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March 29, 2018

Tilly McReese in First Time Controlled

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Tilly McReese is a beautiful brunette Irish gal, that one day decided to go through my rigorous training PROGRAM and as such was subjected to my abuse. Enjoy watching this full length clip in a discounted format, for your viewing pleasure!

Tilly McReese in Programmed

Tilly McReese is a brilliant beautiful Irish model transplanted to our state and happened to be in our area, and by chance we met; and she decided to give us a shot and meet with me. We start off our shoot with a short Q&A where we find out a bit about who she is, and what she's about. Then we dive into our PROGRAM, where we find out if we can make Tilly submit to our intense conditioning.

And to my pleasure, Tilly is receptive to it; actually very well. As she falls into my spell quite easily, and quite deeply. You can watch her slip downwards into my talk easily and very wonderfully. Her body falling very limp, and loose. Watching her inhibitions sweep away, as she gives in to my words...

When I bring her out of it, she has no recollection of what has occurred. She feels as if she took a nap, and has been to the spa. Apologizes for it not working, as she recollects nothing. But we both know that it has worked wonderfully. As I walk over to her, and grab her hand and quickly drop her down into a deep PROGRAM with a quick shake of her hand.

Tilly McReese in Sofa Stuck Freeze

Tilly McReeze, the Irish Hottie; is deeply under my PROGRAM and control. And as such, I have her convinced that she's stuck and crazy glued to the sofa. So when I bring her out of it, she still have no recollection of being under my control; and has no recollection that she is stuck to the sofa... just feels as if she has taken a short restful nap.

So I ask her if she's ready to continue our shoot, and she says yes. I then ask her to stand up, and she attempts to do so. But when she tries, she finds out that she can't. Her ass is stuck! She keeps trying, and trying; but she just can't! She looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and tells me she can't! I tease her a bit, and ask her if she's lazy, and just doesn't want to. But she explains loudly that she wants to, and is ready - but she just can't. I then offer my hand in help, but as I do; I say FREEZE, and she's now stuck and frozen solid. Her eyes open, but can't see... her mind stopped, and not thinking. As I pan my camera, and zoom into her face; you can see her eyes tearing up as she can't move... her gaze showing how her thoughts are empty... as I zoom back outwards, so I can move towards her, as I start to carefully unbutton her shirt, and remove it; exposing her bra and her bare stomach.

Then I UNFREEZE her.. and almost instantly she realizes that her shirt has disappeared as a look of utter shock appears on her face! She looks at me, mouth wide open in wonder, asking me what happened to her shirt!!! I say, what do you mean? Still in total shock, she stutters as she looks around trying to figure it out; until her mind pieces things together, and rationalizes that it must have slipped out of her fingers as she was trying to pry herself off of the sofa...

Then I FREEZE her again, and remove her bra this time, exposing her pretty amazing boobs... but this time, she has no clue that her bra is gone... as I UNFREEZE her, we talk for a bit.... Until I ask her if she feels more relaxed, and she then looks at her chest and realizes her bra is gone; as she again has this utter look of shock and amazement on her face, as she instantly laughs nervously asking out loud what happened to her bra!

Tilly, with her wonderful Irish accent; is a wonder to work with; and this clip is a beauty of one to watch again; after experiencing it the first time when I shot it. I'm happy to present it to you to watch, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

Tilly McReese in Going Deeper

Tilly is already pretty well PROGRAMED, but I decided to attempt to take her to the next level, and as I put her back into my control, I enhance things even more by progressing her level of limp state of submission by talking her into letting go even more by transforming her state of being into compelling her to loosen herself and to delve deeper into this PROGRAM state where she can be more and more receptive to everything I am telling her... and introducing a new magic word, PLEASE; which instigates her uncontrollably uttering the words YES MASTER when I issue her commands, subliminally. When I bring her out of this state of being, and instigate this state; it works quite well... but unfortunately a physical change in her interrupts this as she has to use the facilities and use the bathroom! Ha! Not to fear though, she is still completely under my spell, as even though she has to use the bathroom she still can not get up off the sofa!!!

Tilly McReese in Yes Master

We return after Tilly McReese needs to take a quick break to use the facilities. Yes, we had to release her from being stuck to the sofa before we could do it my traditional way... unfortunately. But when she returns, I decide to push her even further and have her lay down on the sofa to have her relax even more. As she's relaxing, I start talking to her... and as I am talking, I start directing her.. directing her to listen, and to relax. Relaxing her body, starting with her different body parts; and before she knows it, her eyes are closing, and she's deeply in a PROGRAM mode. Her arm is automatically levitating, and I am able to insert more PROGRAMS as well as forcing her to comply with a YES MASTER PROGRAM making her repeat a MANTRA each time I say the magic word PLEASE.

