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January 19, 2013

We've just added another one of our past favorite models in a full discounted movie format for your enjoyment.  These discounted compilations are great for a newcomer to this fetish to see and figure out if this is their cup of tea!  Miss Crash is a steamy hot red-head that takes to my programming fully.  You'll enjoy alot of classic sets with her segments!!

Buy NowThe first discounted set includes the following:

miss crash - Stuck and Tickled
Welcome miss crash, as she goes through my intense training program. This clip starts off as she is coming out of it, and then I perform a deepener to ensure my control over her. Before she comes out of my deepener, I make her believe she is stuck to the sofa, and that something is poking her in the ass! No matter how hard she tries, she can not lift up off this sofa. She starts laughing hysterically because her ass is, get this; ticklish! Go figure. So as she laughs, and tries to get up with no success; I hold her hand and make her freeze in place. As she is frozen, I pose her arms a bit here and there, and then start to remove her upper part, exposing her cleavage and bra!

miss crash - Lost Number Brain Clean
Now, miss crash is still stuck to the sofa and feeling something poking her in the ass... so I explain to her that there is a possibility that I know what's happening. I tell her that its possible she has experienced some temporary brain damage. And in order for me to tell, I need to ask her some simple questions. Before I ask the questions though, I quickly put her into a training state - and instruct her to subconsciously forget the number 5. Then I bring her out, and ask her how many fingers she has - she says 10... then I ask her to lift her hands palm facing me, and count each finger one by one. She counts 11. She's confused, so I ask her to count each hand separately, and she gets 12!!! Finally I ask her to count her toes... first asking her to lift her feet up so we can see her feet... You can see her pantyhose, and up between her dress a bit; and she is still so confused as she has 11 or 12 toes and has no clue why... Finally I explain that I need to clean her brain in order to fix this issue... and she agrees.

miss crash - Backward Brains & Freeze
miss crash has had her brain virtually removed, and placed back inside of her - backwards. At which point, I start asking her a series of questions - as it becomes clear to us that she is completely confused as to what is happening. She can't figure out why, so I keep asking simple questions to see her frustration build up.. finally, fixing her brain so she is back to normal; somewhat.. cause after which I freeze her in place, and pose her while panning the camera around her stuck doll type body. Finally finishing off with her collapsing in my arms going straight back into her training state of mind.

miss crash - Yes Master Undress
Now, we have added a new training to miss crash's vocabulary of training words. When ever I say the word PLEASE she instantly goes empty and blank, and then I give her a command; she has to say YES MASTER and then comply. She has no clue this is even going to happen, which makes it even more sweet. Watch as I say PLEASE how her facial expressions go empty and vacant... then after I tell her to remove her dress, you can see her snapping out of it back to herself, and saying "Yes Master" and then proceeding to remove her dress. I use that to get her completely naked, by asking her to remove her bra; and then her pantyhose... which apparently her panties came with it! lol


The second set includes the following:

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miss crash - Stiff as a Board
In this clip, miss crash is trained to become stiffer and stiffer each time I snap my fingers... so stiff that eventually she won't be able to move a muscle. Enjoy watching as she starts stiffening up to the point she's stuck! Each of these clips, and the girls I work with; are unique how they respond to various scenarios that I present to them... here its quite interesting because miss crash gets stiff quite fast... and then she is still able to talk, and communicate with me. That doesn't stop me from messing with her, as I pose her here and there much to her surprise... she thinks perhaps a drink of water will help unstuck her - so I offered to help her out and give her a drink out of her energy drink she brought with her.. I place it in her hands, as shes standing up; and she looks at it and laughs as she can't lift the can up to her mouth! So she attempts to suck some of it out, but its too far away; so I move the can closer.. but she still can't do it!! I then place her other hand under the can, and see what she does. She has enough ability so she attempts to sway her body backwards to lift the drink into her mouth, and she succeeds!! But I was concerned cause it looked like she was about to topple over... ha!!

miss crash - Mind Sucking Lens 
Here, in this clip; miss crash is told that the camera lens can suck a persons mind into itself.. and as such, she finds herself fixated staring at that lens. Watch and see how she reacts when her mind is starting to get sucked away..

miss crash - Steel 
miss crash is in a training trance at this moment, and before I even bring her out - I decide to take advantage of her hyper suggestible state. I tell her that she will sit up straight, and then stand-up. Where her body will start to become very hard and stiff, stiff as a piece of steel. You can see her body transforming as I am talking to her, transforming into a stiff piece of steel. Each step of the way, her body is getting more and more rigid. Finally, I step in place; and experiment - attempt to move her body, and then I sway her back and forth. Finally I turn her around, and lay her on the sofa - but she's still stiff as a piece of steel and as such is "planking" on the sofa. Finally, I instruct her body to go limp and lose as it falls down in a deep state of relaxation.

miss crash - Naked Photographer 
In this simple clip, miss crash is made to believe I've lost all my clothing when ever I snap my fingers. Enjoy watching her reaction!

miss crash - Doll
miss crash is trained to transform into a DOLL. I find this one quite interesting, as miss crash becomes stiff and rigid all over, and then I instruct her what to do; as I tell her to stand up, and move around... put on her bra, and more. Then when I take her out of the DOLL state, she is kinda shocked at her bra being miraculously put on her body again!

miss crash - Instant Fainting & Finale
miss crash starts off still as a Doll, but then I quickly migrate her towards instantly fainting each and everytime I touch her. Watch her pass when I grab her shoulder, or neck... her body collapsing as she nods out and then quickly recovers... but every time I touch her, nodding back out again and again. Getting kinda worried, cause she keeps blacking out here and there and doesn't know why. Then finally, I bring her out of the training state, and instruct her that when I shake her hand she will remember everything that happened earlier today... enjoy listening to her thoughts about the whole event.

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