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June 26, 2014

Renna Ryann in Controlled Pt 1 of 3

Back in 2009 I shot the beautiful Renna Ryann, and had her in my PROGRAM.. Its hard to believe its been five years, but it has been a good five years... Renna is one of my favorite subjects to work with, and I'm proud to release this discounted compilation series of her first shoot. This part includes the following:

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Never released to the public before, the complete instance of me PROGRAMMING Renna Ryann.

Introduction Freeze

Introducing new model Renna Ryann... she comes to us as an experienced model working with another Trainer prior to me. But I believe she is gorgeous, and wanted to train her for myself. Enjoy the aftermath of my training sessions with her, she is clueless and doesn't feel as if she's trained... I then make her go sleepy a few times, and finally freeze her and remove her blouse.

Lost Number

After we have totally trained Renna, we have her forgetting the number 5. She is quite unique, and it shows in this video. She doesn't even realize she has been trained, and when I tell her that there are side effects, she gets rather concerned... Then when trying to count her fingers, you can see the confusion get stronger!

Brain Cleaning

After completely confusing Renna Ryann with my intense training, and making her forget the number 5, I have her convinced that her brain is cluttered and requires some intense cleaning. I tell her I can remove it from her head, and clean it and place it back. She is skeptical, but allows me to try it anyhow. I proceed to remove her brain, and once removed her body becomes limp and braindead... as I am cleaning her brain, I mess around with her body a bit.. and then put her brain back in - but backwards! 😛

Now that we have initially washed Renna Ryann's brain, and placed it back in her head BACKWARDS; she is totally confused. She doesn't quite know what is wrong, but she knows something is wrong. I then start to drill her on various things, ie: what is up or down, what various body parts are, trying to see if she realizes... then finally she realizes something is definitely wrong... and then I reveal to her that I may have placed her brain back backwards! So she now wants me to fix it, and I do.. but still, while her brain is out and her body is , I have to mess with it a bit!!

Freeze Undress

We are just now coming back from a short break, and Renna Ryann is fully clothed again!! So, I decide to put her back in her intense training state by one of my trigger words, and while she goes , receptive to my suggestions; I decide to deepen things a bit more.. and then get her naked again! Once I bring her back out of her intense training state of mind, I start to freeze her in place, and remove bits of her clothing.

Renna Ryann under intense training, we have her frozen on command.. and while she is frozen she is unaware of what is happening to her, or around her. So I take advantage of the situation, as you know I always do... at least to the best of my ability!! And I start removing her clothing.... she does seem to get rather confused at why her clothing keeps disappearing though!

Renna Ryann in Controlled Pt 2 of 3

Back in 2009 I shot the beautiful Renna Ryann, and had her in my PROGRAM.. Its hard to believe its been five years, but it has been a good five years... Renna is one of my favorite subjects to work with, and I'm proud to release this discounted compilation series of her first shoot. This part includes the following:

Auto Undress Freeze

I can't remember how Renna Ryann became fully dressed - lol.. but here is she fully clothed again! Hmmmm... we can't have that much more can we? So, instead of just asking her to remove her clothing which she would have probably done willingly; I decide to use my intense training and make her remove her own clothing BUT without her realizing she's doing it!! At least, not until its off. Watch and enjoy how confused Renna becomes. I really enjoy working with her, her reactions are quite genuine and wonderful. I also freeze her here and there.

Mind Sucker

Now we have Renna Ryann trained to believe that my camera lens is magical and that when ever she looks into my camera lens, her gaze becomes fixated to that lens and then it starts to slowly suck away her mind. Enjoy as she is sucked away, to leave nothing but an empty mindless body. Once her mind is gone, her body is there for me to have and play with how ever I desire.. After moving her around a bit, you can see she starts to dool from her mouth uncontrollably... I would imagine that is a big side effect of having no more mind.

Snap Cum

We've had alot of fun with Renna Ryann so far, but the real fun is just about to begin. All of my prior clips with her have been building up my training strength and strengthening my hold on her more and more. Now that I feel I have a good training hold on Renna, I decide to try something a bit out there... I program her to cum to an orgasm everytime I snap my fingers! Then at a certain point, she just starts playing with her self! And watch evil me, freeze her in position in mid masturabtion!

