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June 4, 2014

Kelly in Controlled Full

I initially shot Kelly a few years ago, and thought I would go ahead and re-release the movie in its full form, for a discount. This video includes the following:

Kelly Hypnotized

Kelly Controlled

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Time: 101 min
Size: 1829 Mb

Full Programming

Never before released full PROGRAM of Kelly. Enjoy watching and seeing her go deeply into my control.

Freeze Stuck

Kelly is a first timer, she has never been trained before. She was super excited about it, but didn't know if it will work... after a few minutes, I was sure she will be a great subject. Enjoy as she is just coming out of our training session, and I perform a few deepeners, as well as a freeze... finally telling her that her ass is stuck to the bed! in the continuation of Kelly being stuck to the bed, I also freeze her in place various times and start to remove pieces of her clothing. Enjoy watching her struggle trying to get up from the bed, as well as finally realizing that some of her clothing is starting to unusually disappear.In this last part, we have Kelly still stuck to the bed and unable to get up.. plus every time I snap my fingers she feels something poking her in the ass. And every so often, I freeze her in place and start posing her, and messing with her a bit here and there.. Finally, I start explaining what we can do to get her unstuck.

Mind Cleaning

Yes, Kelly is stuck. So stuck to the bed, she can't get up... but I can pick her up, and place her on the other bed, and she's still stuck. Quite interesting how the brain works, eh? Now I've convinced her that the reason she is stuck is her brain is cluttered, and needs to be cleaned. Watch as I instruct her on what the process is.. and then remove her brain. Her body and face transforms into a blank body.. and I'm able to do what I wish.

Backward Brains

We have removed Kelly's brain, and about to place it back into her head - but backwards! This clip is hilarious, and awesome to watch her mind working this out. She reacts to everything completely opposite to what she would do normally, and she is so confused over it. You have to watch her response when I ask her if she wants to have sex with me!! Precious and awesome.

J3di Undress

In this clip, we program Kelly with the J3di mind control feature, where I wave my hand over her face and it turns her into mindless robot ready to do what ever I say... and she does it without realizing what is happening as I use this to make her go topless, and down to her panties.


I really have been enjoying Kelly's reactions to my various sessions.. and here, I make her talk complete giberish when ever I snap my fingers! And then be able to talk normally when I snap them again, switching back and forth. Enjoy watching her squirm when she realizes she can't say a word that means anything.

Uncontrollable Cursing

Kelly is a nice girl, she almost never says bad things or curses... so I now program her to uncontrollably curse randomly! Enjoy her shock when these curse words come out of her mouth, and as they get worse she gets more and more shocked!

J3di Naked

In this short, yet simple clip; we use the J3di mind trick to get Kelly to remove the last piece of her clothing, her panties. Once she is fully naked, she tries to put them back on, but I freeze her in place and remove the panties before she can do that, and at one point even replace them with her shorts to confused her even more!

Slippery Panties

Kelly is completely naked, and she wants to put her panties back on and I really don't want her to... so I program her to make her believe her panties are super super slippery and watch as she attempts to pick them up to put them back on. needless to say , she fails horribly at trying to put them on... then I switch it up a bit, and tell her when she's putting her panties on, it will go over her head as opposed to her waist.. so when she goes to put them on, she puts them on her head instead of her bottom.

Instant Fainting

Kelly is now made to faint on command... without of course her knowledge of it. Everytime I touch her on her shoulder she for a few moments and then comes to. Enjoy watching her black out here and there, and start to wonder why.

Freeze Aware

In this series of clips, Kelly is made to be frozen but still be aware of what is happening, and able to see hear and reply. Enjoy me making her freeze in place, and then mess with her while she can't move or do anything about it! In this second clip, we have Kelly being frozen solid unable to move but still be able to hear see and reply.. and then we decide to put her in the closet, and see what happens!


In this final clip, we bring Kelly out of our training mode, and then inform her that the moment she shakes my hand she will remember everything she did earlier in our training session.

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