am able to reek my revenge on her by hypnotizing her and making her do bad bodily movements on herself, much to her horror and shock…  Cory Chase – Bully Cheerleader Challenge [WMV 1080p]

Made to Pee and Fart
Made to Pee and Fart

Cory Chase – Made to Pee and Fart [WMV 1080p]

Diaper revenge
Diaper Revenge

Cory Chase – Diaper Revenge [WMV 1080p]

Diaper Play
Diaper Play

Cory Chase – Diaper Play [WMV 1080p]