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March 30, 2013

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In all my years of producing clips, this has only happened once before.  And that time, I did not have my camera running to capture it.  So I am happy to say I did this time!  This shoot I was going to train Sarah Gregory and have Orias as my evil assistant abusing Sarah while hypnotized.  So I am performing my initial test, and a quick induction to determine how well Sarah is receptive to my programming.  And as I say the word "SLEEP" out loud to illicit a deep state of training, I hear a thump as I see Orias collapsing to the floor in a deep training state.  Shocked, I quickly bring Sarah out of it as well as Orias - and ensure that she did not hurt herself, which she did not.  Then I proceed to go with this shoot, knowing that Orias the evil assistant is going be abused as well, simply because she is deeply under my spell as well!  Click more to see the clips....

Orias and Sarah being Hypnotized

Initial Programming

Orias & Sarah - Programming [WMV 1080p]

Programming part two

Orias & Sarah - Programming pt 2 [WMV 1080p]

Sarah limp before becoming frozen

Orias & Sarah - Freeze & Limp Play [WMV 1080p]

Freeze Tag

Orias & Sarah - Freeze Tag [WMV 1080p]


Orias & Sarah - RED [WMV 1080p]

More Orgasms

Orias & Sarah - RED RED RED [WMV 1080p]
Orias & Sarah - Spankings [WMV 1080p]
Orias & Sarah - PINK [WMV 1080p]
Orias & Sarah - More Pink [WMV 1080p]
Orias & Sarah - Vagina Punches [WMV 1080p]
Orias & Sarah - Freeze Aware [WMV 1080p]


Orias & Sarah - Finale [WMV 1080p]

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