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April 24, 2018

This is Ashley Grace's first time working with me, its an oldie but goodie.

Smoke Break Pt 1

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Alexis Grace has been trained well... so after I've gotten her half naked,we decided on taking a short smoke break. I thought why not keep the camera rolling, and mess with her while she's on break. We go outside, and light up a few cigarettes and start smoking. Then, I freeze her and mess with her lit cigarette by moving it from hand to hand, and more

Smoke Break Pt 2

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In this second part of Alexis Grace taking a smoke break, we have her still smoking her cigarette while I mess with her by making her freeze and then moving her around a bit so she gets completely confused. We then move back inside and I start to get her naked to continue with our shoot.

Awkward Poses

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Alexis Grace is trained to freeze and obey when ever I desire... enjoy as I make her freeze in place, and pose her in various awkward positions. Then I unfreeze her and she becomes rather shocked at the results and is wondering how its all happening.

Crazy Eyes

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We have trained Alexis Grace to have full control over all her body; and to exert this control we decide to make her eyes go crazy. First we have them go crossed eyed, and then have them rolling up in the back of her head... Watch as she gets frustrated because she doesn't understand why she can't see normally!!

Mind sucker

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Alexis Grace is now trained to believe that my camera lens is magical, and it will suck her mind right out of her head as her gaze becomes locked into it. Watch and enjoy as you slowly see her mind disappearing into the lens and camera, to leave an empty shell behind. Once her mind is gone, I start having fun with her empty shell of a beautiful body, as I pose her, move her around, and I do enjoy it quite a bit.

Instant Fainting

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Alexis Grace is trained to faint instantly when I touch her anywhere. Watch and enjoy as she goes out cold each time I touch her anywhere... and then I mess with her a bit and ask if she needs help getting up from the sofa and I reach out my hand.. the moment she grabs it, she goes out and collapses on the sofa.

Brain Cleaning Pt 1

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Alexis Grace starts to be concerned that she is passing out on a regular basis, and doesn't know why... So, I tell her that I believe its due to all the clutter in her brain, and it needs to be cleaned. She looks at me like I'm crazy, and then I tell her I have this ability to remove her brain to clean it, and then put it back. She slowly warms up to the idea, and allows me to remove it and do what I need to do. Enjoy as I remove her brain, and turn her body into a mindless shell, willing and able to do anything I wish with it.

Brain Cleaning Pt 2

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In this second part of Alexis Grace's brain cleaning, we have put her brain in backwards, and now we have to fix the situation - so we remove her brain again, and put it back normally. Enjoy watching her go limp and dead with her body lifeless and braindead... then with her brain back in, feeling better than she has ever felt.

RED Orgasms

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Now we have trained Alexis Grace to have an intense orgasm everytime I say the word "RED". See how her reaction is when I say "RED".. and then as she is starting to cum intensely I freeze her in place and re-pose her, as well as place a dildo in her hands, and eventually in her mouth.

RED Orgasms Pt 2

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in this second part of Alexis Grace being made to come to a full orgasm every time I say the word "RED", we have the intensity turned up a notch or two by introducing a dildo... watch as she embraced that, and starts going crazy with it completely cumming and orgasm over and over.

Orgasms Finale

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In this final clip of Alexis Grace, we have her programmed to cum to an orgasm when I touch her stomach. Enjoy and watch as she squirms and cums in this short and sweet clip.

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