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May 28, 2014

Christy Mack in Full Compilation pt 1 of 2

Christy Mack Sex Doll

Christy Mack hypnotized into a frozen mannequin doll sex play thing

Introducing another discounted full compilation of another favorite model of mine, Christy Mack. Famous for the Lego contest that was stopped by Lego themselves... before this ever happened, she came to me and was PROGRAMMED by me successfully! Enjoy watching these two discounted clips. This clip includes the following:

Christy Mack - Full Compilation Pt 1 of 2 [MP4 1080p]
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Christy Mack - Full Compilation Pt 2 of 2 [MP4 1080p]
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Full Programming

We include, never before released full programming session of Christy Mack. Enjoy watching her go under, and become completely submissive and compliant to everything I ask of her.. without her even knowing it.

Deep Freeze

Welcome newcomer Christy Mack. In this clip, I have just finished training her, and bringing her out of it - to instruct her to go back into a deep mesmerized state, and then freeze in place as I pan the camera across her body.. Then, having her stand up and start posing her, removing her shirt and then removing her bra to reveal her beautiful breasts! Finally putting her back into the training state, as you can see her eyes rolling back in her head as she drifts off...


In this second clip, Christy Mack is in her training state, limp and pliable.. Then as we talk to her, she starts to automatically get stiff as her body starts to lift up and sit upright slowly her arms and parts getting stiffer and stiffer till she's a little statue mannequin stuck at the spot she's in. She's then posed, and moved around like the inanimate object she has turned into, clueless as to what is happening to her.


Christy Mack is now trained to respond to the word PLEASE with a YES MASTER and she has to subconsciously perform anything I tell her. I use this to make her remove her skirt, and she is clueless as to why she's doing that.. then finally having her remove her panties, to be completely naked!

Brain Damage

OK, Christy Mack is convinced something is fishy with the sofa here.. its causing some issues with her. Kinda playing into that, I let her know that perhaps she is experiencing some brain damage, and I need to perform a few basic tests to determine if she does indeed have it. She appears very concerned, and doesn't want to have brain damage (none of us do)... so I ask her a basic question, what is your name? She has no clue!! She is so flabbergasted that she can't recall her name, the only thing she remembers is that its a cool one. Then I ask her another simple question, how many fingers does she have; her answer is immediately 10. Then I ask her to count her fingers, and she can't! You know why? Cause I removed the number 5 from her mind, that's why! 🙂 So I tell her she does have a minor form of brain damage, and we need to fix it stet!

Brain Clean

OK, Christy Mack is convinced something is messing with her. She doesn't quite know what, but after my prior clip where I performed a few simple tests that she failed, she's convinced she has had brain damage. I reassure her that I can fix it, simply and easily.. by cleaning her brain! So, in this clip I explain to her how I will remove her brain, and clean it, and put it back in her head. She is confused, but I explain it to the point she agrees to let me do this. When you see me grabbing her head, to pull her brain out - you can tell she feels it working, and then boom, she's gone. I focus on her limp, lifeless body by doing close- ups of her face, neck, boobs, hands, and then lift her lifeless feet up and remove her high heels exposing her feet...

Backwards Brains

In this video, Christy Mack starts off with her brain removed. Her body is limp, and lifeless. Her brain out of her body... I then put her brain back into her body, but backwards. You can see when I put the brain back, her body going into short convulsions, eyes rolling back in her head, while it settles; eventually leaving her back to normal - so we think! But something is wrong, she's not behaving the same... her brain is in backwards! Watch as I ask her a series of questions and how confused she is... finally I remove her brain again, and put it back right-side...

RED Orgasms

Well, Christy Mack has proved to be quite an interesting and fun subject to work with. I don't think she has a clue what is happening, but in some ways, I think she does. 🙂 She has to! Weird things like this don't happen all the time. Anyhow, I freeze her initially here and focus in on her beautiful face, neck and body.. then I put her into the training state, and tell her that the word RED will give her the most intense orgasm ever! Watch and enjoy as I comment on how beautiful her red fingernails are!

Sofa, Love & Hate

Christy Mack is under my spell. In this clip, she's explaining what happened in the prior clip where she had an orgasm spontaneously. She explains that it must be the sofa, so that gave me an idea. I use the J3di Mind Trick word, and say PLEASE fall in love with the sofa. Instantly she starts caressing and playing with the sofa, putting her subtle naked body against it, rubbing it, and then I say RED and she goes into a full blown orgasm! Finally, I use the j3di mind trick word again, and say PLEASE hate the sofa! She starts showing disgust in it, and is being repelled by it, but still stays seated... then I say RED and she starts having an orgasm again!! On top of the sofa she now hates.. but she can't help herself. Then I freeze her in place, and pose her spread legged on the sofa, as a good model should be.

