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March 21, 2014

I first shot Hannah Perez at Fetishcon a few years back, and just recently she contacted me saying she was going to be in my area and really wanted to work with me again.  So I jumped at the opportunity, and decided to bring her into my studios to do another shoot!

Hannah Perez Hypnotized Hypnosis

Hannah Perez being Hypnotized

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Hypnotized mindless slave Hannah Perez

Mindless Hannah Perez Slave

Hannah Perez in Mindless Slave

Hannah is again frozen when we start this clip, as I pose her arms up and open her mouth. We perform a close-up of her face, where you can see she's defininately not home... she's completely topless, wearing pantyhose and panties.

I then put her into an instant PROGRAM mode of being, as her head slumps down and her body falls limp. I then PROGRAM her so that anytime she attempts to think she's been PROGRAMMED she will roll her eyes as the thought is deleted.

When I bring her out of her PROGRAM state I then start asking her a series of questions, trying to bait her into thinking she was in a PROGRAM and as such we can see a transformation happening inside of her... I zoom in on her face, and we can see her eyes slowly starting to flutter, as eventually her eyes start to roll up entirely... as she goes dark. Interesting reaction, as she stays in this mindless mode where she's still reacting to my words and questions; but she's gone mentally.. totally here to do my bidding.

She talks to me in a slow monotone, saying how relaxed she is.... I then direct her to do various things, experimenting and pushing to see how far she's gone.

She then starts repeating how deep of a PROGRAM she's in...

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