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July 28, 2018

Devine in Controlled Discounted

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Time: 117 min

We are releasing a full movie of Devine, discounted heavily for your pleasure. We are re-mastering some of our old footage, and releasing them in its entirety at a lower rate. This video was previously released in 720p format, but we are now releasing it in full 1080p HD format, remastered to attempt to improve the quality and sharpness as much as possible. This video includes the following segments:


Devine's PROGRAM was never released prior to now. Enjoy watching her slip into submission easily and effortlessly allowing me to control her easily.

Stuck to Bed

Devine, a petite brunette tanned hottie came to me to experience my sessions. Little do they know, their sessions will include more than they bargained for. Devine was a good subject, and listened well and I started off with something a bit tame; making her ass stuck to the bed. Watch the first part of this clip where I freeze her in place here and there, pan across her clothed body; and then finally make her believe her ass is stuck...
We have convinced Devine that she is completely stuck to the bed; but initially she tries very hard to get up; and succeeds in standing up - but it still seemed like a magentic force was pulling her back to the bed; as she stumbles... before I put her back to sleep to enforce the bed stuck thoughts... and I bring her back out, and she's completely stuck... can't get up, no matter what!


After we have messed with Devine, made her believe she was stuck to the bed - I know she is under my intense training routine; and now I make her freeze on command. Enjoy as she stops everything she is doing, and can not move - can not see - can not do anything as she turns into a statue. I pose her here and there, and then remove her jacket...


This short clip demonstrates Devine in some freeze segments, and a sleep segment where I'm deepening the training. While she is under, I perform a eye check to see how she responds to it, as well as showing her body layed out on the bed.

Auto Remove Clothes

Devine is now programmed with my intense training to remove a piece of clothing each time I snap my fingers. Watch and see how you can see her thinking about what piece of clothing to remove next, and picks the most obscure things to remove.. such as her shoes, and hair tie that is stuck on her wrist... I never get her completely naked yet but this is a rather interesting clip.

Lost Number

I'm enjoying working with this super hot, petite girl Devine. She doens't realize she is under my intense training routine; and I attempt to test to see how far she is into it... by making her forget the number 5. Then I ask her to count her fingers and toes to see what happens. She makes it to the number 4, and then stops - confused.. wondering what's wrong.

Brain Damage

Since we are messing with Devine, we have her convinced that because she can not count all of her fingers correctly she has some level of brain damage caused by my intense training. And that the only way to fix it is to clean her brain. Yes, we will have to remove your brain first, and clean it... then put it back. She agrees to the procedure (I think due to her brain damage she didn't realize exactly what I proposed to do); and I proceed to virtually remove her brain. Enjoy and watch as her body and expression goes as her brain is pulled out of her head. (No, you never really see anything removed, its all in her head only).
Now we have placed Devine's brain back - but we have placed it backwards - so everything she does and do is backwards. Then we decide to remove her brain again, and place it back normally.

FREEZE Undress

Devine is now made to freeze on command as always, and this time I start to get her naked by removing her clothing... Enjoy her surprise when she realizes her clothes are disappearing in mid air.


Now we have Devine completely under our thumb, and she doesn't know it. I program two new magic trigger words into her mind, PINK and RED.. I think the PINK doesn't have much of an effect, because she hates that color... but the RED is magical. Watch and enjoy her wriggle in pleasure, and start playing with herself each time I say RED.

Brain Sucked

After Devine had some orgasms via the RED command word, I have trained her to believe that my camera lens is magical. Once she gazes into it, her eyes will be fixated upon it; and can't look away... and the longer she looks into the lens, it will start to slowly suck her mind or brain into it; leaving her body a brainless beautiful doll. Enjoy as you watch her mind sucked out of her body, as she transforms into a mindless play thing.
Devine's brain is now completely sucked out of her body, as I pose it; move it; play with it; and do things to it... watch and enjoy how I restore her brain, as it slowly goes back into her head

More RED

We love how easy it is to make Devine scream with pleasure and ecstasy. Its so easy, fun, and erotic... to watch her instantly go from having a pleasant time to full forced masturbation and orgasms. Simply with a single word, RED.

Orgasms Finale

In this final clip of Devine, we have her continuing to orgasm everytime I say the word RED... and she does it, whether or not she's tired... watch as she screams in pleasure as I say RED, over and over again... then finally, I put her back to sleep; and bring her out of the intense training and perform a final post-interview

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