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July 21, 2018

Sammie Spades - Controlled Discounted

Sammie Spades - Controlled [MP4 1080p]

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Time: 106 min

Sammie Spades is a gorgeous blonde bombshell from Vegas. I shot her in 2009 while visiting some friends in Vegas... One of my friends is a skilled programmer, and helped me with this shoot. Never before released footage of my friend PROGRAMMING Sammie is included in this video, with me taking over to strengthen the PROGRAM! Quite an interesting video... I realized how poor the quality was but it was shot in full HD... which I'm now also releasing in full HD, where as prior it was only in 720p.. I've also enhanced the footage with some minor color correction, and tweaking...

But this video includes the full footage, never before released content, and its quite awesome! It includes some awesome stuff as below:

Now that Sammie Spades is fully trained, and we have lifted her off of the sofa she was stuck on; we start to freeze her in place, and pose her in various ways.

Now we have Sammie Spades trained to believe that everytime I snap my fingers she is compelled to remove one piece of clothing. Enjoy as each time I snap my fingers she immediately removes something, and then is shocked and amazed at how her clothes are coming off! Then I ask her if she wants to remove her bra, and she says No, not yet.. then I snap my fingers, and she removes it without hesitation!

I have to admit, I could barely contain myself in this clip. I've made Sammie Spades curse uncontrollably here. At first, it doesn't take, because I was not specific enough about what happens.. but then I tell her specifically what curse words to say, and it works. Once you hear this petite beautiful blonde girl start cursing like a sailor it is so damn funny. Her voice is so innocent sounding, and she's so damn cute you can't not laugh while she starts cursing over and over and doesn't realize why she's doing it!

Sammie Spades is so adorable, the way she talks and is surprised at the occurrences happening to her while she's working with me. Here I have trained her to forget the number 5. Then I ask her a series of common simple questions, like how many fingers in total does she have. Then I ask her to count her fingers out loud, and then her toes. Enjoy her frustration as to why she doesn't know how many fingers she really has... is it 10? 11? Or 12? Watch and find out.

After convincing the adorable Sammie Spades that she has a problem counting all her fingers, and thinks she has 10, 11, or 12 fingers or toes... I tell her that she must have brain damage. She gets a bit shocked, and wants to fix it. I tell her there is one way to do this, and that is to clean her brain. Somehow during the process of my intense training, her brain got cluttered and is somewhat damaged. She looks at and says immediately YES. I tell her the precautions to me cleaning her brain, and proceed. Watch as I yank it out (not really yanking it out, but virtually - but she believes I did) and then her body goes completely limp and lifeless. As she is out, I pan across her lifeless body, focusing on her face and do a few eye checks.

In this second part, we have placed her brain back inside of her head - but backwards. So everything she does is backwards! Watch and you can see her gears churning as she is trying to figure out what is wrong... and eventually allows me to remove her brain yet again and put it back right-side up.

Here Sammie Spades is given a trigger word of "GREEN".. Anytime anyone says this word, she starts feeling sexually aroused. Enjoy seeing her wriggle in pleasure as I say green, over and over. And then in the midst of all this, I freeze her while she's showing me her outfits, and remove them - so that she thinks they disappeared in thin air.

Sammie Spades doesn't realize what's hit her. Everytime I say the word GREEN it gets stronger and stronger, and she starts squirming with ecstasy and pleasure. Enjoy watching her surprise as to why she keeps feeling that way, over and over again.

Now, as we start off this clip, we have Sammie Spades masturbating for us, uncontrollably.. then we quickly segue into her believing that every time I snap my fingers she takes a shot of something strong! Enjoy as she makes the physical gestures of taking a shot every time I snap my finger! Its quite adorable, and she starts getting wasted - very quickly.

In this second part, Sammie Spades is still taking shot after shot when ever I snap my fingers, getting completely wasted out of her mind. IN addition to that, I make her start to feel erotically charged everytime I say the word GREEN. Watch and enjoy as she wiggles in pleasure, and starts to have a hard time standing up, eventually laying down on the sofa.. where I keep giving her more shots and shots, even though imaginary she believes they are real!

Sammie Spades has been made to get really really erotically charged when ever anyone says the word GREEN; but now I've introduced a new word - RED. When the word RED is spoken, she has to masturbate uncontrollably over and over... and then we introduce her to her red dildo, conveniently colored... as she is forced to play with herself with it.

Sammie Spades is so adorable, its fun watching and listening to her try to explain what is happening to her as she's going through my intensive training routines.. Here, I have explained to her that her dildo has a mind of its own, and will do what ever it wants to do to her. Watch as it starts making her masturbate with it, sticking it in and out over and over..

Sammie Spades loves her dildo, it is nice to her and makes her happy.. until I got a hold of it! I have trained Sammie to believe her dildo starts to insult her. It calls her all sorts of names, and bad things - watch as Sammie gets mad at it, and eventually throws it to the ground! See how confused she is because the dildo is talking to her!

Sammie Spades mind gets sucked out. My camera, a quite magical one; can suck peoples minds when you stare too long into the lens.. I have fun with this, as I make people look into it, and stare as long as they can until their gaze is fixated and they are locked in. Once locked in, Sammie Spades mind starts to slowly go away into my camera, leaving her body an empty shell. Watch as she transforms into nothing but a mindless sack of beautiful flesh here for us to do with as we please and as we wish. Then, after having a bit of fun, I return her mind to her body; and ask her what happened. In her cute adorable little voice, she explains that she thought she was dead... cause she could see her own body from outside of herself... quite an interesting perspective! I assured her she wasn't dead, instead my camera sucked her mind away and inside of itself... then I ask her to look into my lens again..

In this final clip of Sammie Spades, we have her freezing in place when ever I snap my fingers; but she's still able to see, hear, and talk. Enjoy as she is shocked as to why she can't move, and gets a bit frustrated.

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