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July 20, 2018

Erin in Programming

Erin - Programming [Mp4 1080p]
Erin - Programming [UHD 4k]

Price: $13.99 USD
Time: 32 min

Erin, has returned to our studio after many many years. What feels almost like a lifetime ago, I shot Erin (with a different name back then) many times.. and we recently reconnected and thought it would be a good thing to give her a shot again! She doesn't disappoint, as she slips into this submissive state easily... allowing me to interject some commands into her head. Enjoy as she falls deeply into my spell, and then drifts away completely giving me full control.

After I'm done, I drop her down a few more times to enhance the session, and FREEZE her in place.

Erin in Freeze

Erin - Freeze [Mp4 1080p]
Erin - Freeze [UHD 4k]

Price: $11.99 USD
Time: 15 min

Erin is now forced to obey when ever I say the magic word "please"... Each time I say that word following a command, she has to reply with a "Yes Master" and is then forced to comply even if she doesn't want to! I use this trigger to get her to remove her clothing, and show us her boobs! In addition to that I FREEZE her off and on in this clip.

Erin in Mind Sucking Lens

Erin - Mind Sucking Lens [MP4 1080p]
Erin - Mind Sucking Lens [UHD 4k]

Price: $12.99 USD
Time: 22 min

Now that we have fully established that Erin is completely under our spell, I PROGRAM her to believe that my camera lens can suck her mind out of her body and into the camera! Of course, as always; she is very skeptical.. until I ask her to stare into the lens of my camera, and you can see it slowly starting to suck away herself out of her body, leaving her as an empty shell ready for me to have my way with!

Erin in Blank

Erin - Limp Finale [Mp4 1080p]
Erin - Limp Finale [UHD 4k]

Price: $12.99 USD
Time: 25 min

Erin is now PROGRAMMED to go BLANK on command, forgetting everything she knows about who and what she is. But in this state, she has to obey anything I tell her to do, or feel. Enjoy watching me control her, and her emotions as we progress in this interesting clip.

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