Sofa Stuck Orgasm

Yes, she's stuck. Stuck to the sofa, and can't get up! Christy Mack also gets really really annoyed cause when I snap my fingers she feels something poking her in the ass. Enjoy watching her try to get up off that sofa, and then just get totally annoyed because she feels something pinching her ass. Then, in the middle of her getting so annoyed at things, I say RED and make her come to an orgasm! Awesome.

Masturbate to Unstuck

Christy Mack is still stuck to the sofa. So, while she's stuck I stick her even more by freezing her in place, and then putting a bright red dildo in her hand... and unfreezing her. Then explaining to her that the sofa wants her to masturbate with the dildo, and that it may unstick her from the sofa if she does so... she seems to agree with me, so she starts masturbating and while doing so I happen to say RED a few times 😉

Christy Mack in Full Compilation pt 2 of 2

Introducing another discounted full compilation of another favorite model of mine, Christy Mack. Famous for the Lego contest that was stopped by Lego themselves... before this ever happened, she came to me and was PROGRAMMED by me successfully! Enjoy watching these two discounted clips. This clip includes the following:

Instant Faint

Christy Mack is completely trained at this point, she has no idea. So, here; I convince her that she will faint momentarily and then come back too in a few moments. Enjoy as I make her faint everytime I touched her; over and over again. Her eyes rolling in the back of her head the moment she goes out like a light.

Freeze Aware

Christy Mack is now completely frozen solid; but she can still see hear and speak. Enjoy watching me mess with her over and over again, while she has no ability to prevent me from doing anything I desire to her! 🙂

Wrap Up, or is it?

We are wrapping up our session with Christy Mack, and as such I have her remembering everything we did earlier when I shake her hand... BUT, are we really over? I secretly left my magic commands in tact, and ensured that she is clueless about it. Watch as she recalls all the weird things that happened before, and right as we finish I put her back into the training state, and she is clueless about what is happening. Then I train her to ignore the video camera, as she wakes back up - and I follow her to her bags, and her getting ready... but then I say FREEZE... as she stops cold in her tracks. At this point, I invite my friend Luke to come over and enjoy the fruits of my session.. as we pose her, undress her, re-dress her in a nice red nighty, put some lipstick on her, and expose her to my camera for us to enjoy, and then while she's still frozen and clueless he carries her to the bedroom....

Shoot gone Bad

Christy Mack at the end of the shoot, or is it?

Christy Mack at the end of the shoot, or is it?

Christy Mack thought we were done shooting... but, little did she know; I had other plans in store for her. After we have froze her in place while she was trying to pack up to leave; my friend Luke carries her frozen body (kinda like a version of planking if you ask me) into the bedroom for more abuse. Once she's there, still frozen and no clue what is going to happen; we pose her a bit... expose a breast; and then unfreeze her! She is rather shocked, with a concerned look on her face as she asks what is going on. We then lie to her, and tell her that she was saying she wanted to fuck Luke! She looks at Luke, and then says no.. but I can tell, its a weak no.. so either she really wants to fuck him, or she knows she's in a predicament and can't get out. Finally to make her compliant, we perform the J3di mind trick on her, and tell her what is up... She's then placed on the bed, and Luke forces her to give him a Blow Job by freezing her and opening her mouth, and sticking it in, and out.. in and out!

Bang Bang

christy mack sucking dick blowjob

Christy Mack is frozen still, and forced to suck a dick

We start off this clip with right as the other one ends, and we continue to use the j3di mind trick to make Christy Mack compliant. Little did we know, as we found out in the last clip, apparently she really wanted to bang Luke! Cause she did not object too hard, but we still enhanced the thought by using our powers of persuasion. Here, we start off again with Christy giving Luke a BJ, but freezing her in place, and Luke shoving his cock in and out of her mouth. Finally laying her down on the bed, and playing with her pretty pussy; all while she's frozen... then unfreezing her, and giving her the RED command to force her to orgasm hard! Finally, we freeze her again while she's being fucked by Luke, and as this clip closes she's still frozen, and we pose her, positioning her arms upwards while she's laying on her back, and making her fingers into a peace sign, and a birdie.

Cuming to an end

Christy Mack being Fucked

A frozen inanimate Christy Mack sex doll being fucked

In this final clip, Christy Mack starts off still frozen solid, on the bed giving us the birdie and a peace sign; until Luke unfreezes her and goes back to the bed. Where they re-position themselves where Christy gets on top of him and starts fucking again. All during this time, she gets frozen again, and then moved on her back as she gets pounded over and over again, having multiple orgasms, as well as RED orgasms! Finally finishing off with Luke cumming on Christy's face, and then freezing her while she has a mouth full of cum. She's then placed back into a training state, unaware of what's happening, and as such I instruct her to robotically collect her clothing, and walk over to her luggage where I can undo her training and leave her clueless as to what just occurred.. Though she tastes something in her mouth, but I'm able to j3di mind trick that out of her mind; and she goes off happy!

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