Mind Sucked

In this second part of Renna Ryann's mind being sucked out of her by my video camera lens, we see Renna already gone. Her mind sucked completely out, and her expression is . Her body is just that, an empty body there for me to play and enjoy with. We all love those blank expressions, and Renna's is amazing... and on top of it all, she starts to drool uncontrollably. Watch and enjoy the demonstration of how out of it Renna is right now.. then I place her mind back, and she wonders why there is drool everywhere.

Time Jump Closet Blank Drooling

Renna Ryann has just finished playing with herself on the bed, and then I decide to continue messing with her mind with her intense training routine.. So I freeze her in place, and then start moving her around, and unfreezing her, and doing it over... at a certain point, she is frozen solid and I move her from the bed, and stand her up and then she starts drooling uncontrollably. Unfrozen, she wonders why she is standing and what happened time wise? She felt as if only 1 minute went by when in actuality it was 12... then I freeze her again, and move her inside the closet and close it. Little did I know Renna has an issue with confined spaces - and I didn't realize this till I unfroze her AFTER I put her in the closet and she yelps and jumps out of the closet super fast. Enjoy!

Renna Ryann in Controlled Pt 3 of 3

Back in 2009 I shot the beautiful Renna Ryann, and had her in my PROGRAM.. Its hard to believe its been five years, but it has been a good five years... Renna is one of my favorite subjects to work with, and I'm proud to release this discounted compilation series of her first shoot. This part includes the following:

Robot Renna

I have trained Renna Ryann on forgetting everything about who she is when I say the keyword "BLANK"... and at that point, anything I tell her she will believe. Watch and enjoy as she is herself, and then I say the word "BLANK" and instantly you'll see her transforming into someone that is clueless as to where she is, or what she's doing. See her start to get rather concerned, and then eventually relieved when I tell her she is a robot that I just powered on for the first time. I then proceed to inform her on her buttons and controls.
Renna Ryann placed into maintenance mode, where we start inspecting her various parts and how life-like she is. We example closely her hands, arms, body. Mouth and face.

we continue our demonstration of her body parts.. and then we proceed to give her some special programming. We program Renna to be a sex bot, someone that loves to give sexual pleasure, and receive it. Watch and enjoy as she starts to dance seductively and eventually makes her way on to the bed to start playing with herself. Then, I go and attempt to join her - but am received by her going into a malfunction and her unable to comply.

Renna Ryan, sex robot in action here. I've programmed her to become a sex machine, that can only think about pleasure - of the sexual kind. Watch and enjoy as she starts to play with herself, and then I introduce a toy into the picture! She goes at that toy with energy and completely starts to get off by herself! I wish I could join, but unfortunately her programming is still in the beta stages and any interaction from me would cause her to malfunction... so I have to enjoy documenting sex bot Renna at work.

In this final clip of sex robot Renna Ryann, we have her continuing to pleasure herself with this awesome toy - and then I freeze her. While she is frozen, I remove the toy, and pan around her body. Then, I proceed to unfreeze her, and return her back to her normal self.

Crazy Eyes

Renna Ryann is trained, to the N-th degree... to the point where she doesn't even know she's trained, and I have full control over her - completely. I decide to test how far I can push her, and I make her go crossed-eyed when ever I snap my fingers. She doesn't realize I'm making it happen to her, as she gets confused and rather concerned because her eyes are going wild uncontrollably!


In this clip, I decide to mess with Renna Ryann and freeze her while putting a set of pantyhose on her. Watch as she is frozen as I struggle to put these hose on her feet, and legs. But once its on, they look rather sweet... Then I unfreeze her and watch her wonder at how these pantyhose came to be on her, and where they came from!

In this second part of Renna Ryann wearing pantyhose, but without knowing it... I then make her feel really sexy and have the desire to play with herself. Watch as Renna starts playing with her glass dildo, and then start getting a bit frustrated when she realizes she can't insert it inside of her - wondering why... not knowing that she has pantyhose on!

In this final last clip of Renna Ryann, we have her with the pantyhose on, not knowing that they are there as she is trying to pleasure herself with her glass dildo.. but unable to because the pantyhose are in the way! Watch and enjoy as she still gets so frustrated because she doesn't know why! Then, I put her to sleep and remove the pantyhose just enough so she can complete what she was trying to do!

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