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December 30, 2014

Cosima Dunkin in Programming

In this clip, we introduce new model Cosima... The first few minutes are an introductory interview where we find out a bit more about her, and her likes... Enjoy getting a snapshot of her life! Then we proceed with my intense PROGRAMMING... Cosima was really excited for this to work, and to our pleasure it does work greatly. She falls very limp, and you can see the transformation in her facial expressions as she's falling deeper and deeper... Enjoy watching some limp arms, and eye checks... and the eventual waking up.

Cosima Dunkin in Stuck Freeze Clean

Now that we have established our hold on Cosima's PROGRAM, I decide to push it a bit and see how far we can take it. I PROGRAM Cosima to believe her ass is crazy glued to the sofa, and no matter how hard she attempts to get up - she can't! Even to the point, that if she tries too hard it will feel almost as if her skin is gonna stick to the sofa... and then I bring her out of her deep PROGRAM and ask her to stand up. She attempts to stand up, but just can't... struggling with it, you can see her arms pushing upwards; and her facial expressions showing true despair. While this is happening, I freeze her a few times and pose her a few ways.. I then explain to her that I believe this is happening because her mind is cluttered... and that we will have to remove her brain to clean it! She seems very interested in how this will work, and agrees to let us do this... so we go ahead and remove her brain (virtually of course) as you can tell her reaction goes dark as her mind is now gone.... and then I put her brain back in backwards - which works great initially but her mind starts figuring out what's happening and adjusting for it... but I eventually tell her, and revert her brain back to normal.

Cosima Dunkin in Slipping Away

In this clip, we PROGRAM Cosima to go completely blank when I clap my hands, and instantly remove a piece of clothing... once the clothing is removed, she will return back to herself. So we start talking, and in mid-sentence I clap my hands; as she goes empty instantly and gets up and carefully removes an article of clothing; then you can see her snap back afterwards - and become concerned that articles of her clothing are slipping away and she doesn't know why or how! I then clap my hand again, as she removes her panties... and then when she sits back down, and returns to us - she looks at me oddly, and then laughs.... saying that the only time she gets spontaneously naked is when she drinks!

So that gives me an idea, as I put her back into a deep PROGRAM where I instruct her to believe she's taken a drink of something super strong when I clap my hands.. And when she comes to, I start clapping my hands here and there... You can see in her expressions when she believes she drinks something because she grimaces... Quite interesting.

Cosima Dunkin in RED

I think by now we have firmly established that Cosima Dunkin is indeed fully under my PROGRAM. You can tell by her reactions, and body movement and lack there-of at certain times. Plus her genuine confusion over what is happening. So I believe its time to PROGRAM her with the RED commands. For those of you familiar with my clips, know well what RED does.. but if you don't - RED is my trigger word that invokes a powerful orgasm. I often word it such, that the feeling of pleasure begins between the legs, and then quickly explodes to the rest of their body. Each person reacts differently to this suggestion, as you would imagine. Cosima reacts perfectly to this.

We continue our conversation, and then at one point I refer to the RED sofa.. and as she looks down at the sofa, you can see her reaction starts to be of surprise, and then quickly turns into uncontrollably pleasure as she gyrates, and crosses her legs, and starts to cum automatically. After she's done, she's doesn't really want to admit to what has happened, but I continue to refer to the RED sofa, as she continues to orgasm one after another... At one point, I FREEZE her in mid-orgasm, and pan the camera across her frozen O face...

Cosima Dunkin in RED, RED, RED!

Right after experimenting with the RED trigger causing Cosima to have an orgasm; I decide to tweak it a little bit and put her back into a deep PROGRAM, and allow the multiple RED's affect her... then when she come out of it, I refer to RED, and she starts having an orgasm; and then I just go all out and say RED again and again.. to the point that Cosima is exhausted, and has had so many orgasms she doesn't know what is happening!

Cosima Dunkin in Flirt with Me

In this clip, we have Cosima who has been undergoing an intense PROGRAM that makes her believe she's an android turn into a SEX droid. Unfortunately this doesn't work as well as I would have hoped; so I quickly put her back into a deep PROGRAM and re-do it so that she is now forced to flirt with me, and come on to me each time I clap my hands... This works alot better, as you can tell when I bring her out of her PROGRAM her body language changes instantly when I clap my hands; and she starts coming on to me... I tell her that she needs to show me what she can do, as she spreads her legs and starts playing with herself...

Cosima Dunkin in Anything You Wish Finale

In this final clip, we have Cosima Dunkin in a deep PROGRAM, and while she is in this deep state we instruct her to sit up; and then to lift her arms, open her eyes (while still in a deep PROGRAM, as you can tell by her blank expression), and start saying "I am programmed, and will do anything you wish", over and over again. As she does this, we have her spreading her legs, and showing us everything; eventually putting her back into a complete limp state, where I start the DEPROGRAMMING.

When she wakes up, and I shake her hand - she will instantly remember everything that occurred earlier in this session. So when she wakes up, I ask her a series of questions asking how much she remembers, and she thinks hard but can't remember much; and then I thank her and shake her hand. Instantly the look of shock and awe come over her face, as she starts to remember everything!

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