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June 2, 2013

Vanessa Cage being Programmed...

Vanessa Cage being Programmed

Another release of stunningly hot Vanessa Cage as she is being programmed to do our bidding.  This is now available in an affordable discounted version remastered in full 1080p HD quality video.  Enjoy this series which includes the following:

Vanessa Cage - Full Movie Pt 1 [MP4 1080p]
Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 50 min
Size: 1383 Mb

Vanessa Cage - Full Movie Pt 2 [MP4 1080p]

Price: $19.99 USD
Time: 48 min
Size: 981 Mb


The intial programming of Vanessa Cage. Includes the full in depth trance like programming state where Vanessa Cage is induced into a deep state of learnability and gullibility.


Welcome Vanessa cage, hot blonde porn star that comes to our studios to get trained. In this clip, she is coming out of her initial training and then I perform a deepener and finally freeze her in place. While she's frozen, I pose her a bit and then remove her shirt and bra exposing her breasts for all to see! When I unfreeze her, she's shocked that her shirt and bra are gone!

Please Undress

In this clip, Vanessa cage is now trained to react to the magic word PLEASE. When I say the word PLEASE she goes completely blank, eyes and mouth parted open.. unable to think or do anything other than listen for my command. Once she hears my command, she will comply instantly without any hesitation. Enjoy watching as we have a normal conversation, and then I say please and her eyes to dark and she's all mine. I then tell her to start taking off her clothing till she's completely naked...and I end with a freeze.

RED Freeze

Vanessa cage is now programmed with the trigger word RED that initiates an intense orgasm. But for some reason, the RED word doesn't work entirely as expected... at least not at this moment (watch the future clips for the real effects)... Instead, she feels a weird feeling in her stomach! Interesting, so I switch and put her back in a training state where she's limp, as I focus on her face, check her eyes, and open her mouth. Then I bring her out, and have her stand up as she is frozen as posed..


In this clip, we have trained Vanessa cage to go blank. Where she doesn't remember anything, and is clueless as to what is what... but during the process, she apparently is super tired and keeps yawning over and over again.. most likely due to my training. And then I ask her where she is, and she says Florida... then I blank her, and ask her the same question, and she thinks and thinks, and finally says HOME... lol; but then I ask her her name, and she thinks again and eventually says Vanessa.. interesting reaction. Then she's put into a training state, limp and lifeless as I pose her a bit.

Wrap Up?

Now, in this clip we decide its time to wrap up the solo part of the training session; by convincing Vanessa cage that the training shoot is done. She then starts to get up, to collect her clothing and get ready to leave.. but before she gets too far, I freeze her in place. Then while frozen, I put her back into a deep training state... and take her back out of it... she's very confused, as she knows we still have more to shoot.. but I've now told her that we are done... so with this confused look on her face, she asks if we can take a break.. so I agree.. when she's back from her short break, I tell her that we are indeed done... and she seems happy, and goes off again to collect her stuff.. but I freeze her again, and this time I call over my friend Luke. Luke comes by, and inspects the frozen Vanessa, and then picks her stuck body up and moves her closer to the sofa's; finally posing her a bit by making her give us the birdie again.. groping a boob or two. I decide its time to unfreeze her. When I do this, her immediate reaction is of shock. She doesn't know why this guy is here, and why I'm still filming. We explain to her that while she was getting ready to leave; she bumped into Luke and thought he was super hot and wanted to have sex with him while I filmed it.. she looked at us like we are crazy, saying that she would never do that! And she's definitely not drunk. lol.. She then tells us, that she's going to leave now and get dressed.. but before she can go far I freeze her again.

