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March 28, 2013
casey calvert hypnotized

Casey Calvert Stuck to the Sofa

I'm proud to release my shoot with Casey Calvert in a full movie compilation at a discounted price so more of you may enjoy watching this awesome girl get hypnotized, and made to do very very bad things.  The one thing that stood out to me about Casey was her attitude.  She is full of life, and has a real submissive streak in her which lent well to my programming of her.  Click more to read and see more photo's of this beautiful girl becoming compliant to everything I ask of her.

Casey Calvert - Full Movie Pt 1 [MP4 1080p]

Price: $19.99USD
Time: 55 min
Size: 1383 Mb

  • Sofa Stuck FreezeThis is another shoot from Fetishcon 2012; casey calvert a hot brunette coed came to me wanting to be trained. She's a super hot young girl that is exploring her sexuality and who am I to say no to that! In this clip, she is just coming out of her training session, and I perform a few deepeners and then convince her that she's stuck to the sofa. No matter how hard she tries, she can not get up.. and in addition to that, when I snap my fingers she feels something slapping her ass! Enjoy watching her struggle trying to get up, and then jumping in shock when ever I snap my fingers. Finally ending with a freeze.
  • Freeze UndressWe start off on this clip with casey calvert frozen and still stuck to the sofa. As she is frozen I pan around her stiff and still body showing how stuck and frozen she is; as I pose her a little bit before I unfreeze her... till I freeze her yet again; and start removing pieces of clothing. Then I remove her bra, exposing her young nubile breasts and place her bra in her stiff stuck hands; unfreezing her as she realizes what happened and breaks into laughter.
  • Brain Cleaningcasey calvert is stuck to the sofa, and she feels something slapping her ass everytime I snap my fingers; but she doesn't quite understand why. So I begin to explain to her that its due to the fact that her brain is cluttered; and to fix this I need to clean her brain. She agrees to let me do this; so I tell her I have to remove her brain clean it and put it back.. I go over to her, and begin to yank her brain out; and when I do she instantly goes . Her gaze out to no where, and unable to see hear or move. I pose her a bit, close-ups on her beautiful face, and body. Then I return her brain but I put it in backwards. When she recovers from the initial brain insertion; she has a hard time talking; actually she can't talk at all. Its quite interesting the different reactions and responses I get from the same procedures; and finally I decide to remove her brain again and put it back in normally.
  • PleaseNow in this clip, casey calvert is trained to respond to the magic word PLEASE. When ever she hears me say this word, she goes into a state of empty or blankness; where she has to obey anything and everything I say... As I instruct her to remove her clothing; as she complies instantly without any hesitation.. not knowing what she is doing, and surprised as she starts shedding clothing without her knowledge. Then I freeze her in place, fully naked; as I pose her in various awkward positions leaving her with her fingers giving us the birdie as I unfreeze her - making her laugh hysterically at what she see's she's doing

Casey Calvert - Full Movie Pt 2 [MP4 1080p]

Price: $24.99USD
Time: 85 min
Size: 1407 Mb

  • RED Orgasms

    In this short, yet powerful clip; casey calvert is trained to respond to the command trigger word RED. How? When ever I say the word RED she has an instant powerful all encompassing orgasm. You can see when I say the word red how instantly she starts screaming out in erotic pleasure; not realizing why this is happening to her but enjoying it none the less.
  • Gullible

    I figure, now that I know casey calvert is under my spell; I train her to be 100% gullible to anything and everything I say. She has to believe it, no matter how weird or outrageous it is... So I start off by asking her how many boobs she has, and she answers two... and then she points to them. I casually tell her she has three boobs, and then ask her again.. she looks a bit confused; and then says she has three. I ask how, wow; how long have you had three? She grins and says for the last few minutes... I then tell her she has no boobs, as she gets very sad and explains to me how she liked it when she had boobs... Then I tell her that her tongue starts to get bigger and bigger, so big it starts to come out of her mouth... as you can see her speech gets slurred as her tongue starts coming out more and more.. Finally she tries to stick it back with her finger, but to no success....Finally ending with her boobs growing bigger and bigger, so big she can barely sit up straight.
  • Creepy Photographer

    In this clip, we start off with casey calvert now having the RED orgasm command word trained into her; and I test it out yet again by saying RED while she has a short yet powerful orgasm; to the point she's kinda out of it for a moment.. then I put her back into a training state where I give her temporary amnesia and when she wakes she will believe she's in her room alone; and not know who I am... and realize that I snuck itno her room, and start filming her while sleeping nude. She's shocked! Tell's me I need to leave before she calls security; but what she doesn't know is she has to do anything i tell her.. as I tell her , no she's not going to call security and instantly she says; no she's not going to call... while looking at me all strange and confused. Then I tell her to start playing with her boobs; and she does.. but is mad about it. I then tell her to start playing with herself, and she's getting turned on; as she complies instantly; but is mad about it too... she gets real angry in a passive way; finally I make her orgasm with a RED command word; and she is happy cause now she doesn't have to play with herself in front of me, the creepy photographer.

  • Mind Sucking Lens

    casey calvert now is trained to believe that when she looks into my camera lens, it starts to slowly suck her mind out of her body; leaving her mindless and unable to do anything while I am able to move her, pose her, and mess with her in this state; until I return her mind back into her body..

  • Lost Number

    In this clip, we have casey calvert trained to believe she no longer knows the number five. So, how ever she tries; she just can not remember the number five.. it no longer exists to her. Then I ask her to hold up her hands, and start counting her fingers.. and then ask her how many fingers she has in total. She gets totally confused, and flabbergasted at what is happening. Then I freeze her in place, and unfreeze her while holding her hand, and saying the RED orgasm command word giving her a short yet intense orgasm... I don't think she wanted to admit to having an orgasm, because she explains to me nothing happened... so I make her stand up, and give her a standing orgasm, finally getting her to admit to what just happened.

  • Freeze Aware

    In this clip, I go over to casey and then using my mental connection established through our rigorous training together I make her frozen completely stiff and still but able to speak and see what is happening. Then, I make her body get stiffer and stiffer, till I'm able to topple her over, and push her left and right, forwards and backwards... Finally laying her down on the sofa, her stiff stuck body unable to relax until I go over to her and let her relax... finally putting her back into the deep training state to continue.

  • Nanobots

    In this clip, I have casey calvert convinced that she is super thirsty, and wants a drink of water.. but also, the water has a tech in it - namely nanobots. These nanobots, when ingested will alter her behavior and make her become completely flirtatious with me, and want to seduce me. You can see her expressions and body language alter greatly after she sips her water; and the nanobots start working their magic. She starts twirling her hair, showing attraction towards me; and then starts luring me over.. wanting me to play with her.. and as I play with her body, touching her breasts she starts getting an overwhelming sense of being aroused as her body sways with my touch, and at various times I use the RED orgasm command to make her come to a complete orgasm!

  • Finale

    In this final clip, to make the full completion of her set; we have casey calvert in a training state, while I instruct her to come out and when I shake her hand she will recall everything we did earlier in the shoot.. but only when I shake her hand. Then she comes out of it, and I ask her what she remembers, and its very little.. so I say thanks, and extend my hand out to her as she shakes it you can see instantly the light in her eye go on as she recalls everything that happens and breaks out in laughter at what she did!

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