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June 3, 2013

We introduce another discounted full movie compilation for your enjoyment and fits within anyone's budget! Rene Phoenix is by far one of my all time favorite models I've worked with, because she takes to my programming so well. This is mastered in full 1080p HD.  This clip includes the following:

Rene Phoenix - Full Compilation Pt 1 [MP4 1080p]
Price: $24.99 USD
Time: 60 min
Size: 1211 Mb

Rene Phoenix - Full Compilation Pt 2 [WMV 1080p]
Price: $24.99 USD
Time: 54 min
Size: 1098 Mb

Freeze and Limp

Welcome back Rene Phoenix... each time I work with her gets better and better; this time she goes into my training session super well and complies almost instantly. This clip starts off with her coming out of my training and then I freeze her in place and pose her a little bit... then put her back into a limp and unaware mode where I start to remove her shirt to expose her pretty perky breasts. Once she snaps out of that, she subtly realizes that her top is gone.. but since I've worked with her a number of times, its kind of a matter of fact thing 😉

Freeze and Undressed

Now, that Rene Phoenix is stuck unable to move; I decide to remove her pants and expose her naked body. Enjoy watching me pose Rene, pick her up from a sitting position; remove her pants, and then sit her back down.

Mind Sucking Lens

Rene Phoenix is now trained to believe the camera lens has a magical property of sucking ones mind out of their body into the camera. As she stirs from her training, I ask her to stare into the lens of my camera; and as she does her gaze gets fixated on the lens and she can't look away.. Then the camera slowly starts to suck her mind out of her body, as you can see in her eyes and expressions how its working very well... eventually leaving her body a complete shell for me to play with. As her body is there for me to do with as I please, I play with her limp hand, and arms; making her hand touch her breasts and pussy... spreading her legs for easy access. Finally I reverse the process, and return her mind into her body; and she's clueless as to what just happened.

Pink Pink is a color, and its a trigger. A trigger that I have trained Rene Phoenix to respond to. This trigger will make her extremely horny, and have to play and pleasure herself to. But, no matter how much she tries - or attempts; she can not have an orgasm. The only way she will have an orgasm is if I say the trigger word RED. Enjoy watching her start to masturbate, and play with her body; getting so close to that finish - but just can't.

This is the second part of the discounted full movie of Rene Pheonix... which includes the following:


In this clip, we start off with Rene Phoenix masturbating... and then I say the trigger word BLANK that empties her mind, and transforms her into a mindless slave. Where she has to do anything I ask of her. I have her sit up, and then ask her to stick her tongue out, and start pulling on it with her hand... then middle of that, I unblank her where she is wondering why her tongue was out.


Rene Phoenix, is made to be thirsty... and she grabs her drink, and takes a few sips of it. Little does she know that she was trained to believe that drink had little nanobots in it, that would travel in her system and move up to her brain and control it... it will start to make her become horny, and have to pleasure herself. Enjoy watching her reaction as she takes the drink, first feeling something weird happening to herself; and then starting to touch herself... more and more. But, half way through; the nanobots stop working; and she realizes and catches what she's doing and stops! Looks at me oddly, but then they kick back in; and she's off again!

Nanobots Pt 2

In this second part, the nanobots are still controlling Rene Phoenix and making her horny as hell, and forcing her to play with herself; enjoy watching her pleasure herself.. her eyes rolling back in her head as she does oblivious to the fact she's being controlled...

Stuck Finale In this final clip, Rene Phoenix is still masturbating.. but then after we are done, I freeze her in place, and make her body stiffer and stiffer to the point she can't move at all.. and pose her, and adjust her body here and there. Finally bringing her out of it, and when I shake her hand she recalls all that occurred earlier in the event.

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