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September 14, 2013

What its like being hypnotized

What its like Being Hypnotized

candid discussion of being hypnotized by hypnopimp

This clip starts off with an impromptu conversation over the kitchen table about what its like being programmed by me... We have Aimee Cambridge, Orias, and Rose talking about their experiences with me. When I realize where this conversation was going, I quickly grabbed my iPhone and started recording. Its fun, and quite interesting to hear their perspective of how its like working with me. And then towards the end Aimee suggests a Five Girl Challenge and we decide to do it! See who can stay awake the longest!!![jwplayer mediaid="347"]

So we cut to everyone sitting on the long sofa.... Rose, Luna Vera, Skyler, Orias, and Aimee... all sitting ready to see who can resist my ways the longest! I instruct everyone to focus their attention on my camera, and then proceed to do my magic. Before we know it, they are all deeply programmed with the exception of Skyler... If you listen to the beginning part of the video you will know why.. So I go over to Skylar and put her into a program state quite easily...

Then I deepen the program state by having each of their arms levitating. And then all of their arms dropping in synchronization. I then pan by each one of them, one by one, and lift their arms and drop them... forcing them to be more and more programmed...

Now I bring them all out of this program state, and as questions. None of them recall what just happened; and they all feel as if they just took a nap! I take this opportunity to mess with their minds a bit... They all feel as if they are ready to get started, and wonder when we are! But logically they know something happened... so I have them all hold their hands straight out in front of them.. and have them focus on the camera as I say SL**P!! Instantly all their arms drop limp... then I bring them all back. They are still not quite sure what is happening, and don't remember putting their arms out....

I then ask them to put their arms straight out again and they are all gabbing away but they put their arms up anyhow, and I say FREEZE. They are all stuck! I go through to each one, wave my hands across their eyes.. and make sure they are indeed frozen. I then interlock each of their hands together, as if they are all holding hands forming a chain. And the end people, Rose and Aimee; I make their free hand form a birdie - flipping all of us off...

Now I say UNFREEZE and they all are back with us and can move... and are complately shocked! Laughing out loud... Orias is still wondering what was happening... while the others put two and two together.. and Luna was aware of what was happening but couldn't stop it... and then we look over at Orias's jacket.. and her top part is wet from her drooling over it while under....... and then we cut to black.

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