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December 28, 2014

Dillion Carter in Surprise Visit

While I was visiting my friend Cory Chase's home, I heard a knock on the door... while Cory was gone momentarily I went to answer it. And to both our surprises, it was Dillion Carter! After the momentary shock, she came in and sat down to wait for Cory to return; and we started talking.

As we were talking, I started to get an evil idea sparking in my head; as she was saying how she's been a bit stressed and wanted to know the next time we could shoot... I decided that perhaps now was the time... as I started to direct our conversation into a quick PROGRAM, without Dillion aware of it... So I tell her I can help her relax, and start talking to her... giving her suggestions of relaxation, and I could tell that she was falling for it; as I could see her giving in to my PROGRAM, and eventually going out completely.

I do some quick eye checks, limp limb checks, and then wake her up.

Dillion Carter in Subtle Control

We have covertly PROGRAMED Dillion Carter, and during which I have trained her to become susceptible to my suggestions when ever I am holding her hand. So we continue talking, and at a certain point I decide to see how far I can take this before she clues in on the fact that she's been in a PROGRAM.

So I say FREEZE, and she's stuck. I pose her a bit, and then eventually remove her blue shirt, exposing her big breasts and the bra holding them in... and when I UNFREEZE her, she is shocked and doesn't know why her shirt is gone... then she starts doubting herself, and asks if she had a shirt to begin with...

So I now want to make her remove her bra by herself. So I hold on to her hand, and start explaining how hot it is here. That its so damn hot... and she takes the cues and starts fanning herself to cool off, eventually removing her bra to feel better!

Then as I hold her hand again, making her super gullible; I allude to how beautiful her breasts are, and how much she wants to play with them... Without realizing what is happening, she starts fondling her boobs, and playing with them.. clueless to the fact that she's feeding on my suggestions.

Dillion Carter in Getting Turned ON

So we have covertly put Dillion in a deep PROGRAM, without her realizing it. And as such, we are slowly and subtly making her behave certain ways.. ideally without her being clued in on what's happening. So in this clip, we have previously programmed her to become super gullible to anything I say when I hold her hand... so I start using that to make her start to flirt with me, and become sexually turned on by me.

First off, I have her removing her clothing each time I tap her somewhere. She will instantly remove a piece of clothing without realizing it until its removed....

Enjoy watching as she visibly gets more and more excited, and starts playing with her awesome boobs, squishing them, and showing us how amazing they are!

At this point, I can't take it anymore; so I PROGRAM her with the RED trigger.. and as such, I have her have multiple orgasms! Her entire body squirms in pleasure, and excitement.. and I'm sure at this point, she has clued in on what I'm doing to her 😛


Dillion Carter in Slow Motion Orgasm

In this clip, we have the segment of Dillion Carter having intense orgasms filmed with my new iPhone 6 Plus's SLOW-MOTION option at 240fps at 720p. This render is upscaled to full 1080p; but you can see all the slow-motion action of her body gyrating in pleasure! Audio maintains pitch, so you can hear her moaning and groaning in all its slow-mo glory also.

Dillion Carter in Unstoppable Orgasms

Now in this clip, Dillion starts to piece together what is happening, and then comes to the conclusion I must have put her into a deep PROGRAM, and at that moment I say the word RED and she instantly has an intense orgasm!

And being the some-what sadist I am, I quickly put her back into a PROGRAM, and instruct her that any time SHE thinks of the color or word RED, she will have an instant orgasm.

When I bring her out, we continue talking.. and of course I redirect the conversation to make her think of RED, and it works as she starts having orgasm after orgasm.. uncontrollably. Its quite amazing the amount of muscle strength she uses when she cums... but its a must see if your into watching her orgasm over and over again. I never get tired of it.

Then before the clip is over, I FREEZE her briefly, and pose her a bit before ending this clip.

Dillion Carter in Mindless Control

Dillion is placed into my PROGRAM mode, where I am slowly removing her identity and memories. Once I've done so, the only thing I leave with her, is that she will instinctively believe and do anything I tell her.

When I bring her out of the PROGRAM, we start the process. Its always interesting to see people's responses to this type of PROGRAM, and Dillion's reaction is quite unique. She seems to maintain her personality, but has no recollection of who she is or where she is. I then start pushing, and seeing how far I can take this; and go over to her and extend her arm out and then tell her that her arm is going to become rock solid, and be unmoveable. She then attempts to move it, and can't! Not even when pushing it with her other arm.. as I slowly start to stiffen her entire body...

Once she's stuck, she's still talking and can respond and see - but I get the bright idea to say the word RED, and to my delight; she starts to have another intense orgasm - but frozen! You can see the subtle changes in her muscle tone, as her body gyrates in pleasure, and of course her facial expression is perfect.

Dillion Carter in Loss All Control

Now, while Dillion is under my full control, I PROGRAM her to have no will what so ever. Her will is gone, and replaced by my voice. Quite interesting concept because she still has her personality; yet has no will. When I bring her out, I tell her that I don't think Cory is every coming back and she gets so surprised, and explains loudly "She's never coming back?".. So I know she has no concept of will power..

So I tell her that her mouth is very numb, like after you come back from the dentist. And instantly her lips become numb,and she can't feel it... so I tell her that she starts to drool, and you can see instantly she has no control over it what so ever!

I then tell her that that numb feeling is going to spread down her shoulders, down her chest, and into her boobs.. as she slaps her boobs, and then slowly move down her entire body making it all super numb...

She starts to flop around, unable to move easily.. Drooling uncontrollably... and then I say RED and she goes into a full uncontrollable orgasm! Then her eyes roll back, and she has checked out..

Dillion Carter in Finale

In this final clip, we have Dillion still completely under our PROGRAM, and unwillingly having orgasms at our control, and in this final clip we start telling her, and cluing her in that she has been PROGRAMMED...

Finally she realizes what is happening, and is shocked... but I still make her cum, a few times.. finally wrapping things up with a final exit interview.

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