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January 13, 2014

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I want to introduce another one of my all time favorite models, Wenona. This is the first time I'm offering one of her full-sets at a discount and in its entirety. I hope everyone enjoys! When I first started working with Wenona the programming didn't take fully, but over the years - she's been trained to grasp the full depths of my program. Enjoy this video, which inludes the following scenes:


This clip shows her getting programmed. You can see her body drop into this deep program-ability stage, as her arms levitates; and I perform eye checks; and finally bring her out of it as I put her back in as fast as I took her out.

Lost Number 5

Now in order to determine the degree Wenona is programmed, I do a simple test here. The test is to make her forget the number five, and then perform a variety of questions to ensure that this has taken. In Wenona's case, it takes very well... to the point, I feel confident in freezing her in place mid-stream.. and posing her, and panning the camera over her body.


Now in this clip, I have attempted to program Wenona with the new magic word PLEASE. That when ever I say PLEASE and say something she feels compelled to do what ever I say no matter what... but in this clip, you can see the magic word kind of got lost; as she feels compelled to do anything I say without the magic word PLEASE; as I get her completely naked... and freeze her in place various times.

Pretty Please

In this clip, Wenona goes back into a state of programming where we fix the PLEASE trigger word to make it work as it should... so when she wakes up, she realizes she's naked and is shocked and instantly has to put her clothes back on.. wondering what the heck I was doing to her. Then I tell her, she should really remove her clothes but she refuses until I say the PLEASE word.. then she has to do what I want; regardless of if she wants to do not! Finally I get her completely naked, and then start having her playing with herself!

Limp Body

Wenona is limp and lose, as she's flopped down on the sofa while I move her floppy body here and there... you can tell she's completely limp and lifeless. Then as I move her around, her legs spread open and you can see your pussy in plain view.. then I put her laying on her back on the sofa as she comes out of this and is kind of shocked and wondering what the heck is happening... Finally towards the end she goes limp instantly yet again.

I Must Masturbate

In this clip, we have programmed Wenona to become very tired and very sleepy; and she can't control it. Each moment that goes by she feels more and more tired, and you can see it in her eyes as they start to slowly roll back in her head, as she's drifting in and out of consciousness... but then, eventually; she finds out that if she starts playing with herself sexually her energy levels start to spike and she is no longer tired and feels rejuvenated. Much to her surprise, she can stay awake this way! But what she doesn't know, is I've also programmed her to instantly freeze upon the peak of any orgasm. So when she starts playing with herself, and she is cumming to a total orgasm she freezes in place. You can see her frozen with her O-face on, and her body stuck in a place where its quite obvious what she's doing! Quite erotic and entertaining at the same time.

Instant Fanting

Wenona is programmed to pass out or faint instantly when I touch her anywhere. But I also make sure that when she , her eyes roll back in her head right before hand. You can see her eyes bugging out the moment before she is , and its quite interesting.. eventually she figures something funny is happening to her, and is super confused and concerned cause she can't control herself at all.

Stiff as Steel

Wenona is in a deep state of programming. In this state, I access her body functions while her mind is gone, and instruct her body to sit up on the sofa and then to stand up. And as such, I then instruct her body to become a piece of steel. Unmovable steel, stiff and taught... nothing can move it. And then I go and move her around, tilt her this way and that way, and swivel her on her feet to turn her around and then eventually make her go limp and loose as a goose.

The End, or is it?

Ok, now it is time to wrap up our session with Wenona... or is it? We tell Wenona that we are done, and thanking her for her wonderful work... but after she dresses herself, and attempts to walk away I freeze her in place. And then re-position her back in front of the sofa... she's clueless, no idea what is happening as I yell out for Luke to come out from the other room. Luke inspects Wenona, he lifts her dress to see what's under it.. and then proceeds to remove her clothing so she's completely naked; yet still frozen solid.

Play with my Pussy

Ok, Wenona is kind of shocked. She thought our session was over, but its still going on and she's ended up completely naked and a strange man with her. And Luke (the strange man) is there trying to grope her... at first she seems to like the attention; but then realizes what he's really trying to do... but I program her to react to a finger snap, uttering the words "Play with my pussy".. and the first time we snap our fingers, her mind is confused and she goes out like a light... but we fix that, and then she starts uttering the words "Play with my pussy" as Luke complies and starts playing with it, eventually eating her out... and she starts getting orgasmic... and upon the peak of her orgasm, she freezes cold. Quite a surprise, as I didn't think that program would carry over into this session but it did.

Getting Fucked

In this clip, Wenona is still kind of confused as to what is happening. I think she likes Luke, as she seems to not mind things too much.. but we start off with her frozen in mid-orgasm; as Luke sits down next to her, and puts her hand in his pants.. and then we unfreeze her, as she is amazed at how her hand became his underwear. Then she comes to her senses, and removes it.. while the two flirt with each other, and eventually she starts giving him a blowjob; where she's frozen in mid-job as Luke shoves her head in and out over his cock. Then Luke starts fucking her, giving her an orgasm freezing her in place yet again.

Freeze Fucking

Wenona is still being fucked by Luke... but as we start off with she is frozen in place while Luke is banging her from the behind; as I unfreeze her you can see she is immensely enjoying this! Her eyes rolling back in her head on a regular basis as he's pounding her over and over again, coming to orgasms over and over again... and, much to my delight; she keeps freezing right at the peak of her orgasms even with Luke still banging away at her. You can definitely see her eyes rolling back in pleasure each moment right before she cums and then stuck in pose, unable to move think or hear... Quite powerful clip, and exciting to watch

Fucking Finale

in this last clip with Wenona, Luke is still fucking her hard as they reach over and grab her vibrator... and it makes her orgasms even more intense, as she becomes super verbal yelling for Luke to fuck her harder... and again as Wenona is being pounded by her she is enjoying it quite a bit. Then Luke asks if he can cum on her face, but she refuses; until we use the PLEASE word and then she is completely compliant! But before we do so I give her the RED orgasm command trigger, and her eyes flutter backwards as she cums hard and then freezes solid in peak orgasm still with her vibrator on her clit... and then when I unfreeze her - her eyes still roll back in her head as all the feelings are intensified greatly... Then she's frozen, as Luke opens her mouth and starts cumming in it... and mid-cum she's unfrozen and just is enjoying every second of this as she starts to cum even more and more finally freezing again... as we clean off her mouth while her body is shivering in pleasure... wet with sweat from all the fucking. I then bring her out of her programming state, still not remembering anything that happened.. but she feels great and had a fantastic time! Then I ask her to shake my hand, and the moment she does she recalls everything that happened earlier! She agrees that it was a super fun time!

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Price: $27.99 USD
Time: 64 min
Size: 1068 Mb

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