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January 26, 2015

Mya in Programming

Welcome Mya, a new hot blonde bombshell. She comes to my couch ready to be programmed. She's been through this before for personal reasons, so I knew she would be an excellent subject for my type of PROGRAM. We start off with an introductory interview, so we get to know her a bit better, and then segue into a few tests. During the test, I can see she's already swaying and ready to drop, so I do an instant PROGRAM and before I know it she falls limp into my arms. I quickly bring her back, and guide her to the sofa, and have her sit upright.

I then do the magnetic finger trick, to induce a quick PROGRAM, and you can see as her fingers become attracted to each other, her body language is swaying; and the moment they touch she drops like a lead weight. I deepen her PROGRAM, and perform an arm levitation to determine her level... you can see how choppy her arm rises, and how deeply she has gone. This shoot exceeded all my expectations! When I have completed her PROGRAM, she has no recollection of what just happened and doesn't believe its working!

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Mya in Sofa Stuck

Mya took to my PROGRAM very well, and as a result has no clue what has happened and doesn't recall any part of it at all. So I start the process of seeing how far I can push her. So I PROGRAM her to believe her ass is crazy glued to the sofa, and no matter what she can not get up! The more she attempts to get up, the more stuck she becomes to this sofa.

When I bring her out of the PROGRAM, she notices almost immediately that something is wrong. She realizes quickly that she can't get up, and is stuck! She doesn't know why, and is getting more and more concerned. She starts getting really agitated, and I start to worry a bit - thinking I pushed her too far too soon.. so I quickly go over there to help her up, but instead I say FREEZE, and boom - she stops. She's in suspended animation, her eyes staring out to no where, unable to move see or hear. I wave my hands in front of her eyes, and no reaction at all. She's completely frozen. I pose her arms a bit, and then UNFREEZE her... as she continues onwards, but a bit more calm.

Mya in Losing Memory

In this clip, Mya is accepting my PROGRAM where she loses the number FIVE from her memory. When I bring her out, I ask her a simple question about how many fingers she has. Her obvious answer is Ten, but when she attempts to count her fingers - she comes up with 11 fingers. But she still insists she has 10! Upon more counting, coming up with more than 10 fingers.. she doesn't understand what's happening. So I quickly drop her into a PROGRAM, and then make her forget her name. Then when I bring her out, I ask her what her name is; and she attempts to say it; but can't!

Mya in Brain Cleaning

Mya is now convinced something is off with her; and I tell her I think I know why she has too many fingers, and why she can't recall her name, and why she's stuck... it is because her brain is cluttered. She looks at me, and thinks a bit; and agrees. I then tell her I have to remove her brain, clean it, return it to fix it. She agrees to let me do this to her! So I reach over and "yank" her brain out (virtually of course); while she goes limp and dark. I mess with her limpness for a bit, before I return her brain - but backwards!

Enjoy how she reacts with a backwards brain, thinking things are all mixed up... eventually I remove her brain again, as her eyes roll back ; and return it right side up... and she feels great!

Mya in You are my Master

In this clip, I have Mya under a deep PROGRAM that makes her go BLANK when I say the word TRANCE... Each time I say that trigger she goes BLANK, and receptive to a command. Once I issue this command, she will utter the words "I am ****, You are my Master", and will snap out of it, and comply with the command without realizing why she's doing it.

So my first line of business is to remove some of her excess clothing... as I put her into the blank state, and instruct her to remove her top. She snaps out of it, and instantly starts removing her shirt, shocked at what she's doing. She looks at what she just did in disbelief, but continues talking as I ask her questions about this. Then I TRANCE her again, and she goes dark... and I tell her to remove her pants; and instantly she's removing them! this continues, until I FREEZE her in place, and post her hands to give me a birdie.. which shocks the heck out of her, as she instantly apologizes for what just happened! A must see.. Mya is so receptive to my PROGRAM, its awesome!

Mya in Drinking

In this clip, we still use the PROGRAM to make Mya go into a trance when I say the word; and be receptive to anything I tell her... uttering the words "Yes Master" when I am done. In this clip, I decide to use this to make her believe she just drank what ever drink I may refer to. Enjoy watching as she starts to get more and more toasted as we talk about favorite drinks, and all.

Mya in Sleepy

Now we have Mya fully in our PROGRAM, I decide to make her become very sleepy each time I clap my hands. Initially she starts off alert, and so energetic, and then I start and clap my hands; and instantly you can see her energy level deplete it self slowly... until eventually she has to lie down, and is out cold. Her body limp and pliable for me to pose, and mess with. I initially shake her, to see if I can stir her; but it does nothing. Then I lift up her head, and check her eyes, open her mouth... Lift up her arms and hands, and drop them to see them plop like lead weights...finally waking her up at the very end.

Mya in Freeze Finale

Mya is now made to FREEZE on command. I love the way Mya freezes. She is clueless to what is happening, and is always shocked at what pose I put her in, but she tries to hide her reaction... not too successfully.

Then I put her back into a PROGRAM, and make her FREEZE, but be aware of what is happening. This proved interesting, but I liked the normal FREEZE better.. so I revert back to that, as she attempts to put her cloths back on... I FREEZE her right at the attempt, and then hide the article of clothing from her. When I UNFREEZE her, she starts getting flustered because her clothing is disappearing.

I then put her back into a limp state of blankness, and start the DE-PROGRAM process. When she comes to, she still have no recollection of what has happened and insists she was not under my PROGRAM; until I extend my hand and shake hers.. at which point she instantly starts remembering everything. I end this with a brief post-shoot interview.

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