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July 26, 2018

Mistress Narcissa in Controlled

I hope you enjoy this full length video of dominatrix Mistress Narcissa being PROGRAM to obey and become a slave.

Mistress Narcissa - Controlled [Mp4 1080p]
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This video includes the following segments

Mistress Narcissa in Programming

Mistress Narcissa is a pro-domme, that wanted to experience my PROGRAM so she knows what to expect when she works with her clients, and subs.. So I agreed to work with her, to give her an experience of a lifetime! Little does she know, I have ulterior motives in mind... but before we can get there, we have to PROGRAM her, which works superbly.. as you can see here.

Mistress Narcissa in Freeze Stuck

Mistress Narcissa, a pro-domme.. looking to experience what its like to be PROGRAMMED has come to me for my assistance. In the prior clip, we have successfully dropped her into a deep PROGRAM and now we are exprimenting with the level of control I have gained over this domme... by making her believe she's stuck to the sofa, and can not get up!

I then ask her to stand up, so we can continue with our tests.. but when she attempts to, she just can't! She pushes and pushes, and tries to get herself to stand up.. but just is stuck. So when I walk over to lend a helping hand, I FREEZE her in place. She stops instantly, and is gone to the world. This beautiful powerful domme is now completely under my spell...

Mistress Narcissa in Yes Master, I will Obey

Mistress Narcissa, pro-domme has been in the middle of quite an interesting experiment. She, being the professional dominatrix; wanted to experience how it was being PROGRAMMED and came to me to see if I could help her out. Little did she know, that once I had successfully PROGRAMMED her, she was in my control... and as such, I have installed a magic word BLANK that makes her go emtpy, becoming a receptical for my orders.. replying with a "Yes Master, I will Obey"...

Now, I use that newfly found power over this domme, by forcing her to get naked.. completely! Enjoy watching her frustration as this unfolds in this clip.

Mistress Narcissa in Brain Cleaning

Mistress Narcissa, pro domme; comes to me to experience what its like to be PROGRAMMED so she knows what to expect when she attempts this with her clients. And she slips into it quite easily, and smoothly.. much without realizing anything is happening yet.. but I think at this stage of the game, the gig is up.. she is figuring out something is funky as she's naked, and doesn't know how!

So I try to convince her that the problem is, her brain is cluttered and needs a good cleaning. She looks at me dumbfounded, and thinks I'm feeding her a load of BS.. which I am.. but I keep messing with her, to the point she relinquishes and agree's to let me.

So I proceed to remove her brain (and since she's deeply under my PROGRAM, even though I do not explicitly explain what will happen... it works perfectly because she is so gulible to anything I throw to her)... so when I proceed to remove her brain, she goes dark.... her body limp, and lifeless. I'm able to move her around, check her eyes, and more.. so then I return her mind but backwards... the results is quite stunning... she is completely out of it... but as time goes on she returns slightly but is different.. finally repeating the process to fix what I did...

And now she's able to stand up! But I FREEZE her in place, and force her body to sit down... surprising her even more.. before dropping her back into a deep PROGRAM .

Mistress Narcissa in She Must Obey, Finale

In this final clip, Mistress Narcissa - pro domme; starts to figure out what is happening and she's not too happy about it.. but she must obey. Each time I give her a command, she has to reply "Yes Master, I will Obey"... its quite thrilling to have a domme be forced to say that to me.. much against her desires... as I tell her to spread her legs, and to flirt with me... to stand up and shake her ass for me, slap it hard... and to do more! Enjoy her frustrations as she is forced to obey.

I then finish this off, with a de-programming... explaining to her, that this was all by design so she knows the true power of PROGRAMMING!

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