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March 28, 2015

Nikki Brooks 2009 Full discounted Compilation

Nikki Brooks 2009 Full Movie Compilation

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Time: 83 min
Size: 1679 Mb

Nikki Brooks is by far one of my favorite models that I've worked with, and this shoot done back in 2009 has been re-encoded and re-released in a discounted format for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy watching her submit to my voice, and become my puppet in the various scenerios that include the following scenes:


Never before released version of Nikki Brooks full programming sessions, where you watching me submit Nikki into her state of being controlled. Enjoy watching her slowly fall under my control.

Freeze Puppet

Welcome back one of my all time favorite models, Nikki Brooks. Here we have just finished training her, and then we freeze her in place, and pan around her body... then once we have done that, we put her into her training state where she is , and we make her into a mindless puppet. She is still completely in the intense trance and as in that state, we have her moving around, lots of great eye rolling action, and eye check.

Mind Trick Undress

In this clip, we have trained Nikki Brooks to believe in the magic Mind Trick, where when ever I swipe my hand in front of her face, she istantly goes into a programable mode - where I can tell her anything, and she will repeat it and have to perform said action. Enjoy as I use this trick to make her undress! When I have wave my hand in front of her face, you can see immediately her face going , mouth open, eyes blank, and then I give her the command to remove her shirt, and she monotonously repeats the command and performs it.. then she believes I was the one that removed it from her!!

Nikki Brooks is made to remove her jeans.. but be aware she is removing it, but unable to prevent herself from doing so. Watch as she gets frustrated as she starts to slowly remove her jeans, knowing what is happening; but can't stop... until finally the jeans come completely off and she starts to complain about what I am doing... then I make her sleep.

Sleep Play

This is a short, simple, yet erotic clip of Nikki Brooks asleep. She's completely gone, .. as I pose her, here and there, and then perform an eye check. Short, simple, and sweet.

More Mind Trick Undressing

As we start this clip, Nikki Brooks is almost entirely naked, holding her pands and shirt in her arms - complaining quite loudly that she isn't too surprised that she's gotten naked and doesn't know how; but at least she has her clothes with her. Then, I use the mind trick on her and wave my hand across her face - to instantly put her into the /program mode... and I tell her to hide her clothing. Watch her mindless body go to work, finding a spot to hide them. Then she sits back down, and instantly becomes herself and loudly explains how she knew I'd make her clothing go away. Finally, I use the mind trick yet again to get her naked completely by removing her panties; all the while letting her know what she's doing - but unable to stop it from happening.

Mind Trick Fuck Finger

At the start of this clip, we see Nikki Brooks completely naked holding her panties. The first thing I have to do is get rid of them, so we don't have to worry about her getting dressed again, so I use the mind trick to make her hide them; as she did with the rest of her clothing. Enjoy her complaining that I did something, but even when I tell her she did hide them herself she doesn't believe. Then, I put her to sleep, and while she's there I make her into another mindless puppet for a bit, and then program her to replace the number 4 with the word FUCK. The rest is hilarious, as she starts to count her fingers, and toes.

Mind Trick Fuck Finger Clean

Nikki Brooks is a bit concerned. She now has a fuck finger, and when ever she starts to count the number 4 is replaced by the word fuck. She can't go in public, and feel confident that she won't say fuck over and over again... So I tell her that we need to clean her brain, and get rid of the mess and then put her brain back in to fix things. Watch and enjoy as her brain is removed (virtually of course), and puts her body into a mindless state where its there for me to mess with how ever I wish... then I put it back.

Tripping Out

In this clip, we start talking about this and that; and somehow we ended up talking about tripping on stuff... so I thought, what an interesting idea. I did the mind trick thing, and waved my hand over her face and then gave her the command to start believing she's tripping. Then she snaps out of that and starts tripping hard; she gets up looks at one of the paintings and is shocked how its coming alive and everything is moving in it, then she goes to the ground, and starts feeling the carpet, and more. Very interesting!

Lost Voice

After we have Nikki Brooks tripping out on us, doing all sorts of weird things - we have her lose her voice. Enjoy as she tries to explain to us what happened, but nothing is coming out of her mouth. She starts to try to yell and scream as loud as she can; but all to no avail.

Transformation into a Hooters Girl

I have trained Nikki Brooks to be a blank slate, and as I start dressing her up as a Hooters girl, she slowly starts transforming into one... a bubbly, giggly, Hooters girl... She is completely frozen solid in this clip, unable to move see or hear anything as I dress her, put a shirt on, and then attempt to put pantyhose on her, and such.

Abused Hooters Girl

In this clip, Nikki Brooks is completing her transformation into a Hooters girl. She's in a deep training state, as she moves about like a zombie getting her jean shorts on, and completing the Hooters outfit. Then once she is done, she snaps into a bubbly Hooters girl. Enjoy as you can definately see her personality altered as she asks me what I need. And she'll do anything I need... then she takes a sip out of her drink, as I tell her that I spiked her drink with a powerful sleeping drug; as she gets shocked, and angered that I'd do such a thing.. but before she can do anything about it, it starts taking effect and she nods off into unconsciousness.

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