So when I bring her out of it, I trigger her with a PLEASE; as she repeats my MANTRA and goes mindless. Once I am sure she is compliant, I give her my command to remove her pants; and instantly she says in her Irish accent; a Yes Master - she snaps out of it; and looks at me confused.. slightly. I ask her if she feels any different? She says she feels refreshed and at peace... and she starts re move her pants... and I ask her why she's doing that... and she responds with a "I don't know"... and she starts laughing nervously, looking at me like she's crazy. Once they are fully removed, she laughs even more and mutters slightly "this is so weird"...

So then I quickly say PLEASE again, and say "Remove your panties" as she says YES MASTER again.... and then starts to remove her panties... again, without realizing what she's doing; I ask her why is she doing this... She says she has no idea! I ask her if she's giving me a hint, coming on to me! She says, nooooo; she's not! lol... hahah.... so I tell her how I'm a professional and I need to behave, so please behave yourself. (hahahah)... So she tells me that she's not going to be doing anything crazy to not worry.

So now, I have to make her do something crazy.. so I say PLEASE as she goes instantly mindless and says the MANTRA and I tell her to "Spread your legs" as she says instantly with a mindless tone "YES MASTER" as she spreads her legs.. and looks at me oddly as she says "this is so weird" again! And she tells me she thinks her body is acting on its own accord!! (As I'm enjoying this immensely)

Tilly McReese in Yes Master RED

We continue we Tilly McReese in our PROGRAM where she's forced to comply with a Yes Master... as she's now forced to start flirting with me, as you can instantly see her fondling with her hair, her body language subtly altered to show sexual interest in me... Its quite a thrill to see someone as beautiful and attractive as Tilly showing such interest in me, even though its forced with my PROGRAM. But Tilly still starts to realize what she's doing to some degree, and gets a bit shocked at her behavior, and gets a bit embarrassed by it!

Before she can recover too far, I say PLEASE... as she goes blank again, instantly repeating her MANTRA... where I tell her she is going to attempt to seduce me now, her then saying YES MASTER, as she now ramps up her flirting immediately following this... playing with her body, as I direct her to start masturbating... and somehow I miraculously find a toy... a vibrator... and introduce it to her; as she takes it under her wings, and starts playing with herself... after a bit, I decide to spice things up, and say RED, as she instantly has an intense ORGASM!! Amazing stuff.. as she continues this for a bit.

Finally when I see that she's done, and exhausted; I say PLEASE as she goes limp and empty again.... as I tell her that she will no longer want to flirt and seduce me, but realize what she just did... as she instantly says YES MASTER again, and snaps out of my spell; and as she does.. you can see the realization hit her face, as she looks at the toy, in shock and horror and she throws it to the other side of the couch, tossing a pillow on top of it to hide it...and looking at me, in utter shock and amazement!

Now she's asking me how that happened, and as she's wondering what the heck is happening, wondering if indeed my PROGRAM is working, I say RED, and instantly she feels that orgasm hitting her body again, and she can't help but spread her legs as that pleasure hits all of her body and start playing with her pretty wet pussy again... cumming to a head, Then once that comes to a conclusion, she is spent... yet I say REDagain... but mid-orgasm I say FREEZE.. and we cut to black.

Tilly McReese in Finale

Our Irish gem, Tilly McReese in our finale clip starts up in a deep FREEZE, stuck mid-orgasm! She's beautiful in this state, frozen, unable to move think or do much of anything... stuck in the middle of a masturbation pose, about to cum... If I could, I would just stare at her - look at her fingers frozen posed between her legs, her mouth partially open in an expression of pure pleasure, legs spread wide apart, open for us to see her exposed... If I wanted, I could do anything to her right this moment and she would not know. After pondering this for a moment, I say UNFREEZE as her orgasm continues...

Quickly there after, I put her back into a PROGRAM.. as her body falls limp... and as she falls limp and lifeless, her head, slowly drifting sideways, watching her limbs drifting downwards as she submits to gravity; while I begin my deprogramming process. Now bringing her back, she still will have no recollection of the events that occurred during our shoot, until I shake her hand. So when she comes out of this state, I ask her a series of questions... and we have a quick conversation. She still has no clue as to what has been happening during our shoot, and I like it.

So I now thank her for her work, and offer her my hand! Once she grasps my hand, in a wonderful handshake; her mouth opens wide and she goes into a small shock, gasps for air; and immediately begins to recall what happened! Her reaction is amazing, and wonderful all at once... the horror of it all hits her like a ton of bricks, then realizing that the horror was indeed a wonder, and excitement of how amazing it all really was, she laughs, and we then proceed to talk about what it was like. She is amazed, and explains how she felt. We then wrap things up and end the shoot.

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