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April 24, 2018

Amber Controlled

This full-length video is is re-mastered, and rendered in a higher-quality than before with higher bitrates giving you an exceptional video quality. Secondly, this also includes my post-interview with her, as well as my initial PROGRAM testing. Amber is one of my all time favorite models, beautiful and smart, and takes to this process very quickly.

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Amber in Programming

Welcome brand new model, Amber to our casting call. Amber is a glamor model, that decided she wanted to give my PROGRAM a shot! I've known of her for a while, and have often wondered if she would succumb to my intense PROGRAM, and was pleasantly surprised when another model referred her to me... and she accepted!

So this is the first clip of her being put to the test. We start off with a brief introductory interview, so we can get to know Amber a bit better. Then we start witht he PROGRAM. I'm happy to report, that it went very well. Enjoy watching some arm lifting, lots of limp body, and the enjoyment of watching her let go.

Amber in Stuck

In this second part of Amber going through my PROGRAM, I test how well its working by making her believe that her ass is crazy glued to the chair. And that no matter what she tries, she can not get up.

So when I bring her out of the deep PROGRAM, I ask her to stand up. And she attempts to, but can't! She doesn't know why, and keeps trying and trying. Looking at me confused, and wondering what the heck is going on. Then I offer a helping hand, but before I lift upwards I say FREEZE, and she's stuck in place. No longer here, she's gone. I have successfully confirmed that Amber is indeed deep in my PROGRAM.

Amber in Forgetfulness

Amber is now programmed to forget the number 5. Enjoy watching her frustration, as I ask her to show us her hands, and count her fingers. She instantly skips the #5, and has one too many fingers... then when I ask her to count her hands separately, she has two extra fingers! She becomes super confused.

Then I make her forget her name, and that gets her even more upset and concerned as to why she's so forgetful... eventually I FREEZE her in place, and remove her outer shirt.

Amber in Undressing

It has come to my attention that the 1080p Amber clips were not actually 1080p; I apologize for that. I have corrected the situation, and updated all the old clips to be real 1080p, as is this one

Here we have Amber, under my PROGRAM as we like em.. and made to automatically remove a piece of clothing each and every time I say the word CHAIR. Enjoy watching as she starts removing clothing automatically without realizing why or how... Even though she removes clothing, this is still a non-nude video; unfortunately Amber's one restriction was no-nudity in our workings; so I have to honor that...

Amber in Brain Cleaning

Amber has been experiencing all the weird behaviors and strange things happening, and I start to explain that I have a feeling I understand what is happening, and how we can resolve things and fix things to get back to normal... I explain that her brain has been cluttered, and needs to be cleaned! And that in order to do this, we will have to remove her brain to clean it, and put it back. She doesn't seem too phased by this, so we go ahead and proceed.

When I first remove her brain, you can see she's markedly gone. Her body is still functioning, as her arm remains up... but you can see in her eyes that no body is home. I mess with her a bit, and then return her brain - but backwards!

When I put her brain back in backwards, the results are quite interesting and amazing. You can instantly tell something weird is happening by her reactions, as she is staring out to the ceiling, with her eyes darting back and forth; and eventually she starts responding to me... after a while, we determine something is off; and I ask her if she wants me to fix it... her reply is no. But I know that's not really what she means; so I go ahead and remove her brain and put it back in right-side up... and then ask her a few post-braincleaning questions.

Amber in Remote Control

In this clip, we have Amber in a deep PROGRAM, and we instruct her body to comply instantly to any commands my voice gives it. I start off with having her sit up straight, and as I ask her body instantly sits up straight. I then instruct her body to repeat a mantra "I am h****, and here for you" over and over again... once I give her body this command, she starts uttering that phrase in a slow mono-tone over and over again... and then I make her arms lift upwards... and it complies instantly... while she still repeats this mantra over and over.

So while she's sitting up straight, eyes half-open looking out to nowhere, repeating this mantra as her arms jet out straight in front of her... I tell her that on the count of THREE she will become wide awake... So in the middle of all this, I count, 1.. 2.. 3... and she wakes up mid-mantra... and instantly is shocked and apologizes saying she doesn't mean to nod off as much as she's done so far! Perfect!

I then FREEZE her in place, and lift her to a standing position as I pose her a bit. Then I move her onto the bed, and swivel her body around so I can make her lay straight on her back; While she's on her back, I switch to my other camera, and do a close up of her feet, legs, arms, hands, and face...

Amber in Misc Stuff

We start off this clip with Amber PROGRAMED to believe my camera can suck her mind out of her body and into my camera.... as I point to my lens and have her look into it. She can't look away, as it slowly starts to suck her mind away leaving her body mindless... and then I reverse the process, and slowly return her mind back into her body... She said that she was in some kind of zone, doesn't know what quite happened...

So I ask her a bit about what she thinks about everything so far... and then put her back into a deep PROGRAM, where I make her become so tired she has to yawn uncontrollably and eventually pass out... then we watch and enjoy her yawns, and uncontrollably tiredness.

Afterwards, we PROGRAM her to start laughing uncontrollably each time I clap my hands. You can see her laughter happening over and over.... and then after this, we PROGRAM her to start flirting with me. You can actually see the subtle changes in her body language demonstrating how she starts to flirt....

Amber in Finale

In this final clip of Amber, we PROGRAM her to become UNPROGRAMMED when we shake her hand... and the moment we shake her hand, instantly she will remember everything that occurred earlier.

Enjoy her reaction once we shake her hand, and a short post-shoot interview.

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