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February 27, 2013

Niki Lee Young on Sale!


Niki Lee Young being Programmed to Comply


Enjoy another one of my favorite models in a full compilation at a discounted rate. Included is also the full programming of Niki Lee Young.

Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 54 min
Size: 1333 Mb
Niki Lee Young - Full Movie Pt One [MP4 1080p]

Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 54 min
Size: 904 Mb
Niki Lee Young - Full Movie Pt One [MP4 720p]

Price: $17.99 USD
Time: 38 min
Size: 1139 Mb
Niki Lee Young - Full Movie Pt Two [MP4 1080p]

Price: $17.99 USD
Time: 38 min
Size: 862 Mb
Niki Lee Young - Full Movie Pt Two [MP4 720p]

Freeze Stuck

Welcome brand new model niki lee Young, as she comes to me to be trained. This clip starts off with her coming out of the training session; as she sits up and explains how she feels. Then, I perform a few deepening exercises with her and make her believe she's stuck to the sofa and everytime I snap my fingers she feels something poking her in the ass... While she's stuck, I freeze her in place as I pose and do some closeups of her body and face. You can see, in her eyes and face; how frozen she really is. She is completely clueless as to what is happening; as I start to remove her shirt exposing her beautiful chest and body...

Brain Cleaning

Now that niki lee Young is sufficiently stuck to the sofa; I have her convinced that the reason is due to her brain being very cluttered... and as such, I need to remove her brain and clean it; and place it back in her head. Of course, without any pain or cutting involved; I simply am able to yank it out. After some explanation, she agrees to let me perform this operation on her. So, I instruct her; and then proceed to remove her brain. niki reacts wonderfully to this, as you can see instantly when her brain is removed. And throughout the time she is brainless; her eyes flutter up and down, as she is non-responsive to my touch and posing. Her beautiful face, blank and glossy; eyes getting watery from not being able to blink; and more... Finally I return her brain into her body but backwards... but as the brain enters her body; she starts convulsing and her eyes rolling backwards until it sinks in... and then she wonders what's wrong! Finally I convince her to remove her brain again to revert it and return her back to normal... I've worked with many many girls on various shoots, and I have to say niki is by far one of my favorites. This is a must see for any fans of the Brain Cleaning skit.


In this clip, niki lee Young has her brain returned to her normally and she's able to stand up fine. She also feels pretty good too! Here, I train her to respond to the trigger word PLEASE; where she goes instantly empty and blank, receptive to anything I tell her... You can see, when I say the word PLEASE as we are having a normal conversation she instantly goes blank.. and I tell her to remove her shorts... she complies immediately; but she stays in the blank state during the entire time... as I tell her to continue to remove her shoes... and she complies, all while still empty and blank.

I Must Comply
Now , in this clip niki lee Young is trained to have to instinctively believe anything I tell her, no matter how ridiculous. We first start off by asking her some simple questions; like how many boobs she has. I think she is already confused, because initially she believes she has three boobs... but then I tell her she has four; and she tries to count them. I help her out a bit by trying to show her there are really only two; but she gets even more confused. Then I ask her how many hands she has; and she instantly tells me FIVE.. FIVE??? I ask her, what? I think she's got confused and told me how many fingers she has on one hand; but then I ask her how many fingers she has; and she says 20!!! I have her hold her hands out and count them, and she has a hard time doing that and gets even more confused. Awesome confusing clip but its amazing watching her mind try to rationalize what's happening.

niki lee young masturbating

Niki Lee Young Pleasing Herself

RED Slut

I think by now, I've determined how far niki lee Young is trained; and I can guess that its pretty far. This clip I will start pushing her, pushing her sexually; to see how far I can take her on this wild ride... First, she's still trained to believe anything I tell her... so as she's about to touch her boobs; I tell her right up front that the moment her hands touch her boobs she's going to get horny as hell... You can see, when her hands touch them; she starts playing with herself, and starting to feel sexually aroused. Then she has to lay back on the sofa, and start masturbating; pushing aside her pretty panties... Finally, an idea pops into my head; so I put her back into the training state; as I start to tell her about the trigger word RED that invokes an instant orgasm; but also when I bring her out; I'm turning her into a world-class slut! Someone that just wants to show off sexually to me and who ever else maybe around... When she comes out of the training state; she instantly decides she doesn't need her panties anymore; and starts playing with herself, showing off her beautiful pussy to us and the camera; for us to watch.. turning her on even more.. then I say RED a few times, seeing her body convulse in pleasure erotically charged; wet; and just enjoying every minute of this... At times, given she's a super slut; she has to show her pussy to us again and again, opening it up so we can see everything; how wet she is and how excited she is to play with it... Again, I say this alot; but this is really a clip to have if your a niki fan!!

Creepy Photographer

In this clip, I have trained niki lee Young to have selective amnesia; where when she wakes up she will not remember ever meeting me, and she will believe she is in her hotel room; waking up... Finding me there, with my video camera filming her sleeping. So, I take her out of the training state, and she wakes up. When she stirs, she sees me there filming her and is shocked; and angry! You can see it in her face, she doesn't know why I'm there. She complains, and tells me to leave; but I don't... then the more she gets aggravated with me the more sexually aroused she becomes! She starts playing with her boobs; and doesn't know why she's doing this in front of a total stranger perverted photographer that sneaked into her room while she was asleep... And the more frustrated she becomes,the more she plays with her self, getting excited and totally wet from the experience having to masturbate and show us her pussy up close. Finally at the end, she's more calm; but then she looks at me and says I still don't know who you are, and you are still creepy.. and then she thinks a bit, and realizes she doesn't even know her own name!

Robot Finale

In this final clip, niki lee Young is still clueless from the last bit (Creepy Photographer) and she starts telling me she doesn't even know her name; so I ask her a few questions and she actually doesn't know what she is.. So on the spur of the moment, I decide to tell her she's a robot. After the initial shock, you can tell she believes it because she starts acting more and more like one. I then have her get up, and explain her functions and her power button and maintenance button. I power her off a few times, and put her in maintenance mode while posing her a bit... finally putting her back in a training state and bringing her out of it completely with a hand shake making her remember everything that we did earlier.

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