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Month: May 2013

Asia Perez Discounted Compilation now Available

Posted in Compilations

Enjoy another model that was an excellent subject in my training videos.

Price: $22.99 USD
Time: 71 min
Size: 1427 Mb
Asia Perez – Full Discounted Movie Pt 1 of 2 [MP4 1080p]

Price: $12.99 USD
Time: 21 min
Size: 425 Mb
Asia Perez – Full Discounted Movie Pt 2 of 2 [MP4 1080p]

Both videos include the following scenes:

This clip depict the programming session of Asia Perez, watching her slowly go under into a deep state of trance, mesmerized by my voice.

Deep Stuck

asia perez, a smoking hot model was recommended to me by a friend while at Fetishcon; and I could not refuse. She wanted to experience my training session, and she was wonderful. In this clip, she is coming out of her initial training as I perform a deepener and have her go under again… and then I make sure she is convinced that she is stuck to the sofa.. as she attempts to stand up and can’t. Then I freeze her in place, and pan across her face, and body.