Suck my Boobs

Vanessa cage is confused... she's confused, and doesn't quite understand what's happening here. She believed that we were done with our shoot, but then she finds herself back by the sofa in front of the camera with us telling her that she wants to have sex with Luke on camera. In this clip, she's frozen because she tried to walk away again.. so Luke carries her back to the front of the sofa and starts playing with her body while she's frozen. Then I unfreeze her, and she jumps away shocked at what the heck is happening to her!! She is convinced that something fishy is going on... but the funny part is, she's right! We freeze her again, so we can sit her down on the sofa; and Luke can continue having his way with her... but I decide to also program her to say "Suck my boobs" everytime I snap my fingers. So she's telling us she doesn't wanna be here, and she doesn't know why Luke keeps sucking her boobs... until I snap my fingers, and she utters the words "Suck my boobs" with a total look of horror on her face as Luke reaches over and starts sucking on them. I keep making her say that word, over and over again to the point she is so frustrated!

Nanobot Blow Job

Vanessa cage is confused, she doesn't know why the shoot isn't over yet... and doesn't know why Luke keeps telling her she wants to have sex with him... and why I am still filming all this... so I decide its time to change the tune a bit, so I put her back into the training state; and as such I tell her when she wakes up she will be super thirsty. And when she drinks the water, she will feel some changes overcoming herself... becaue the water has nanobots inside of it that will start working its way into her brain, and changing her to be horny and want to have sex with Luke... but these nanobots are new, and may malfunction here and there... So as she drinks the water, you can see subtle changes in her behavior, as she becomes more and more attracted and open to doing things with Luke; as he puts her hand between his legs, and she acts coy about it, enjoying it.. drinking more water while at it too... finally Luke removes his pants, and she starts stroking his cock. After doing this for a bit, I decide to freeze Vanessa... and while she's frozen, Luke positions her head and opens her mouth and starts putting his cock in it, giving himself a blowjob with her mouth... while she's frozen. Then I unfreeze her, and she goes at it; giving him an awesome blowjob... then I freeze her again, and he removes his cock while we see Vanessa stuck, her mouth wide open still; and in this state I unfreeze her. It appears now the nanobots are malfunctioning, cause she gets annoyed as she tastes something weird in her mouth, and then she notices Luke is naked and get even more annoyed at that! She drinks more water, while explaining loudly what the heck is happening...

Nanobot Sex

In this clip, Vanessa cage just realized that Luke is naked and is taking another sip of the nanobot water, telling Luke he needs to get dressed.. but then, we can see the nanobots starting to work again as she shivers and then is into Luke touching her, as he moves her and spreads her legs while showing us her pretty pussy... Vanessa tells us that water is giving her chills, as she starts playing with herself.. Finally I put her back into a training state, to enhance things... and then Luke starts fucking her, as she enjoys it greatly... but randomly the nanobots misfire and she realizes what she's doing and get angry; but before she can object too bad; the nanobots re-anble themselves and she gets back into it.. Quite amazing how well these nanobots are working on her. while he bangs her left and right in various different ways.. initially she's limp in a training mode; while he poses her so he can get her from behind; then she's taken out of this training mode and is immediately shocked at what's happening; but quickly gets into it... also she's frozen while he's banging her, and more. Finally towards the very end, she's frozen while he positions her on her back on the sofa... opens her mouth, and then cums all over her face... when she is unfrozen she is totally pissed!

Finale Cleanup

In this final clip, Vanessa cage was just cummed all over her face; and she is frozen standing up trying to get away... Before we unfreeze her, Luke decides to clean her up a bit; because when the nanobots wear off she will not recall much of what she did. So she starts cleaning her off, and before he's completely done I unfreeze her - to see her reaction; and it is indeed awesome. She's so pissed... so pissed, that I have to freeze her again, just to get her to the sofa so I can remove my training. Luke carries her frozen body over to the sofa, and lays her down. Where I then unfreeze her, as she tries to hop up and run away; but I put her back into the training state before that happens; and start undoing my work. When she wakes up again, I ask her to shake my hand (which invokes her memory) and as she does that, she starts recalling everything we did earlier. She's still rather confused, but eventually realizes that everything we did was in all fun, and we end our shoot.

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