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April 3, 2018

Roxy V Hypnotized!

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Price: $24.99 USD
Time: 130 min
Size: 3853 Mb

Roxy was a local girl, that wanted to make a bit of money - so I offered to PROGRAM her and pay her for her time... little did she know what she was getting into! I don't recall ever publishing this set before, for one reason or another.. perhaps because she wasn't the hottest of girls.. but the PROGRAM worked flawlessly.. so I figure I'll release it now in its entirety for a discounted cost!

I start off with the full PROGRAM where Roxy submits completely, and is out of it. She has no clue what is happening, and as such I mess with her as much as i can by making her FREEZE in place, and forgetting numbers, and removing clothing while she's FROZEN... and more! At one point I FREEZE her in place, and stuff a dildo in her mouth, it took a bit to get it in there - but she was shocked when she was unfrozen! Then she's made to masturbate with the dildo, and cums a few times before we wrap up the shoot.

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