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December 27, 2014

Candice Marie in Programming

Welcome back Candice Marie, we shot her eons ago; and she was a great subject for our site... and it took me this long to shoot her again! This clip depicts Candice going into a deep PROGRAM, where I PROGRAM her to react to various magical words without realizing it. When Candice goes into my deep PROGRAM, you can see her eyes tearing up; as she drops deep. Then when I bring her out of it, I FREEZE her in place to test things... and it works wonderfully, as I knew it would.

Candice Marie in Undressed

Here in this clip, Candice is in a deep PROGRAM where I have full control over her body, as I have her extend her arms, and sit up straight, and then I have her removing a piece of clothing without realizing it each time I clap my hands. Enjoy her confusion as she doesn't know what's happening, and is shocked at why she's shedding clothing automatically with out her control! PS: The camera is a bit shakier than normal, as I was experimenting with shooting with my iPhone 6 Plus

Candice Marie in Flirting

In this clip, Candice is PROGRAM to start flirting with me uncontrollably every time I touch her; but when I remove my touch, she reverts back to her normal self. Enjoy watching the confusion as she doesn't quite understand why..

Candice Marie in Sleepy Freeze

Candice Marie has been in my deep PROGRAM, and as such I have her becoming very sleepy, each moment that goes by. You can enjoy watching her go limp and lifeless, as I pose her body, lift her up by the neck, and more...

Then I FREEZE her in place, and pose her in various ways.

Candice Marie in Freezes

In this clip, we PROGRAM Candice to perform various actions, and eventually FREEZE her entirely. Posing her in various awkward ways, and when I UNFREEZE her, she is shocked and doesn't quite understand how she got that way!

Candice Marie in Stuck, Brain Clean, Finale

In this final clip of Candice Marie, we have her believing she's stuck to the chair, and can't get up! Enjoy watching her laugh uncontrollably because she can't believe what's happening, and can't get up... then I PROGRAM her to believe that her hands have a super strong crazy glue on them, and will stick to anything they touch.. as they get stuck to her different body parts. Then I tweak this PROGRAM, by telling her that the crazy glue is so smelly, that is starts getting her high.. as she starts sniffing it, and laughing uncontrollably...

Then I inform her that I believe all this is occurring due to some brain clutter. And that I will need to remove her brain to clean it.. and I go through the whole process of removing her brain and replacing it backwards. Its quite interesting watching her reactions to all of this.

Finally I put her into a deep PROGRAM, and as such I have her repeating a mantra over and over again. Once I'm done with that, I start the DEPROGRAM process, and reveal.. followed by a post-interview.

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