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January 22, 2014
Kerri Taylor Hypnotized and Stuck

Kerri Taylor Hypnotized and Stuck

Kerri Taylor in Full Movie Part One of Two

I recall eons ago, I had contacted Kerri to participate in my website, and a subject of my PROGRAM but she had refused.. but over time, I think she realized the mistake and we finally set something up. She doesn't fail to please, as in most of these videos she is completely clueless as to what is happening, until the very end. This full movie contains the following clips

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Bed Stuck

I've been watching Kerri Taylors modeling for sometime, and have always wished she would come and be trained by me. Finally, she agreed and we set up a date and time! Here you see her coming out of our training session, and she's a bit confused and groggy as you can imagine.. but I quickly continue deepening her training state by making her sleep on command a few times to make her go deeper.. then finally freeze her in place; as I pan over her frozen body. Finally I give her the suggestion that she's stuck on the bed, and unable to get up. Watch as she struggles, quite violently at that; trying to get up off this bed. During that I freeze her a few more times, and eventually put her back into a sleeping state.

Lost # and Brain Clean

Now that I believe Kerri Taylor is trained, and fully compliant with my program - much without her knowledge of it; I make her believe that the number 5 is gone. Watch as she attempt to count her fingers, and she can't rationalize how she has more fingers than she thinks she has. Finally I explain that I need to clean her brain, because her brain is dirty and confused.. She agrees to allowing me to do this, so I reMOVe her brain to clean it.. but while its reMOVed, I have a bit of fun with her body while its in the state of being mindless or brainless. Enjoy, as I put her brain back in backwards; temporarily.. then return it back right side up.

Freeze Undressed

Kerri Taylor is now made to freeze in place, and as she is stuck not aware of what is happening, I reMOVe her shirt to expose her big beautiful breasts.. Then when I unfreeze her, she is so shocked she has this look of disgust in her face as she grabs a pillow to hide her boobs... Then I freeze her again, and reMOVe the pillow; and when she unfreezes she grabs the blankets and uses it to hide her nakedness.


Kerri Taylor Hypnotized

Kerri Taylor Hypnotized to Undress unknowingly

Kerri Taylor was a blast to work with. I've trained her so well, she doesn't realize what is happening, or where she is. As I work with her, giving her suggestions, and messing with her head, I give her the suggestion that when I snap my fingers she reMOVes a piece of clothing. Watch and enjoy as she is really concerned (you can see it in her face) that she's topless, as I snap my fingers and she reMOVes her jeans... with a look of what I call horror in her face as she's doing it. She really is confused, and horrid at what is happening without her control. Enjoy as I push her more and more!


You know, I must be a sadist. I love messing with Kerri Taylor, her reactions are so over the top. Here I make her speak complete gibberish, and as you can see from the preview image and video - she hates it! Look at the look of pure frustration on her face, as she tries to speak; and can't. And I love it. Imagine, this gorgeous hot brunette with a killer body; and I can make her speak gibberish. Complete and utter nonsense is coming out of her mouth, and she is half naked.

Hot Feet

Hahahah... OMG Kerri Taylor was talking about how cold her feet were... so who am I but to help with some training suggestions here. So I put her back into her training state, and gave her the suggestion that every time I snap my fingers her feet will get slightly warmer, and warmer each time I snap my fingers. kerri's reactions are genuine as her feet get warm, and comfortable; and then warmer and warmer; to the point they became too hot... She starts swinging her feet back and forth, and eventually hitting them with the pillow trying to cool them off; and I give her a bottle of cold water to help out... but knowing fully well, her feet were just burning up!


Kerri Taylor Hypnotized

Too many shots

In this series of clips, Kerri Taylor is now trained to believe that everytime I snap my fingers she takes a shot. Each shot she takes is strong, and make her get more and more wasted. Watch and enjoy as she transitions from fully normal to happy go lucky, to really wasted; wanting to sleep..

Mind Sucking Lens

Kerri Taylor Hypnotized

Her Mind is Gone

Now that I am convinced, I have Kerri Taylor fully under my control with my intense training routine; I decide to make her believe my camera lens is magical, and it will mesmerize her when she looks into it, and then slowly start to suck her mind into the camera itself. Enjoy and watch as it sucks her away, and she doesn't know what is happening, nor does she believe I'm able to do this.

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