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December 28, 2014


Dava Foxx in Programming

Welcome Dava Foxx to our couch, where we start off with a brief introduction interview with her before we start the programming session. Dava is a beautiful brunette that happened to be interested in working with me... After the interview, enjoy watching as she slowly submits to my PROGRAM. Some limp hand play, and eye checks included.

Dava Foxx in Sofa stuck

Dava Foxx has taken to my PROGRAM quite well, she's limp and responds to my suggestions without fail. So I put her to the test, and I come over and instantly drop her back into a deep PROGRAM, as she falls limp on the sofa.. As she's in this deep PROGRAM I instruct her to be stuck to this sofa. That no matter what, she can not lift herself up from the sofa.

I bring her back and we start a normal conversation where I ask her to stand up. She attempts to but is surprised to find that she can not! She looks at me, and wonders why this is happening. I then say FREEZE and she is stuck. Stopped in time, body motionless; eyes staring out blankly... I come over, and attempt to reposition her - but her limbs are still limp, and do not stick... so I drop her back into a PROGRAM and fix this...

Another FREEZE where I expose one of her boobs as a "dress malfunction", and some more questions and answers....

Dava Foxx in Brain Cleaning

In this clip, we start off with Dava Foxx still stuck to the sofa; and unable to get up... so I decide to add another PROGRAM to her, that when I snap my fingers she feels something poking her in the ass! So when she comes out of my PROGRAM, I snap my fingers and she jumps - explaining to me what has just happened!! Then finally I go through and explain to her that I believe I know why this is happening; and that I have to clean her brain to make this work!

So she agrees to let me do this, after some coaxing - and I remove her brain - leaving her body limp and receptive to anything I do to it; and return her brain in backwards! Enjoy watching the confusion as she doesn't know what's happening; until I remove her brain again, and fix it!

At various times she FREEZES and I'm able to pose her, and pan closely to her face, and body... finally, allowing her to stand up.

Dava Foxx in Undress

In this short but very awesome clip, Dava Foxx is PROGRAMED to remove a piece of clothing each time I snap my fingers. Before I do this though, as this clip starts Dava is still in a FREEZE from the prior clip; and as such I remove her dress... then I UNFREEZE her, as she becomes completely shocked as to what happened to her dress!!! Then I put her into a limp PROGRAM mode, where I make her unknowingly remove clothing with the snap of my fingers... The interesting part of this new PROGRAM is that she won't know she's removing that piece of clothing; until its fully removed! Enjoy watching Dava remove her dress... bra, and panties.. to get completely naked in front of us - and be shocked at why its happening!

Dava Foxx in Getting Horny

In this clip, Dava is PROGRAMED to believe she takes a shot of something super strong each time I mention the word SOFA... This clip turns out to be quite exciting, as the unexpected happens. I find working in the style that I shoot to prove quite rewarding on occasion and this time it proves true...

When Dava starts taking these shots, she gets horny. And you can see it in the way she looks at me, you can see the look in her eyes... as she starts to spread her legs, and play with herself... making me put her back in a PROGRAM mode, and program the RED command word to give her instant orgasms!! Enjoy watching her get her rocks off, and orgasm on command!

Dava Foxx in RED SOFA

Dava Foxx is under my PROGRAM, and under deep. I love her reactions to things, as we bring her out of it after her last stunt having orgasm after orgasm.. and she has no clue what just happened... but that she's naked. SHe uses her pillow to try to hide her nakedness... but then I ask her about the sofa, and she see's its color - RED, and instantly has to orgasm! She doesn't know what took over her... but we go through this over and over! I don't even have to say RED, she just needs to think it.. and she thinks it alot!

Then I FREEZE her in mid-orgasm, and pose her a bit... close-up over her frozen body..

Dava Foxx in Blank to Robot

In this clip, we have Dava Foxx in a deep PROGRAM where we insert the magic word "BLANK".. which erases all of Dava's memories. She won't know who she is, or anything but the basics...

So before we invoke this new word, we have a short conversation with her and the I say BLANK.. instantly you can see the transformation of her expressions to one of emptiness.. then as she recovers from this, she realizes she doesn't know where she is... she looks concerned, and wondering why she's naked.

We have a short discussion, asking her a few questions... and finally I break it to her - she's a robot! She is in disbelief.. doesn't think she is one; but I start to explain how I can prove it to her... and tell her she has an ON/OFF button, located in her belly button area. We then have her push it, and she drops limp and is off... I then turn her back on, and she still is in disbelief...

Dava Foxx in botControl

In the prior clip, we established a hold that Dava is now a robot. So she is still in denial, and in this clip we extend our control over DavaBot by forcing her to do sexual things.... She doesn't believe we can... so when we tell her to fondle her own boobs, she resists... but can't, and is totally shocked (as you can tell by the look on her face) that she can't stop.... then we tell her to spread her legs, and show us her pussy.. and masturbate, and orgasm... She can't help by comply, even though logically she's thinking she can stop it - she really can't.

Dava Foxx in Doll Finale

In this final clip of hot brunette Dava Foxx, we have her in a deep PROGRAM where we have her slowly transforming into an inanimate doll each time I snap my fingers. One of the beautiful things about working with many different people, are how their perception is on various things I ask of them. For instance, in this case - when I snap my fingers - Dava's leg jets out stiff like instantly! Then when I snap my fingers again, her other leg jets out instantly, all rigid like. I ask her what's happening, and she says she doesn't know! Finally I snap my fingers a few more times, and her arms jet out stiff - and then finally she's gone... turned into a complete inanimate doll, one that I can pose, play with and have fun with.

Once I'm done with this, I process with the UN-PROGRAMING process, and finish off with a post-interview.

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