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September 11, 2013

Ashley Sinclair - Door 2 Door Exposed!

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Door 2 Door Sales Exposed

Ashley Sinclair, smoking hot brunette co-ed comes knocking on my door while I'm working at Fetishcon 2013; and wants to sell me magazine subscriptions!  (Little do we know, that she has been hypnotized to believe she is a door-2-door sales person)... and I invite her in.  Once in, she is doomed!  As she's talking, I start responding to her and interjecting messages that she's getting very tired and sleepy... and eventually put her under completely...

Imagine when I find a knock at my door, and she is there selling me a magazine!  Since its hot outside, I invite her inside and she sits on my sofa; trying to explain to me how she's selling magazines to get through school.  Mind you, Ashley is hot.  Smoking hot, and I really am thinking evil thoughts at this moment...  and then I decide, why not... I place my hand on her shoulder, and as she's talking to me... I interject that she's feeling very sleepy...  and she does comment that she does feel that way.. and I keep talking, as I move the conversation over to me... as she sways back and forth, finally going limp and lifeless instantly as I place her in an immediate state of programming.  As such I program her with my standard words such as freeze and please...  and bring her out of it, forgetting any part of being programmed.. She continues her sales pitch, as I freeze her in place and start removing clothing.  Once I unfreeze her, she is shocked and starts complaining loudly as to why she's naked.  I tell her its fine, that's the plan.  I'm going to turn her into a porn star!  She explains that no way will that happen as her father is a preacher!  So I use the PLEASE to get her to remove her pans (as she responds instantly with a YES MASTER) and complies... much to her not knowing!  I get her completely naked.. and then have her start masturbating!  She doesn't realize what's happening, but she can't stop herself!

[jwplayer mediaid="339"]

In the second clip, we continue off with Ashley Sinclair.. innocent door-to-door part-time magazine sales person is forced to masturbate. We begin with me asking Ashley to go out on a date with me; and she is confused and declines with vigor! And she has no clue why she is masturbating... so I try to turn the tables, and tell her she's masturbating cause she wants to turn me on... And I remind her that her boyfriend doesn't matter; as she agrees (because in the prior clip, I programmed her to believe that)....

So then I tell her how well this video will sell.. and she refuses to let me release it cause she won't sign the release papers and tells me she will sue me and put me in jail! And I re-iterate that she will become one of my girlfriends; and she tells me I'm crazy... so I tell her she will begin to beg to be my girlfriend... and she again refuses and tells me I'm crazy!!!

So then I say, have an orgasm! And she says no way; she's still a virgin! I then tell her PLEASE Orgasm and she instantly says YES MASTER and starts masturbating harder and harder and starts to cum hard!

After this she explains that she has no idea why she did that! Then I ask her if she is ready for our date; and she still is refusing. I have my ways, so I say PLEASE be attracted to me and she says again Yes Master and you can see her attitude changing as she starts flirting with me, telling me how attractive I am to her... but she still won't sign my papers.. and she tells me that she is attracted to me yet she's not a slut!! She did say she will go out on a date now though! So my ways are working

So now I tell her PLEASE fall in madly love with me and you can see her attitude change even more! I then tell her, that she's been difficult; so I'm going to let her go... and she tells me no, she is in love with me... I tell her to show me, and be a slut! She tells me what she will do to my dick, with her mouth... she shows me with her finger, and I know now she is putty in my hands... and she starts sucking on her fingers, deep throating it... Telling me how happy she is showing me this...

But something happens... her will is breaking my spell here and there; and right after she tells me that she's totally in love with me.. she snaps out of it, and starts to think and is wonderings what the heck is happening! But then before she can leave, my spell snaps back and she is back in love...

So I have her masturbate more, and have more oragsms... and finally convince her to sign my paperwork.. and then I make her forget and get dressed again... each step of the way telling me Yes Master... finally back to fully dressed and is so happy because she believes that I bought a number of magazines from her! And she thanks me, and the moment she leaves the house - she remembers. The shock hits her, as she starts to complain; and I just slam the door shut...

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